G Pen Elite 2 Review: Take Vaping to the Next Level (20% OFF)

G-Pen has completely changed the game when it comes to portable vaporizers. In a surprise launch, the company released the G-Pen Elite II, a redesigned original version.

G Pen Elite 2 is a high-end version of all preceding devices in the series, especially the G Pen Elite Vaporizer. It is a stylish model that is easy to hold on the go.

It has simple temperature controllability; only three buttons are integrated to handle the heating process. The TFT screen and sleek and stylish zinc exterior work fine at parties and gatherings.

G Pen Elite II is named one of the best portable vaporizers available for various reasons, including battery life, size, heating chamber, and heating time. Like other G-Pen products, the G Pen Elite II also comes in a hard case that adds to its portability, ensuring its safety.


The quality is not a problem whether you prefer a durable exterior or superiority in the taste of vapors produced. This simple device produces the best vapors you cannot imagine at such a low price.

Several features will play a critical role in defining the pattern of usage. This article will list and explain all such features to ensure that you know what you are about to buy. As a result, the purchase decision is now simple than ever.

My G Pen Elite 2 Review: Summary (20% off)

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The G-Pen Elite 2 has a compact design, so you don’t have to struggle to understand its design and usage. It is a dry herb vaporizer with a dual-heating system and an option to control the temperature. Additionally, the G-Pen is a chargeable vaporizer that gets charged in an hour and lasts way longer than the vaporizers that fall under this price range.

The vaporizer is button-operated; you can scroll, select, and switch between options using the buttons. Moreover, you can see the temperatures or options on the high-resolution TFT screen display that is super clean and easily readable. Besides the display, the Elite II has an indicator light at the front that changes colors.

The G-Pen Elite II has a solid alloy body which is a notable change If we compare it with the original Elite, which had a heat-resistant plastic body. G-Pen has a ceramic herb chamber that allows you to smoke all herbs, but the chamber can only hold 0.2 to 0.5 grams of dry herbs. Also, note that the vaporizer is not compatible with concentrates.


  • Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • TFT Screen Display
  • Portable
  • Dual-Heating System (Convention and Conduction)
  • Solid Alloy Body
  • Silicon Sleeve in case the device gets hot
  • A Stir-tool also comes with the Elite II
  • Magnetic Mouth Piece
  • Controlled Temperature
  • Easy to clean


  • Poor Battery Life
  • Small Herb Chamber

What’s in the box?

The G-Pen Elite II Vaporizer comes with the following components.

  • C-type Charger
  • Silicon Sleeve
  • Travel Case made with Hemp
  • Pick Tool

Dual Heating System

The dual heating system is one of the G-Pen Elite’s most notable and unique features. It uses a mix of conduction heating and also draws activating convection heating. Additionally, the vaporizer also has the option to turn the convention boost off. However, the vaporizer takes longer than 20 seconds to start your much-needed session.


Temperature Control

If you plan to purchase the G-Pen Elite II, you should know that the vaporizer will allow you to select between the temperature ranges. In simpler words, the temperatures will be in your control. The G-Pen Elite II has temperature ranges of 93 degree Celsius to 221 degrees Celsius. You must set the temperature according to the herbs; some herbs need more heat than others.


Battery plays an essential role in any vaping device. A good battery promises portability and lets you get your much-needed hits anytime, anywhere. The G-Pen Elite II comes with a 21mAh battery that gets charged in 1 hour and 15 to 30 minutes using a type-c cable that comes with the vaporizer. You can use your device for 7 to 9 sessions if it gets fully charged. However, the battery life also depends on the temperature at which you draw the smoke.

Battery Saving Feature

The G-Pen Elite II has an impressive battery-saving feature that works if idle. If you leave the device alone and don’t inhale within a minute, the vaporizer will stop heating and go into standby. However, this will not affect the session timer. The session timer identifies how long the oven heats.

So, if the oven is not heated after a minute of standby, the Elite II will automatically turn off. It is a great feature and helps a lot if you forget to turn off the device or leave it while leaving in a hurry. It is important to note that there is no option to customize the sleep timer, but maybe in the future, this is something that the G-Pen will add to in one of their updates.


Portability is another critical thing that you should consider while purchasing a vaporizer. As we are talking about the G-Pen Elite II, it is convenient thanks to its design. The vaporizer is smaller and less weight, making it easier to carry whenever traveling.

G Pen Elite II comes with a travel case made with hemp, which adds to the vaporizer’s portability. If you lose the travel case somewhere, there is no need to worry as the vaporizer needs a tiny spot in your bag pack or can easily fit in your pocket.

User Interface

Let’s talk about the overall user interface of the G-Pen Elite II. You will not have to struggle because the device is easy to use and displays the temperature and other settings.

Quality of Vapor

If you smoke occasionally or o special days, then the G-Pen Elite II will do well for you. On the contrary, if you are more of a regular and experienced smoker, you might not get the quality of vapor you want. The Elite II has a zirconia helix mouthpiece that cools down the vapors, it can get you solid hits, but you might be compromising on the flavor. If you are looking for bigger clouds, remove the zirconia helix and get bigger clouds.

Elite II Settings

Getting into the G-Pen Elite II settings is relatively easy. All you have to do is press the button five times, and you will see the list of options on the device’s TFT screen. Now, from the list, you can change the temperature, turn off the convention boost, adjust the brightness, change Fahrenheit to Celsius, and update the vaporizer.

G-Pen Elite II Price Point

G-Pen Elite II is an excellent vaporizer with many features, but the price of the vaporizer is overpriced. However, it is suitable for new smokers. Still, more professional and experienced smokers can go for vaporizers like Pax 3 and Volcano Digit Vaporizer, which allow you to smoke dry herbs and concentrates and are packed with features.


How to Clean G-Pen Elite II Vaporizer

Cleaning the G-Pen Elite II is relatively easy and can be done within minutes. You can use Isopropyl alcohol or pour a lot of orange pipe cleaner for better cleaning.

You must soak the cotton or alcohol swabs, gently clean the chamber, mouthpiece, and display screen, and rinse the components with warm water. After the components dry, you can use the device again.

Always clean the vaporizer after every use to get a clean and pure flavor. Plus, this will add to the life of your vaporizer.

How to Use G-Pen Elite II?

Using the G-Pen Elite II is easy; you must follow these steps to get your hits.

First, fill the oven with the herb, and then, you will have to hold the power button for three seconds, taking you to standby mode.

Now you can select the temperature per your preferences by pressing the plus and minus buttons. After choosing the temperature, press the home button twice, and it will engage the heating cycle. You feel a vibration as the oven heats up and prepares for the draw.

Can you use G-Pen Elite II while charging?

Yes, the G-Pen Elite II, like the original G-Pen Elite, comes with a passthrough charging, which means you can use the Vaporizer while charging.

How do I turn on and off the G-Pen Elite II?

The G-Pen Elite II is operated with buttons, and you will need to press and hold the power button for 4 seconds, and the vaporizer will turn on. You will have to do the same to turn it off. 

How to know that a G-Pen Elite II needs to be charged?

The G-Pen Elite II has a TFT screen, and you can see the battery depletion on the screen. When the battery is low, the device will stop heating, indicating on the screen that the device needs to be charged.

What materials can be smoked in G-Pen Elite II?

G-Pen Elite is designed for dry herbs and is only compatible with dry herbs. You won’t be able to use it for smoking concentrates.


Can I purchase a G-Pen on installment?

You can purchase a G-Pen in 4 monthly installments from the official website through Sezzle.

How do I access the settings Menu on the G-Pen Elite II?

You can access the menu on the G-Pen Elite II by pressing the power button 5 times, and you will see a list of options.

Final Verdict

The G Pen Elite 2 is a very stylish vape pen that is simple to grip and use. The battery is heavy-duty, where you can smoke for an hour at optimal temperature settings and a moderate amount of load inside the chamber. In addition, it has a prominent LED screen that displays both the battery level and the temperature intensity prevailing inside the chamber.

The temperature range is great for aromatherapy and an intense session. It can be concluded that G Pen Elite 2 is a vaping device made for outdoor usage. Due to its stylishness, you can use it while partying with your friends.

The chamber space makes it sufficient to serve more than one person, but it has a smaller capacity than the Elite Vaporizer. It can also be used by respiratory patients and new smokers who like light and mild vapors.

G-Pen Elite II is a very compact vaporizer widely used by several individuals. The device is quite handy and can travel with you anywhere you go. Like many other G-Pen vaporizers, it also promises quality and durability.

However, the device has shortcomings, like the battery only lasts a little, gets heated up, and needs to be compatible with concentrates. But if you are a beginner and looking for a dry herb vaporizer that is stable and easy to use, then the G-Pen Elite II will surely be a good choice. 

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