DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review (10% OFF): #1 Carbon Fiber Vape

Finally, I received the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon for review. The vape has been on our radar for a month now, and we’ve been testing its various features and gathering our thoughts.

I had the pleasure of unboxing the DaVinci vaporizer, and I have to say it was an amazing experience. In the first few minutes of seeing the device, you can tell how much attention and care has been poured into it for the customer.

DaVinci IQ2 Carbon comes with similar designs and features as the older models. However, the company improved some features and designs to ensure buyers could not stop wanting it.

The DaVinci IQ2C has a CleanTech installed under the mouthpiece, a better performance, and a Type-C charging port to support all sorts of usages.


The IQ2 Carbon is a tweaked version of already developed models. It has all the premium features you expect from high-end products. It offers exceptional versatility, flexibility, portability, and a phenomenal user experience.

DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review | IQ2 Carbon Fiber vaporizer Review – limited edition collector’s edition

davinci iq2 carbon review real 3k weave carbon fiber body

The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon offers exceptional versatility, flexibility, portability, and a phenomenal user experience. It’s an excellent pick if I’m in the market for a portable vaporizer capable of handling flowers and concentrates. The user-friendly design, robustness, and 10-year warranty make this a fantastic investment.

Despite its straightforward nature and portability, this vape has many uses, making it incredibly adaptable. Regarding cost and quality, I see the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon as a top-tier portable dry flower vape, perfect for those who like to vape dry flowers on the move. The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon comes with a price tag of $499. As a prospective buyer, I might perceive it as overpriced, but considering the quality and features, this device is unquestionably worth the cost.

The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon is a wise choice for those like me searching for a compact, portable vaporizer that is easy to operate and delivers a superior vaping experience. It boasts a long battery life, a discreet design, and is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon generates large, dense, satisfying clouds that can impress even the harshest skeptics. It can significantly elevate my vaping experience if I can afford it and have spare batteries for uninterrupted charging and use. I’d highly recommend it. It’s a 10/10 from me.

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It’s compatible with all sorts of dry herbs. While it can work with extracts, I wouldn’t advise using them frequently. A smarter approach would be to sandwich the extract between herbs. The device’s components are immune to any malfunctions caused by extracts, but the temperature range isn’t optimal.

real 3k weave carbon fiber Body

davinci iq2 carbon fiber review

It’s a new, durable, and innovative product. It is named “carbon” because the outer is made of real 3k weave carbon fiber. The word 3k means that each tow has 3000 carbon filaments. The texture is quite classy and decent. It is a durable material with better insulation than metallic outer. Furthermore, there are no rust issues.

The material is thinner and lighter than other substitutes on the market (while maintaining appropriate durability). The size is almost the same as IQ2. It is slim rather than compact. The thickness is perfect for sliding the IQ2 inside your pocket.

Heating chamber

iq2 carbon fiber heating

The heating chamber, which I appreciate, is made of zirconia and has an oval shape, ensuring the material heats evenly. I find that zirconia is a superior material when it comes to preserving the flavor and scent of the vapors.


Additionally, the chamber can hold 0.5 grams, making it perfect for on-the-go use. For me, this capacity is more than enough for everyday use.

Heating time

It has a slow heating time, taking around 60 seconds to prepare a batch. This feature is similar to IQ2 and IQC vaporizers. Waiting for a minute might feel like a long time for an on-a-go vape device.

However, the quality of the vapors makes it worth waiting for. The quality is better than other perfectly conduction-based vapes.

Temperature range

The temperature range is impressively broad, accommodating a variety of uses. It begins at as low as 0 degrees Celsius and goes up to as high as 221 degrees Celsius. These ideal moderate temperature intensities work great for aromatherapy.

Additionally, 221 degrees is intense for herbal vaping but doesn’t quite hit the mark for extract smoking. Having such a wide range is convenient because I don’t have to purchase a separate device for each material due to incompatible temperature intensities.

Temperature settings

It comes with precision temperature controls. There are a lot of options for experienced users to explore. The device has a couple of up and down buttons to set the right intensity at an increment of +/- 1.

Since the company has mentioned that it is almost the same as the IQ2 vaporizer, smart paths are available for better convenience. This helps novice users and adds much-needed convenience for anyone using it.

Vapor Quality

The quality is never an issue with any device produced by DaVinci Tech. There is an isolated vapor path to preserve the temperature, taste, and aroma. Moreover, the ceramic heating chamber dissipates heat without combusting the material.

The chamber is designed for even heating so that the temperature will be consistent. The vapors coming out from the vape are more pleasant and easier on the lungs.


The DaVinci IQ maintains the same level of control as the company has incorporated a haptic feedback mechanism. Mobile app support ensures that I can easily control the device.


On the face of the device, there’s a grid that not only lends a sophisticated aesthetic but also helps display the set intensity. This grid provides more accurate readings than other devices using LED indicators to convey status.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are three buttons on the side. There’s a power button for turning the device on and off, and adjustment keys (up and down) that are convenient for fine-tuning the temperature settings. I can adjust these settings while holding the device.

Battery life

The Davinci IQ2 Carbon vaporizer has the same 18650 lithium-ion batteries I’ve learned. These removable batteries allow me to keep an extra set on standby to extend the duration of my vaping sessions.

Charging time

davinci iq2 carbon fiber type c charging

The IQ2 vaporizer continues to use a Micro USB, which I find slow and inefficient. The new Carbon version has switched to USB-C, and I hope the IQ2 will follow suit soon.

I’ve noticed that the company has reduced the charging time compared to other vaporizers in the market. Thanks to the Type-C charging port, it can be fully charged in around an hour.


DaVinci Tech has upheld the same manufacturing quality that’s been a hallmark of all their vaporizers. This is evident from the 10-year warranty the company provides. This extended warranty period offers financial security, safeguarding my investment against manufacturing defects and performance issues.


It comes with a key chain that contains the product number. It is an extra thing the company provides, as it has nothing to do with your vaping routine.

However, it is rare since the company has announced that only the first thousand units will contain the key chain. However, the company might sell this limited key chain separately (we are not sure about this).

What’s inside the box?

inside the davinci iq2 carbon fiber vaporizer box
  • The Dry herb vaporizer Unit
  • Dosage grinder
  • Hydrotube
  • 6 stainless steel pods
  • Dosage pod holder
  • Engraved Keychain with the product number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth the money?

The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon is priced at $499. As a purchaser, I might initially think it’s steep, but given its quality and features, I firmly believe this device justifies its cost. It’s a limited-edition product created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of DaVinci Tech, and it comes with adjustable Airflow.

Its purpose is to augment a collection rather than solely addressing functional needs. However, it performs superiorly compared to other products released to celebrate anniversaries.


Is it safe?

The device is remarkably safe to use. It features an insulated exterior that ensures I won’t get hurt while vaping. DaVinci Tech products, even those with metallic bodies, don’t get hot.

Additionally, there’s no risk of combustion, meaning that vaping will never lead to lung inflammation. The automatic shutoff feature also offers protection from power hazards and prevents unnecessary wastage of material.

Can we use it while it is charging?

The vape comes with a removable battery that I can charge externally. I must buy an extra battery and ensure that the depleted battery is charging externally while the charged one is in use.

At which temperature should it be used?

The vape offers me a wide range of intensity settings to experiment with. It’s custom-made for those who appreciate aromatherapy, given that the range starts from zero degrees.

Besides this, higher intensities translate to denser and more potent vapors. I don’t have to worry about combustion issues with any DaVinci Tech device because the chamber is made of zirconia, and the air path is isolated.

Does it get you high?

Getting high does not depend on the device. The device is the optimal result a device can achieve in terms of quality and consistency.

This consistency and quality enhance the overall experience. However, getting high depends on the material you are smoking and the quantity in which it is consumed.

How long does the battery last?

The battery performance of the vape is similar to what the IQ2 offers. It lasts for around an hour as the mobile app takes a lot of power out of it.

However, Type-C charging reduces the time you must wait for the battery to fill. The removability of the battery is also something that extends the sessions you can enjoy while traveling or partying.

The Pros

  • Dosage pods with precision
  • Airflow can be adjusted.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • A fantastic user experience.
  • An all-carbon fiber construction.
  • A 10-year warranty is included.
  • Fast charging via USB-C & removable battery.

The Cons

  • A slow heat-up.
  • It’s a pain to clean the hydro tube.
  • The Remote application is not available.
  • It is expensive.

Final Verdict

Overall, the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon seems like a smart choice for someone like me looking for a compact, portable vaporizer that’s easy to use and delivers a high-quality vape. It has a long battery life, a discreet design, and is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates.

The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon produces large, dense, satisfying clouds, impressing even the harshest critics. It can significantly boost my vaping experience, especially if I can afford it and have spare batteries for uninterrupted charging and use. I would readily recommend it. It’s a perfect 10/10 from me.

This device stands out because of its unique value to its users like me. The most appealing aspect is that it adds to my collection, with the actual usage not playing a major role. The functionality is impressive, especially with the wide and striking temperature range.

The design is top-notch, with a carbon fiber body designed to make it more durable and better insulated than its predecessors. Additionally, the quality of the vapor is excellent, and the battery efficiency is just right for my vaping needs. It’s hard to find a product with robust features that outshine flagship devices.

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