DaVinci IQC Review: Is IQC Worth It? Detailed Review (20% OFF)

DaVinci IQC has been a hot topic and for a good reason. Now you’ll surely enjoy superior taste and a wide range of features. An FDA-approved Micro biopolymer makes the ShareSafe ™ Mouthpiece sanitary and minimizes heat retention.

Our review explains how IQC uses the mind-blowing Clean First ™ Technology, which makes it stand out among its competitors. Zirconia air paths offer the most advanced experience for the connoisseur. The charging and battery life issue, the most discussed feature on the internet, is addressed and solved.

DaVinci IQC has a safety certification for peace of mind and excellent flavor. It features IQ technology, which heats the chamber only when needed and lowers the power when not required to ensure that your herbs are never burnt.

IQC has one of the most intelligent designs available in the market today. The quality does not stop at the product. You also get a 5-year warranty and top-notch customer support. The already loved features like the heating time, vapor quality, mobile support, and temperature settings are carried forward from the same old models.


DaVinci IQC Review: My Detailed Review

davinci iqc review

IQC Features/Specifications

Warranty5 yrs
Oven capacity0.5g
Heat up Time30 secs
Mobile AppYes
Charger TypeUSB-C
Heating MethodConduction
Battery Capacity3000 Mah
Battery TypeReplaceable
Charge Time2 hrs
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Davinci IQC is a masterpiece. Half of your value revolves around the robust heating system where the air-based heating prevents the herbs from burning. You get 5 years warranty. The charging time issue is also resolved, and the whole body is completely medically graded, so the convenience factor and health are ensured. It’s worth the upgrade.

Why Davinci IQC is best?

  • The vapor quality is unmatched.
  • No loose parts to ensure pure vapors are evenly cooked.
  • The body is insulated to prevent electric shocks or burns.
  • A mobile app is available to control the device easily.
  • USB-C Charging
  • 30 seconds heat-up time
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • There is a 51 LED light grid.
  • You get a removable 18650 battery to make the session duration double.
  • The battery lasts up to 2 hours when fully charged.
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 long years.

How Good is the Build Quality?

An orthodox built of aluminum metal might feel a bit redundant for those who have used vapors. Still, this vaporizer, like all other models in the DaVinci series, is impressive, attractive, and durable.

It is almost impossible for passersby and friends to get their eyes off this shiny, sleek-looking vaporizer. The vapor path is the same as the Davinci IQ2 Carbon Fiber; we will discuss it later in this article.

The Compatibility

DaVinci IQC is suitable for both herbs and concentrates. The usage pattern might vary as it requires different components to serve the cause, but quality remains flawless when vapors are sucked through the zirconia glass vapor pathway.

Heating time

The heating time is impressive as any other quality vaporizer on the market. The hot air blown through the herbs needs time to warm up, so a mere 20-30 seconds duration is impressive and convenient.

Now you can use the IQC Vaporizer to flex your smoking efficiency. Just open the chamber, fill it, and set the device at your favorite temperature setting. You will receive an evenly cooked stream of vapors in seconds.

Does it have good Vapor quality & path?

If you have already used the DaVinci IQ2, you would not need any explanation about how good the IQC Vaporizer vapors are. The manufacturer has integrated the same ceramic chamber that prevents the herbs from burning.

It is complemented with an insulated vapor path made of zirconia and glass to preserve the vapors even more. If you want a detailed comparison, here’s DaVinci IQ2 vs IQC.

Temperature range & settings

The temperature range is not that impressive as it starts from 180 degrees Celsius and goes right up to 220 degrees. If you like smoking mildly cooked vapors, you will find better vaporizers in the market. This vaporizer has a targeted range for chain smokers who prefer drawing strong vapors.


The temperature settings are similar to the older models of the IQ series. It starts with the Smart Paths™ Technology, where the vaporizer automatically assesses the required temperature and adjusts accordingly. For more experienced users, it has a precision mode for setting the exact heat levels. It goes up or down by an increment of a degree.

Moreover, there is a stealth mode where the device turns off the LED indicator and lets you vape like the device is in sleep mode. Last but not least, the boost mode enables a whole group of smokers to vape simultaneously.

How Good is the Battery Life?

davinci iqc battery life time

The IQ2 battery lasts for 1 hour. But, in IQC, you’ll get 2 hours. Now that’s mind-blowing.

On the other hand, the users will receive a device with a reverse charging feature to charge their mobile during usage.

Battery Charging Time & USB-C

davinci iqc battery charging time and usb c

The company has addressed the customers’ most frustrating problems while using IQ2. The charging time has been reduced from a whopping 6 hours to just 2 hours.

The charger is type C, so it will charge quicker than other products in the same price range. The battery is made removable to extend the session duration so that you can buy an extra battery. This small but effective feature somewhat nullifies the battery’s short life.


davinci iqc app

A reasonably convenient thing about this vaporizer is the ease with which you can control it. The mobile app is free from all sorts of glitches and is the same as the IQ2 app.

You will receive a detailed insight into your vaping sessions with the help of graphs and diagrams. Other than that, Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with almost all sorts of devices.

Physical controls are available for those users who still prefer manual methods to modern and automatic modes. An LED screen is integrated into the body to show the temperature prevailing in the chamber, allowing you to switch temperature settings easily.

DaVinci IQC Warranty

DaVinci IQC has a 5-year extended warranty contract covering all manufacturing defects. Ensure you do not break the accessories on the device or your own. The warranty claim does not cover any carelessness on the user’s part.

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Is it worth buying?

The DaVinci IQC is the best vaporizer available in the market right now. Half of your value revolves around the perfect heating system where the air-based heating prevents the herbs from burning.

The chamber is made of ceramic which prevents the hindrance in the flavor. And the vapor path is made of a zirconia layer that prevents the vapors from overheating.

The charge time issue is also resolved, and the whole body is completely medically graded, so the convenience factor and health are ensured.

The stylish look makes it eye-catching at gatherings, and the controllability is the best, where you will have an LED indicator assessing you and a mobile app complementing it.

What comes in the box?

The box will include a DaVinci IQC with a removable battery. Remember that the removable battery is the sole battery in the package, and no extra piece is included.

You need to purchase it separately. A user manual is kept to guide users regarding the controllability of the device. Besides that, the USB cable is 3-ended so you can switch between types A and C.

There is an adapter included providing proper voltage to prevent electric malfunction. A cleaning brush and 3 alcohol wipes are provided to keep the system clean and sanitized.

How much is it?

The initial release price is impressive, as you have to pay just $230 to purchase this masterpiece. Whether it justifies, this cost is a separate debate, but it is undoubtedly already discounted for a brand with a considerable share in the vaporizer market.

Is it safe to use?

The DaVinci IQC is entirely safe with medically graded metallic parts that ensure no contamination of vapors. While vaping, you will receive a healthy stream of air molecules, putting the least stress on your lungs.


Furthermore, the body is made leakage-free, and the parts do not lose so that the users will experience no contamination. Proper insulation is below the aluminum body, so you will never receive an electric shock or a heat burn.

Does it smell?

Is this even a question? DaVinci IQC has a ceramic chamber complemented by the zirconia vapor path. This combo ensures that the herbs are not overcooked and the taste is preserved right to the end.

The vaporizer is run on convection heating, so a hot air stream prevents the herbs from burning, eliminating the risk of a foul smell.

Can you use it while charging?

Like DaVinci IQ2, IQC cannot be used while charging. The main reason is the difference between the time of charging and the life of the battery. It takes almost 2 minutes of charge time for a single-minute vaping session.

Long story short, charging takes more time than usage, permanently damaging the battery life.

Does it get you high?

As far as pleasure is concerned, DaVinci IQC is the first choice of many critics. Flavor preservation and even temperature throughout the stream are the most admirable things you will experience to ensure your pleasure.

When we talk about getting high, the story is different. It depends on the chemical composition of the herbs and concentrates. Your mind responds to the chemicals that trigger the hormone secretion, not the temperature at which the stuff is vaped.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for around 2 hours after one complete charge. The duration increased by 1 hour when you compare it with IQ2.

Charging & battery duration time is the biggest win if you dig into it. IQ2 had a 6-hour charge time, now reduced to mind-blowing 2 hours.

This reduction was the most anticipated change demanded by IQ2 users, and the company has delivered it. The removable battery is retained, so you can purchase an extra battery to double the usage duration.


How big is DaVinci IQC?

The size of the DaVinci IQC is 1.75 x 3.61 x 0.97 inches. This compact size is pocket-friendly and portable in all physical aspects. It weighs 159g, so you will feel no burden when keeping the device in your pocket.

Should You Buy Davinci IQC?

DaVinci IQC is more or less the same as IQ2 when you consider the quality of vapor and the overall build. The real difference, however, is the battery life and charging time.

While purchasing this masterpiece, you must understand that the charging time has been reduced from 6 to just 2 hours. This reduction has forced the company to forgo 30 minutes of session duration, but the change has proved to be a win for smokers.

Now you can take the DaVinci IQC at parties and gatherings to flex the stylish look and enjoy the flavorful dense cloud of evenly cooked vapors.

The five years warranty claim makes your purchase financially secure. Moreover, DaVinci’s name and reputation are enough for those who seek to purchase gadgets from known brands.

We recommend purchasing this extremely efficient vaporizer that includes all the necessary features and vapor quality with no other substitute. No matter which vaporizer you invest your money in, in the end, it all comes to the primary feature you need, i.e., the quality of vapor.

We assure you that the admiration will flow from all the friends you will vape with this vaporizer, so do not think much and get your budget ready.

If you are looking for a device that’s designed to be smart, budget-friendly, powerful, and well-constructed, then I highly recommend the DaVinci IQC.

I love how it delivers a smooth, consistent vapor hit every time I use it. Undoubtedly, this is a beast and represents the ideal combination of compactness and efficiency. It’s worth every penny. So, that was our DaVinci IQC Review. Have any questions? Please leave a comment.

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