PAX 4 Review: Rumors & Release Date

Pax 4 Vaporizer has been a hot topic these days! Pax fans can’t wait to have this fantastic model. The Pax series is well known for the quality of its vaporizers.

Pax 3 Vaporizer was the latest model introduced by the production team. It is well-known for the quality of vapors and the sleek and stylish design like the previous models.

Since various products are available in the market, people sometimes find it confusing to choose the most suitable vaporizers for themselves.

Apart from all the goodness, customers are demanding a better model than Pax 3. So, we expect this is the best time to introduce another member of the Pax family, i.e., Pax 4.

PAX 4 Review | Release Date 2022

Pax 4 Release Date
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The PAX itself can only answer about the release of the PAX 4 vaporizer. The company has not made the release day public. Even the design and features are kept secret, but we sense a newer product coming out sooner or later.

Pax received an investment of 420 million dollars in April 2019. The CEO Bharat Vasan told the media that the management plans to channel its efforts toward newer products and markets.

Furthermore, the CEO said that the company is trying to explore the Canadian market for overall expansion in operations. The statement clearly shows that the company is planning to launch a new product, Pax 4.

The gap between the release of Pax 2 and 3 was shy over one year. Considering this, the upgrade is around the corner and nearer than we expect. PAX 4 might be released before 15 September 2023.

Moreover, competitors are continuously developing newer models. This factor is undoubtedly playing a part as well.

Solely believing in the investment and competitive pressure is not enough for us to speculate on the release day, so it is better to wait for an official statement from Pax.

Pax 4 Rumors

Pax 4 Rumors

The Pax 3 vaporizer was very efficient and cost-beneficial, but there were some deficiencies. The PAX might work on these deficiencies to make smoking more convenient and fun. Check PAX3 review.

The heating system can be improved. The users often demand that manufacturers introduce convectional heating in the latest models.
The company might listen to the demands and incorporate the convection function in the new Pax 4 vaporizer. Another feature that requires improvement is the temperature range and automatic presets.

The Pax 4 could contain a more comprehensive temperature range than the previous models. The research team can also develop a better-preset setting to provide better user support.

Which Pax 4 Feature Would Prevail?

Which Pax 4 Feature Would Prevail

Loyal customers would know that Pax 2 and Pax 3 had very little difference in structure. The company will surely continue with the same design while manufacturing Pax 4. The design is catchy, looks sexier, and glows like a star.

The portability factor is expected to be kept the same. Moreover, the operation duration improved significantly in Pax 3, so the company will invest in more value-adding features than the already enhanced battery life.


Pax 4 vaporizer is already hyped by the people using the previous models. It is expected that the company would communicate a detailed feature video on the newer model, but the changes are already anticipated.

There were some flaws that the company could work on to satisfy the ever-demanding and critical customers. Eventually, Pax 4 will be as stylish, portable, durable, and convenient as Pax 3.

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