does amazon sell bongs

Does Amazon Sell Bongs? – How To Find Bongs On Amazon?

Every smoker wants to find the best bongs and water pipes. The internet is flooded with thousands of glass bongs, but opting for a trustworthy brand requires a long research. However, people visit Amazon to find a suitable bong but return disappointed. Why is it so? Is Amazon a miserable …

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how big should buds be at 5 weeks

How Big Should Buds Be at 5 Weeks

To grow vape plants at home, you must understand the growing stages. Vape plants also known as cannabis undergo different growing stages before maturity. The five stages before maturity are germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering, and harvest. Every stage of growth is important for the overall plant’s health. In the early …

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can you inhale glass from a broken cartridge

Can You Inhale Glass from a Broken Cartridge?

The popularity of cartridge-based vapes and e-cigarettes is on the rise these days. The cartridge is non-reactive glass in nature. This ensures that the e-liquid inside is well-protected and not contaminated. A cartridge is designed to be resilient but may be damaged due to external pressure or misuse. You may …

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can you bring a vape to mexico

Can You Bring a Vape to Mexico?

Carrying a vape while you are traveling to Mexico is illegal. You cannot bring a vape and e-liquids, as customs officials would confiscate these things on the spot. There is also a possibility of being fined or arrested for this rule violation. However, a few cases are reported of travelers …

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how to get higher when smoking weed

How to Get Higher When Smoking Weed

You want to get higher. We all do. But how can you ensure that your next smoking session is elevating? Of course, everyone is different and will have different reactions to weed, but there are a few general tips that can help you maximize the psychoactive effects of cannabis. This …

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how to turn mid into loud

How to turn mid into loud

You’ve probably heard of mids before. But what are they, exactly? And more importantly, how can you turn them into more potent marijuana? Here’s the lowdown: Mids are part of the marijuana plant that falls between high-quality buds and low-quality leaves. They aren’t as potent as the buds but are …

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best vape detector

Best Vape Detectors For School

Traditional smoking has been a real problem for organizations and educational institutes. No doubt, the older smoking techniques were common, but they were easier to catch as you would see smoke flowing in the air and ash scattered on the floor. On the other hand, vapes are harder to detect …

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