Arizer Solo 3 Review: (Rumors & Release Date)

There are numerous vaping products available in the market. You will find several companies making claims which will attract you most of the time.

While you might find devices with excessive claims, some companies strive hard to bring the best vaporizers to your use. Among these vaporizers, one of the most popular series has been the Arizer series.

We have used and reviewed the Arizer Air vaporizer for our viewers and received mixed reviews, with the majority complaining about the battery life and heating system.

After the Air, next came the ever-so-popular Arizer Solo 2. A delight for many adult smokers with a long smoking times but a compromised heating system.

The customers, though very much satisfied by the newer version, have been demanding Arizer Solo 3. Many vaping gurus believe that the next product in this series will be the best among the lot.

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Arizer Solo 3 Review

Arizer Solo 3 Release Date

The Arizer Solo 3 is something that most smokers are waiting for and expecting soon. We expect the newer model to be released or the prototype to be developed before 10 November 2023.

The main reason behind our assumption is that Arizer Air was introduced in the year 2013. Since then, we have got a couple of devices in the Solo series.

There was a lot of room to improve the systemic flaws, but Arizer Solo 2 conquered almost all of them. There are some other things which need improvement to make customers more satisfied.

Checking competition in the market makes it pretty safe to say that a new model is coming very soon.

Arizer Solo 3 vs. Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 3 vs. Solo 2 would be a great comparison when the product launches. You will receive some features which are improved while other functions which are unchanged.

The Solo 2 had a generous coating, battery life, and other relevant features, which have been a delight for all loyal users. Solo 3 will most likely copy the said functions from the older version, but some other things will most likely change.

Convection heating and mobile app support have been the most demanded features on the internet, which you will receive. Go deep into the next headings to find out about the relevant things you should be aware of.

Arizer Solo 3 Rumors: How Arizer Solo 3 could be better than Solo 2?

The new Arizer Solo 3 could be better than Solo 2 because it will most likely overcome the shortcomings found while using the Solo 2 and other older versions. Two of the most important things to look forward to in the Solo 3 are:

The heating system

Arizer Solo series has been criticized for the heating method that is incorporated inside it. The vaporizers manufactured under this brand name produce vapors using the direct heating method, i.e., conduction.

The customers complained a lot about the inconsistency in vapor temperature, which influenced the vapor quality. Arizer Solo 3 might contain a high-quality heating system with a market-sustainable convection technology.

This will provide you with better flavored and accurately heated vapors and make drawing smoke easy. This feature is something that the Arizer family will like to improve.

Mobile App Support

People who have used the older versions of the Arizer series will know that there is no mobile app support available at their disposal.

The usage is straightforward and does not require a mobile app to make things entirely favorable, but you will find it impossible to handle remotely.

To make the newer version more consumer-friendly and convenient to use, the Arizer organization might develop an app of their own. This support will do wonders as the handling will be an easy task to perform.

What Would Remain Unchanged?

Although everyone is expecting something new from Solo 3, there are some features that the company might like to keep in the device. While there are some brilliant features but by far the best ones are the following:

Battery life

The battery would not get a significant rework this time because the company did invest a lot to increase the battery life of Arizer Solo 2 to about 3 hours when charged completely.

This span is almost 4 times longer than the Arizer Air vaporizer. You can not expect the manufacturer to surpass the 3 hours barrier any time soon because the current timing is more than enough to support long smoking sessions.

The look and feel

The Arizer series has always been known for the quality of coating used by the manufacturer. The Arizer Solo 2 was a success when considering the outer quality.

It’s made from an anodized aluminum layer and stainless steel top and bottom. We predict that the new Arizer Solo 3 will not differ a lot in looks.

This does not mean that the newer version will be stagnant or less fulfilling. The reason behind the repetition of the same design is you cannot improve perfection.

So if you are expecting a drastic change in the coating, then we would tell you to stop imagining things that would not happen any time soon.


The Arizer Solo 3 is among the most awaited vaporizers in the market right now. The loyal Arizer customers expect something out of the box from the company, but the expectations should not be kept as high as they are now.

It is better to predict the changes that we have mentioned because all these changes are quite frankly evident from critical reviews and the companies’ communications.

In the end, we will suggest you keep saving your money because this masterpiece might be the best thing that has happened to your smoking habit. Whenever the product comes, look for the features which we discussed.

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