Arizer Air Max Review – Is Air Max Worth it?

The vaporizer fraternity in the US is filled with vaping devices that are either the most efficient or superior when the quality of vapors is concerned.

The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer introduced in 2022, is among the rare vaporizers that have an ideal balance between the vapor quality and efficiency of the heating system.

The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is an exclusive herb vaping device loved by all those users who want a portable solution to their smoking routine.

This vaporizer is a traveler’s delight because the company has worked on the battery capacity. The battery is larger than other substitutes, and other features are complementary.

The heating features are also impressive. The ceramic chamber is upgraded to take down larger loads with ease. Other than this, the airflow is continuous because hybrid heating is a combo of both direct and indirect heating.

We have studied each feature and compiled them to tell you what works well with your smoking pattern. The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is a versatile device that can serve all sorts of users. Read this article to know what is necessary.

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Arizer Air Max Review

arizer air max reviews


The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is compatible with herbs only. The heating element is not designed to cook concentrates or other liquid loads. However, you can add a bit of concentrate or wax between the layers if you want to consume it. We would never recommend doing it, at least not frequently.


The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is made of aluminum alloy that gives it a sleek look. A durable cylindrical shell covers the interior. There is a borosilicate glass mouthpiece below which you fill to find the heating element.

The chamber is surrounded by vents to allow better airflow through the material. These vents also help dissipate unnecessary heat so the battery does not heat up.

The device length is 6 inches with 4 inches covered by the battery alone. The portion below the heating chamber has four sides.

Each side has a different feature or function dedicated to it. The four functions integrated on each side are OLED display, power button, temperature buttons, and charging port.

The cleaning method is easy but it is bulkier than other substitutes since the chamber is upgraded.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber housed inside the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is an upgraded version of the previous models. It is made of ceramic so taste impairment is not a remote possibility.

Moreover, there is an impressive airflow which makes it more viable and this feature is discussed in the following headings. The heavy ceramic chamber is not light in weight.

However, the loading method is simple since twisting the mouthpiece will expose the heating chamber. The chamber of Arizer Air Max Vaporizer has a capacity of 0.25 grams. Moreover, the heating process is as taste-preserving as the chamber.

Heating method

The heating method is hybrid. This means that the user will enjoy the goodness of both traditional conduction heating and advanced convection technology. As we have already discussed, the heating chamber is made of ceramic. It means that the chamber is not vulnerable to burning.

The vapor flow is maintained using convection technology. There are vents designed around the chamber to keep the flow going. Air is blown through the herbs in circular patterns, so the airflow is maintained as a result.

Temperature range

The hybrid heating system, along with its herbal nature allows the users to smoke at different temperature levels. The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer can lend consistent hits at temperature intensities starting from 50 degrees to 220 degrees Celsius.

Such a low-temperature level is ideal for aromatherapies and other medicinal uses. The temperature controls are also very simple to get along with.

Temperature controls

The temperature controls integrated into the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer are precise so the experienced smokers will love using it.

The increase or decrease in the temperature intensities with an increment of +/- 1 is the most authoritative control configuration you can get. There are no preset temperature levels.

Vapor quality

The vapor quality is exceptional since the interior and the mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass. It is the taste-preserving of materials besides ceramic. The airflow is brilliant along with impeccable consistency as convection heating plays its role.

The flavor is maintained because there is no metallic intervention during the whole process. The vapors get a bit cold when they reach your mouth via an insulated glass airpath.

Heating time

The heavy-duty ceramic chamber readies the vapors in just 40 to 60 seconds. This slightly delayed heating time restricts the on-demand production of vapors. The process might seem slow as the ceramic chamber takes time to get hot.

However, this vapor production time is still amongst the most impressive Arizer devices. Heating the herbs is easy due to this moderate heating time but controlling is far more convenient and simple.


Previous models in the Arizer series had a very awkward design where all the controls were incorporated on a single side along with the LED screen.

However, the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer has buttons and controls on the separate side from the OLED screen. This lets you press the buttons while holding the device in your palm.

The OLED screen is prominently placed on the face but dimmer than other models on the market. It also has a dark mode to make life easier. It displays the temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.

The company has installed an inversion technology on the OLED screen. This means that the digits on the screen rotate when the device is held upside down. Moreover, audio beeps convey what the device has to say. There is no haptic feedback or mobile app support.

The procedure to clean and load is straightforward because the chamber is accessible. You need to twist the mouthpiece to expose the chamber. It can then be cleaned or loaded as you like. However, the user should ensure the electric components are not soaked in an alcohol solution.

Battery life

As mentioned above, the battery placed inside the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is four inches long. It is a heavy-duty 26650 lithium-ion battery instead of the traditional 18650 batteries installed in most vaporizers.

The battery provides two and a half hours in one complete charging cycle. Removable so you can keep a spare set inside your backpack while traveling to a distant place.

The battery life promised by the Arizer corporation is sufficient enough for moderate use throughout the week. Even the most frequent users will get it to work over a day.

More battery capacity means a longer charging time. The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer has a charging time of two hours despite fast charging.

The company has installed a type C USB port opposite the OLED screen. Passthrough charging technology is integrated to enable smoking when the device is charging.

The device stops charging amidst sessions but now you do not have to wait for it to charge completely before using it. Furthermore, any problem arising is backed by a warranty.


The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer offers a two-year warranty contract to cover manufacturing defects and performance issues. There is no warranty available on the glass components. Any mishandling on the user’s part is also not supported by the contract.


  1. The body is durable, sleek, and compact.
  2. A venting system is there to ensure an irresistible flow of air.
  3. The heating chamber is made of ceramic to prevent the herbs from getting combusted.
  4. The heating system is hybrid to allow efficient heating and continuous flow.
  5. The battery life exceeds the two hours mark.
  6. The controls are simple.
  7. The temperature range is wide enough for aromatherapy and stronger hits.


  1. The heating time could have been shorter.
  2. The OLED screen is dim.
  3. There is no haptic feedback or mobile app.
  4. It does not support concentrate or wax smoking.

Is it the best vaporizer?

The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is surely the best deal available in the current market. It is developed for dry herbs only. The ceramic chamber, glass airpath, and hybrid heating system are integrated to prevent the herbs from combusting.

Moreover, the temperature range is wide enough for mild aromatherapy and strong hits equally. The battery installed by the company has more capacity than any other similar vaporizer. The battery stats and charging time make this vaporizer the most portable option for travelers.

Is it worth the money?

All the models introduced in the Arizer series are cost justifiable. The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is the most recent product developed by the company and is currently sold for 240 dollars on the official website.

The cost is often considered high-end by the buyers, who consider it an overpriced device. However, this device is the best portable herb vaporizer.

It has a ceramic chamber to avoid combustion, a glass air path to maintain the temperature, and a hybrid heating method to keep the vapors flowing at a consistent temperature.

Besides this, the battery capacity is one of the main features that justify the price at which it is sold. It is worth the money.

Is it safe?

The manufacturer ensures User safety while designing the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer. Even with the aluminum body, you will never get burnt. The heating chamber is below the mouthpiece where you should not hold it.

The remaining two-thirds of the device has a battery inside of it. It does not heat up that much so you will never get hurt. The vents around the heating element cool the vapors before they reach your mouth.

Moreover, the borosilicate glass mouthpiece is resistant to heat and deformation. Your lips will never get hurt while sipping the vapors inside your mouth.

Does it smell?

The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer does not smell bad at all. There is no metallic component so you will never feel a pungent metallic smell inside your lungs. The chamber is made of ceramic.

It is almost impossible to burn herbs even at the highest temperatures. Furthermore, the vapor path is glass. It preserves the taste and flavor to keep the vapors aromatic. Convection airflow blowing hot air through the herbs is the way to go.

What temperature should I set it?

The temperature range is considerably wide so many users ask for the ideal temperature at which the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer should be operated. The temperature settings are a matter of preference.

People demanding aromatherapy should smoke the herbs at the lowest temperature possible. Anything in-between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius will do the trick.

Strong hits are also consistent because the chamber and airpath do not have metallic components. You can smoke your favorite herb at the highest intensity without fearing combustion.

Can you use it while charging?

Yes, the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer can be used when charging. A passthrough charging technology is incorporated to make it operable while the battery fills up. This device stops the charging process when the session is started.

How many hits do you get from it?

In one complete charging cycle, you can smoke for 10 sessions of 15 minutes each. It is an average number as the company promises that the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer has a battery life of 150 minutes (2.5 hours).


The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is a rare product with a perfectly balanced feature proportion. The temperature along with the interior, is ideal for dry herb smoking.

The components installed in the interior are compatible with all sorts of herbs and flowers. A “cost justifying product” is the only term explaining whether it is valuable.

It is a must-buy for all those youngsters who prefer a classy, sleek, durable vaporizer that they can slip into their pockets. The battery features are incredible so a frequent traveler will love the removable heavy-duty battery.

The device is safe to use and perfect temperature features are installed to make it a perfect dry herb vaporizer. People who demand vaporizers for concentrates or perfectly on-demand vaping should not purchase the Arizer Air Max Vaporizer.

Apart from these flaws, all other demerits can be handled. Despite some indeficiencies, you should not miss purchasing a value-adding vaporizer.

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