G Pen Hyer Review: Take Your Bong Experience To The Next Level (10% OFF)

The G-Pen Hyer is the latest masterpiece. Basically, it is a heating device that provides you with an alternative way of heating herbs. With the G-Pen Hyer, you won’t have to purchase lighters and torches repeatedly. As traditional lighters come into contact with the fire, they mess up the flavour.

Meanwhile, the G-Pen Hyer has a temperature control that lets you adjust the temperature as you please. There is nothing like the G-Pen Hyer, and it is well worth the money.
Let’s talk about the G-Pen Hyer a little more in this article to see what else it offers.

My G Pen Hyer Review: A Mind Blowing Experience

g pen hyer reviews

G-Pen Hyer is a uniquely designed E-nail that can transform your bong into an electric rig. It comes in a travel case made of hemp material, ensuring safety when you take it on the go. You can use the G-Pen Hyer with any glass bong or other material.


Moreover, if you love to smoke or vape but are tired of using traditional lighters, torches and hemp wicks to light up your herbs or concentrates, G-Pen Hyer is for you. It keeps the flavour clean and pure because the herbs will not be in direct contact with the fire.

G-Pen is a chargeable device with a huge 6000mAh battery that gets fully charged in almost two hours, lasts up to 30 sessions if you are smoking concentrates, and will last for about 50 sessions with dry herbs.


  • Easy to Use
  • Compatible with both herbs and concentrates
  • Can transform any bong into e-rig
  • Easy to Clean
  • Controlled temperature as per your liking
  • LED indicators
  • Pass-through Charging (can be used while charging)
  • Compact Design
  • Large 6000mAh battery
  • Hemp Material Travel Case for safe travelling


  • Not compatible with concentrates
  • Not suitable for group sessions
  • Small herb chamber that only holds 0.2 grams
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What comes in the Box?

what is in the g pen hyer box

The G-Pen Hyer Vaporizer comes with the following components.

  • Premium Quality Hemp Travel case
  • Quartz tank for concentrates along with a tank cap
  • 14mm male glass adapter
  • Rechargeable 6,000mAh battery
  • Hyer tank housing
  • Power cable
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Stirring tool

Dual Functionality

There are a few reasons why the G-Pen Hyer is popular among smokers, and one of them is that it has dual functionality, which allows you to smoke both dry herbs and concentrates.

The concentrate tank comes with the Hyer, but if you use both materials, you can purchase the dry concentrate tank and smoke your favourite concentrates. If you only smoke dry herbs, you won’t have to spend extra bucks on the dry herb tank, which costs around $50.

Temperature Control

The G-Pen Hyer allows you to change the temperature according to your smoking material. The e-nail has five temperatures for each material, so if you are smoking dry h, herbs then the temperature range would be 180°C to 220°C while for the concentrates, the range would be 250°C to 450°C.

The temperature can be increased or decreased by pressing the arrow buttons on the battery. So, if you need smooth and thick vapour, you must raise the temperature to the highest. If you are looking for moderate and lighter vapours, keep the temperature moderate or decrease it according to your preference.


Battery always plays a very important role in portable devices, whether you have a vaporizer, e-rig or an e-nail. If the device has a strong battery, it will allow you to get hits longer.


The G-Pen Hyer has a powerful large 6000mAh battery that gets charged within two hours and lasts up to 30 sessions if you are smoking concentrate,s and for dry herbs, it lasts for about 50 sessions.

As we talk about the battery, the G-Pen Hyer also has a pass-through charging feature which means that it can be used while charging. So, you don’t have to worry if it is not charged; all you have to do is plug it in with the help of the Type-c cab, and you are good to go.

G-Pen Hyer’s Heat-up Time

Another amazing thing about the G-Pen Hyer is that it takes less time to heat up, whether you are smoking concentrates or dry herbs. However, the heat-up time for both materials,s the heat-up time is different; if you are smoking dry herbs, the heat-up time would be from 16 to 25 seconds, and for concentrates, it gets heated up between 15 to 45 seconds.

Simple UI

The G-Pen Hyer has a very simple user interface as it is button operated e-nail. You will see the rectangular-shaped button on the battery to turn the device on and off. Right next to the power button, you will see two arrow buttons that increase or decrease the temperature. The battery also has LED lights that indicate the temperature,e and as the temperature rises or falls, they change colour.


As mentioned above, the device has five temperature levels, and the vapour quality and density depend upon the selected temperature. If you are an experienced smoker and need thick milky vapour clouds, you will have to raise the temperature from low to high. In contrast, if you are a beginner looking to get a moderate or light vapour, you must keep the temperature normal or below that.

Session Time

The G-Pen Hyer also allows you to set the session times according to your usage. You can change the session time between 15 to 70 seconds. This unique feature is very useful for solo and group sessions. If you want to enjoy the vapours with friends, then select the maximum session time, and you will be able to get more hits.

How to Clean G-Pen Hyer

Thanks to the G-Pen Hyer’s removable components, the device is easy to clean. It is recommended to use cotton swabs to clean it after using it for a few sessions but always wait a few minutes for the tank to cool down. Once it has cooled down, remove the cap and swab the bottom plate and walls of the quartz chamber with a cotton bud. 

Deep Cleaning

If you have used it for longer and more intensive sessions, you can use isopropyl liquid for deep cleaning. For deep cleaning, remove the tank cap, use a cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol, and wipe the inner side of the ceramic liner.

Then remove the tank by twisting counterclockwise and use a cotton bud with ISO to clean the entire surface of the quartz chamber around the threading and the airflow hole.

Next, pull the adapter out from the housing, remove the rings and soak all the components together in the isopropyl alcohol. After soaking, wipe down all the components with a dry cotton bud. Then use a cotton bud with housing and wipe in and around the glass adapter connection point of the housing and the opposite side where the quartz tank connects.


After you have followed all the steps mentioned above, set all the components aside to dry completely and assemble the G-Pen Hyer again. Always keep your G-Pen Hyer cleaned for better performance and vaping experience.

Can you use G-Pen Hyer while charging?

Yes, you can use the G-Pen Hyer even when it is on charging, as it comes with a pass-through charging feature. So, you don’t have to wait until it gets fully charged.

How long does the G-Pen Hyer take to get charged?

G-Pen Hyer has a 6000mAh battery that takes almost 2 hours to charge fully.

How to know If the G-Pen Hyer is fully charged?

When the G-Pen Hyer gets fully charged, the LEDs on the battery are illuminated with a white color.

Can you buy G-Pen Hyer in installments?

Yes, G-Pen Hyer can be purchased in easy 4-month installments through Sezzle if you buy it from the official G-Pen website.

How long does the G-Pen Hyer stay powered on?

The G-Pen Hyer stays on for 5 minutes if it is not being used, and as 5 minutes pass, it will automatically turn off.

Is G-Pen Hyer Portable

All G-Pen products come with a travel case made with high-quality hemp material, ensuring the device’s safety and its components. The G-Pen Hyer also comes with a travel case that adds to the device’s portability. 

How to Use G-Pen Hyer?

The G-Pen Hyer has a compact design and is very easy to use, and you will have to connect it with a bong. The device has three main buttons that can be used to turn it on/off or adjust the temperature.

Firstly, you will have to fill the material you want to smoke into the chambers and turn on the device by pressing the power button for three seconds. It is unnecessary to fully charge the device before using it, as it comes with a pass-through charging feature that allows you to use it while charging.

Then after it is switched on, you will have to adjust the temperature by pressing the arrow keys next to the power button.


Next, you will have to set the session timer depending on whether you are smoking alone or in a group. The preset temperature is 45 seconds, but it can be changed by pressing the arrow keys. You must press both arrows for two seconds to enter the timer settings.

After you have packed the chambers and selected the temperatures and session timer, you can start the sessions.

Final Verdict

The G-Pen Hyer is a sophisticated heating device with all kinds of bongs. It has a powerful large 6000mAh lithium-ion battery, comes with a solid travel case and allows you to smoke both dry herbs and concentrates. What else do you need?

The device is easily assembled and has a simple interface, so you don’t struggle to use it. Packed with all these features,s it is available for $62.49 on the G-Pen’s official website. If you are tired of heating your herbs with the old traditional torches, lighters or hemp wicks and have 62 dollars, go for the G-Pen Hyer without any second thought. 

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