G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Review 2021 (20% OFF Sale)

g pen micro plus review

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer is the newest addition to the vaporizer fraternity and almost all the old features are retained in this product as well.

You will receive a sleek vaporizer that is perfectly insulated and stylish-looking LED lights that depict the temperature prevailing inside the chamber.

Talking about the chamber, it is packed with insulated coverings and is made of ceramic.

While the chamber heats the concentrate, the insulated pathway preserves the vapor quality and ensures that you receive a high-quality stream of vapors.

Keeping all these features in mind, the new G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer is all set to capture the portable vaporizer market.

The quality that you will get is better than most of the other products in the same price range and our article will discuss all the features that you should know before purchasing this new piece of brilliance.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Review [2021]


👋 G Pen Micro Plus Experience

If you are looking for a concentrate vaporizer that maintains the temperature consistently and provides aromatic vapors then the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer is exactly what you need. It is priced at a medium-range and the benefits definitely outweigh the costs that you bear.

  • Sleek design and proper insulation for both stylish looks and safety.
  • Heating time is short for on a go usage.
  • Battery life is also extensive which is coupled with short charging time.
  • Ceramic chamber and insulated pathway preserve the flavor and smell.
  • Easy to load and unload the chamber with easy assembly.
  • Physical controls are easy to understand, along with vibration and specific LED colors.

g pen micro+ (plus) review

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Complete Kit:

  • Food-Grade Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Dual-Channel Airflow
  • Quartz Liner
  • Ceramic Plate Heater
  • 850 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • 90 Minute Charge Time
  • 510 Cartridge Recognition Technology
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G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Compatibility

Before we start off with the review on features and functionality, let us make it clear that the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer is compatible with concentrates and oils only. In order to get the same quality for dry herb vaporizers, you should try other similar G Pen products available.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Body shape and design

g pen micro plus body shape design

The G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer is among the most compact and stylish vaporizers available in the market. The body is sleek so party animals will love this addition to their vaping inventory.

When you talk about the overall built, you can easily mount and unmount the mouthpiece to insert concentrates in the heating chamber.

LED light situated at the center, around the power button allow you to know the exact temperature settings. This compact design not only makes it stylish but also more portable than other products in the market. It is named pen for this very reason.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Mouthpiece and airpath

g pen micro plus mouthpiece and airpath

The mouthpiece is made of silicone. When you hold the mouthpiece between your lips, you will feel the smoothness of the surface.

Moreover, the company has made the chamber and airpath entirely insulated to preserve the vapor quality. You will rarely experience a variation in the temperature or consistency of vapors. The mouthpiece is insulated too.

The ceramic chamber, quartz lining along the airpath, and mouthpiece made of silicone enable you to vape without the risk of getting burnt. Now is the time to invest all your pocket money in a compact vaporizer that provides a stream of well-cooked and consistent vapors.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Temperature settings

g pen micro plus temperature settings

The temperature settings are simple because you get to switch between 3 different levels of temperature. Each level has a different intensity and the LED indicator will glow with a specific kind of color at each of the levels.

Blue color would mean that the temperature is set at low settings, green color depicts the medium level while the red light glows at the red-hot temperature setting.

You can switch the temperature settings by using the power button. However, most of the potential buyers still criticize the limitation of choice.

Unlike other vaporizers, the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer does not allow you to increase or decrease the temperature in an incremental manner. The choice is limited so experienced smokers will rarely prefer using this vaporizer.

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G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Controllability

g pen micro+ plus controllability

The device does not support any remote controllability so you need to turn it on manually. Once the device starts functioning, it will automatically start heating the concentrates at the last prevailing temperature.

Controllability could have been a problem because there is no digital screen to show the precise temperature but this is not the case as there are limited options available and every option has a specific color indicator.

The device also vibrates when the desired temperature is reached. The physical controllability is extremely simple as there is just a single button that is used to perform all the functions.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Heating time

Heating time is efficiently short as the concentrates are heated initially within 10 to 15 seconds. Like every on a go vaporizer, the heating time is kept short to keep from waiting for the first draw.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Charging time

g pen micro plus vaporizer review

The charging features are amazingly efficient as the battery charges in 90 minutes. Now you can take your vaporizer to any place you travel.

Just charge it at any restaurant where you are staying and enjoy the rest of your journey by vaping the ever so flavorful vapors ejected from the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer.

Furthermore, the charging port is type C so you can charge it through your smartphone charger. Fast charging makes the full use of electric power available at the disposal.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Battery

The system comes with a replaceable battery that is made of lithium-ion and has a capacity of 850 MAh. Converting the capacity into minutes, the battery lasts for more than a day with a slight variance depending on the temperature at which the vapors are being cooked. This feature makes it even more portable than before.

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) Warranty

The manufacturer does provide a warranty of 1 year where all sorts of manufacturing defects and performance issues are covered. However, the case of external damage and mishandling is not supported under this warranty.

What we liked
  • Sleek design and proper insulation for both stylish looks and safety.
  • Heating time is short for on a go usage.
  • Battery life is also extensive which is coupled with short charging time.
  • Ceramic chamber and insulated pathway preserve the flavor and smell.
  • Easy to load and unload the chamber with easy assembly.
  • Physical controls are easy to understand, along with vibration and specific LED colors.
What We didn't like
  • Temperature controls are limited to just 3 levels.
  • Compatible with concentrates only.
  • There is no remote control app supportability.
  • The packing does not include cleaning equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is G Pen Micro Plus the best vaporizer?

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer is one of the best if not the best vaporizer available in the market. Its flawless heating system and flavorful vapors are the best features that will make your experience memorable.

Battery life is also long so you can take it with you while traveling to far-off places. Moreover, the stylish body and compact size are ideal for parties and gatherings at your friend’s place.

What comes in the G Pen Micro Plus box?

G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer comes with a complete set of accessories that includes everything that you need. You will find a G Pen Micro+ (Plus) battery, tank, and mouthpiece assembly as an integral part of the device.

Additionally, the company places a travel case inside the box to secure your device while traveling. There will be a keychain too and a USB type C charging cable.

How much is G Pen Micro Plus?

The G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer costs 80 dollars. Like all other G Pen vaporizers, this vaporizer also lies between the lower range and high range products. 80 dollars are not too high for the features that it provides but still, potential buyers are requesting to reduce the price.

Is G Pen Micro Plus worth the money?

At first, you might think that 80 dollars are way too much for a compact device as small as a G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer. When we talk about features, this vaporizer is far better than many substitutes available in the market.

You will get the optimal quality of vapors along with flawless charging specs and convenient controllability at a price lower than what you normally get to pay. It definitely is worth the money.

Is G Pen Micro Plus safe?

The risks of injuries while using the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer are as low as any other quality product. The mouthpiece is insulated properly in order to avoid burns and even rashes with extended use.

The whole body is medically graded but you need to clean the interior regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt inside the chamber which can prove to be harmful.

Does G Pen Micro Plus smell?

The vapor quality is incredible because the chamber is made of ceramic and the pathway is insulated with quartz lining. Unlike most vaporizers, the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer has no metallic element in the entire heating system.

You will never experience a metallic smell while vaping. Other than this, you would need to keep the chamber clean in order to avoid a deterioration in the flavor and smell.

What temperature should I set G Pen Micro Plus?

The G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer can be used at three different temperature settings. The choice is pretty much subjective because each temperature level provides a different intensity of heat.

We do not recommend using vaporizers at high temperatures because the vapor quality might diminish but this is not the case here as the vapor path is insulated. However, keep it at medium temperature to ensure that the battery lasts long.

Can you use G Pen Micro Plus while charging?

You can use the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer while charging because the charging is fast and you can conveniently maintain the consumption to charging ratio while smoking. It is still preferable to wait for 90 minutes of charging but if you still cannot wait then go on, use it.

Does G Pen Micro Plus get you high?

Getting high is an entirely different story. It depends on the quality of material that you are using in the chamber. However, if you are asking about pleasure and user experience, this device is surely the best in business.

With a flawless heating chamber and insulated path, you will receive the vapors that will surely take you to another world, the world of pleasure.

How long does the G Pen Micro Plus battery last?

The battery of the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer lasts more than a day. However, these numbers entirely depend on the temperature at which the concentrates are being heated so the ultimate battery life is under your own control.

Should You Buy G Pen Micro Plus?

The old-time is gone when people used to prepare herbs by grinding and maneuvering them. The modern era has brought the cartridge-based loading where oils are used to smoke.

It saves your time to just load and starts smoking but the other prominent thing that will save your time is the G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer discussed above.

Yes, the heating time being the shortest and the battery life is the longest are the best features that make it convenient enough to take away with yourself.

Another thing that most people would love about this device is the battery to charging ratio. It charges in around 90 minutes and then provides a battery backup of more than one day.

Buy this new product with newer features and modified components to simply make your smoking sessions fun. In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy smoking the flavorful vapors and do what you have bought the new G Pen Micro+ (Plus) vaporizer for.

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