AirVape Legacy Pro Review – Is Legacy Pro worth it? (20% OFF)

The Apollo Corporation is known for developing the most unique, compact, value-adding vaporizers. The Airvape Legacy Vaporizer was previously the most popular device the entity had designed.

However, the research team has developed a newer version of Legacy named the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer. The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is an advanced vaporizer that comes with an improved set of features.

The company has worked on increasing the capacity of the heating chamber, and the heating system is also improved.

There are certain features that the company has adhered to. Sticking to the older features means that certain flaws will repeat. We have compiled all the features that the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer brings to your fingertips.


All the relevant aspects are explained in great detail, and many questions are answered. By the end, you will know whether you should purchase this vaporizer.

AirVape Legacy Pro Review – Is Legacy Pro worth it?


The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is compatible with almost all kinds of material. You can smoke herbs, flowers, or concentrates with this brilliance, as the hybrid heating system and other components are designed to make smoking more convenient.

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The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is an improved form of the older versions. The company has maintained a classy look, with the outer consisting of hemp textile and leather.

The black color from the outside, accompanied by the gold finish in the interior, looks pleasing to the eyes. The device is not ideally compact as the dimensions are 119 mm x 52 mm x 21 mm.

It fits well inside the palm as the curves are smooth. However, we would have liked a grippy pattern to help the user hold it firmly.

The lightweight makes it more viable for an on-a-go smoking routine. The mouthpiece is made of ceramic and the chamber is all metallic. The chamber is discussed later in the article.

The vaporizer also has an LCD screen on the side which is peculiar to all the preceding models. The controls are simple to add more to the convenience. Furthermore, the company has integrated the efficient and quality-preserving glass vapor path. Also, check AirVape Legacy Review.

Quality of vapors

The quality of the vapors is superior to many other conductions or even the hybrid vaporizers sold on the internet. The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer has a specialized glass vapor path that insulates the vapors from all unnecessary heat from other components.

This maintains the temperature that the user has set. Moreover, the airflow is also something that you will love. Normally, convection-based devices have continuous airflow.


However, an isolated airpath is still an important feature of a vaporizer. This vaporizer has a removable glass airpath that maintains the temperature, and the heating chamber is also advanced. Check AirVape X review.

Heating chamber

The company has installed a metallic chamber to ensure efficient conduction heating. The chamber is plated with gold, but it combusts the material, so the taste impairs.

This is why reviewers and users recommend vaping herbs at a lower temperature than concentrates and waxes.

Other than this, screens can dissipate heat before it reaches the material. The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer has 20 percent more chamber capacity than the older versions.

A micro-dosing disc is installed to ensure that even the smallest load is consumed properly without any wastage. The manufacturer has also installed an advanced heating system (which is not entirely conduction).

Heating method

The vaporizer fraternity is filled with vaporizers oriented to one heating type. The traditional models are based on conduction or direct heating, while newer vaporizers have convection heating.

The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer houses a hybrid heating system containing conduction and convection heating to prepare flavorful vapors on time. The direct heating method is efficient to reduce the heating time, and this is discussed in the following heading.

Heating time

As mentioned, the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer has a hybrid heating system. Initially, the herbs or concentrates are heated using direct heating. This is the sole reason you will get an on-demand stream of vapors.

On average, this vaporizer produces vapors in just 15 seconds. Your routine at work will feel more productive and comfortable since the prompt preparation, along with the wide temperature range is fun to use.

Temperature range

The temperature range of the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is impressive, to say the least. You can set the temperature between 93 and 227 degrees Celsius. This range is not as high as other vaporizers tailor-made for strong vaping or specialized cartridge-based smoking.


However, you can still maintain a high temperature throughout the session but this would need some smart management to keep the herbs from burning. One great thing that the company has installed is precise temperature controls.

Temperature controls

While several models are available on the market with a specified set of temperature settings targeted toward different usages, the Airvape Legacy Pro has maintained the same traditional feature it is known for.

The temperature controls of this vaporizer are precise. This means you can set your favorite temperature intensity by going up or down with an increment of +/- 1. It might sound like a simple feature but many experienced smokers enjoy having complete control over the heating process.


The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is a simple device to use. As mentioned, the temperature settings are entirely manual and precise.

The company has installed a 3-button control mechanism consisting of the power button and a couple of temperature intensity management buttons.

All the stats are displayed on the LCD screen installed on the side of the device. However, the LCD screen could have been a bit more prominent to make handling easier.

The power button is required to be pressed 3 times to turn the device on. After this, the temperature adjustment is simple and you must wait 15 seconds.

The temperature adjustments are not the only adjustments integrated inside the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer. There is an auto-shutoff timer adjustment available to plan your sessions precisely.

Three, five, and ten minutes of session timings are available, after which the device automatically shuts off. The asleep shutoff timer also prevents the material from getting wasted during inactivity.

Last but not least, the company removes all the tiny components to make cleaning and assembly easier than the previous models. The battery features are also maintained to make the device more convenient and versatile.


Battery and charging

The battery features installed inside the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer are at par with any other quality vaping device on the market. The batteries are 18650 lithium-ion and have a capacity of 3200 mAh.

Though we have not tested the battery life in detail, it will be the same as the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer since it is just 200 mAh more than the previous model. The batteries are removable, so this boosts the portability immensely since it allows you to carry a spare set of batteries for extensive sessions.

Other than this, the charging is fast because it has a type-C USB port. A wireless charging system is also integrated to make charging more convenient and stylish. There is no passthrough charging technology, so you must wait until the battery is charged completely.


  • Stylish and compact design with a high-end finish.
  • Metallic chamber for quicker heating.
  • Bigger chamber with the micro-dosing disc to maintain small load compatibility.
  • A dual heating system that maintains a balance between strength and flavor.
  • Isolated vapor path for better vapor quality.
  • Easy 3-button controllability.
  • Wireless and fast charging for better handling and convenience.
  • Lifetime warranty to keep you on the safe side.


  • The gold-plated chamber has combustion issues at high temperatures.
  • There is no passthrough charging technology available.
  • The LCD screen could have been more prominent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AirVape Legacy Pro the best vaporizer?

The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer has an improved heating system that balances flavor and on-demand vapor production. The vapor flow is continuous, so the isolated glass airpath does the trick.

The battery is removable and sufficient, while the charging is fast and convenient. You get luxurious features such as wireless charging technology and session adjustments.

The temperature range is wide enough for all sorts of usage. It has great design and safety precautions to make it the first choice. The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is surely the best option in this price range.

Is AirVape Legacy Pro worth the money?

Currently, the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer costs 270 dollars on the internet. The price might feel higher than other vaporizers available on the market.

However, this brilliance has an advanced heating system and a well-crafted design that almost all users love. The quality of vapors and the ease of controllability make it a justifiable option in this price range.


Is AirVape Legacy Pro safe?

The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is a safe device because the outer is made of insulating materials. The mouthpiece is ceramic, so your lips are at a lower risk of getting burnt, unlike other devices that house a metallic or plastic mouthpiece. Moreover, the isolated glass airpath ensures that the vapors are evenly heated and easy to inhale.

It prevents any contaminant from entering the stream of smoke. An automatic shutoff feature is present to prevent the device from wasting material during inactivity.

Does AirVape Legacy Pro smell?

The vapors produced by the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer are among the most quality and flavorful vapors. There is an isolated glass vapor path that keeps the vapors insulated and preserves all the goodness. There is no metallic intervention throughout the vapor path so you would feel no smell.

However, the metallic chamber is prone to combusting the herbs and flowers at higher temperatures or excessive heating. The device might produce an ashy burning smell when the temperature intensity is inappropriately set.

What temperature should I set AirVape Legacy Pro?

The temperature intensities of the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer are precise and wide in range. It starts from 93 degrees and goes right up to 227 degrees Celsius. The heating chamber, being metallic, poses a threat of combusting the material.

However, this can be avoided by setting temperatures at an appropriate level. Herbs and flowers should be vaped below the 150-degree mark.

You should cook it at a medium temperature and switch to a low or medium-low temperature for continuous heating. For smoking concentrates and waxes, high or medium-high intensities can be used.

Can you use AirVape Legacy Pro while charging?

No, the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer cannot be used while charging. The Apollo Corporation has not integrated it with a passthrough charging mechanism. Moreover, the wireless charging pad does not make the design viable to smoke it when it is charging.

How long does the battery last?

The battery is 3200 mAh, so you would expect it to last 1.5 to 2 hours. The rate of battery consumption depends entirely on the temperature intensity. Smoking at high intensities for an extended period will deplete the battery.

Final Words

The Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer is a competent vaping device that provides unprecedented value. Many critics believed developing a device with a better feature proportion than the Airvape Legacy Vaporizer was difficult.

However, the Apollo Corporation has proved everyone wrong by improving the unfulfilling features in previous models. The company has carried forward the same elegant design with a few improvements where the tiny unnecessary components are removed.

The heating chamber capacity has increased by 20 percent, while the micro-dosing disc ensures that the most minute load is not wasted. Apart from this, a hybrid heating system and an isolated glass path are taste-preserving features.

There is no smell or taste hindrance if the load is smoked at optimal temperature. However, the taste can get impaired if the intensities are set carelessly because the metallic chamber has combustion issues.

The value provided by the Airvape Legacy Pro Vaporizer justifies the high-end price at which it is made available to buyers.

It is a portable option for all those youngsters who demand a quality vaporizer with solid battery features. A must-buy for all youngsters and experienced smokers since the class and value proportion is exemplary.

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