Airvape X Review: Is it Worth it? (10% OFF)

Vaping through a stringent schedule was never as easy as the Airvape X Vaporizer has made. Apollo, the manufacturer, is known for its versatile, quality, and market-competitive product development.

Airvape X Vaporizer is a tweaked version of the Airvape XS model with some flaws. However, the company has developed an improved version with better chamber specs and a magnetic mouthpiece.

The Airvape X Vaporizer has the same compatibility for both herbs and concentrates. Apart from all this, the convenience is exemplary because the device has simple controls and an LED display to communicate the status. To learn more about the features and other relevant stuff, read the details.

Airvape X Review

Design and material

airvape x vaporizer review

Airvape X, easily the strongest contender for a vaping device has a unique, sleek, and stylish design. It comprises three different materials, steel, lithium-ion, and ceramic. The body is entirely made of steel while lithium-ion and ceramic are used in battery and chamber build respectively.

The device is thin with round edges, making it smooth and easy in your palm. A magnetic mouthpiece rests on the top to enhance the quality and make it look more modern.

There is an LED screen that demonstrates the battery level and temperature settings. A power button and simple temperature controls are below the LED screen.

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The first thing that a buyer asks is whether the vaporizer is a single-purpose vaping device or a multi-purpose one. In the case of the Airvape X Vaporizer, the device is designed to complement both herbs and concentrate smoking.

Heating method

The Airvape X Vaporizer has a modern design but the heating methodology is simple and traditional. It does not blow hot air through the herbs, however, like any old-school vaping device, it contains a heat source that directly cooks the herbs.

Furthermore, the conduction is far more efficient and time-saving than other substitutes. Apart from all this, there is an air compartment below the chamber to provide some convection heating to the herbs.

Heating time

As we mentioned above, conduction heating is the quickest method to heat herbs. It generally prepares the first batch in around 20 seconds.

This is usually what users expect from conduction heating devices. This method is vulnerable to quality-related issues but this is not the case while using Airvape X Vaporizer.


The Airvape X Vaporizer has a ceramic chamber underneath the mouthpiece. Upon removing the magnetic mouthpiece, the chamber is exposed to be easily accessible.

Moreover, the heating compartment is covered entirely with ceramic layers to ensure that the flavor and smell are preserved. As an added feature, the manufacturer has built an air compartment to keep the heating process even.

Even heating eliminates the need to constantly stir the herbs while vaping. This makes it easier to vape and the ceramic chamber is sufficient to preserve all the goodness.

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Vapor quality

People usually ask about the quality they should expect from Airvape X Vaporizer. The answer is pretty simple. This vaporizer is the best conduction vaping device introduced recently.

The ceramic chamber, as you already know, plays a critical role in preserving the taste and smell of the vapors. You will never feel a metallic or plastic smell while inhaling the vapors.

Furthermore, the vapor path is short as the mouthpiece rests right next to the chamber, however, the vapors are still elegant and easy on the lungs.

The cooling method is still a mystery but we think the coolness is all due to the ceramic chamber. Other than that, the vapors are dense and it is relatively easy to draw the smoke.

Temperature range and setting

The temperature range rests between 90 and 220 degrees Celsius. This range is admired by herb consumers who prefer smoking the material at any intensity they want. However, the Airvape X Vaporizer fails miserably when concentrating on smoking.

The main reason behind this failure is the absence of a higher temperature to almost boil the concentrates. The concentrates and waxes remain undercooked, so treating it as a dry herb vaporizer is preferable.

The temperature settings are simple as they comprise 2 temperature adjustment buttons. The absence of presets provides complete control over the heating process. This feature is often overlooked but experienced users surely embrace this controllability feature.

Battery life and portability

The battery is non-removable so you need to handle this 1300 mAh component with due care. When converting these numbers into minutes then it is safe to say that Airvape X Vaporizer lasts around 40 to 45 minutes.

This battery life might seem a little less but the usage pattern is the key. The device is designed specifically for short and on a go vaping sessions. However, it is quite evident that the quick heating time and 45 minutes of battery make sure that you smoke for 6 or 7 sessions.

The charging time is 1 hour and the charging port supports a micro USB charging cable. Other than this, the size and shape are compact enough to fit inside the palm.

It is a great companion during hectic office routines and long drives with your partner or friends. A genuine portable vaporizer with sufficient battery to support small but frequent smoking sessions.


Using the Airvape X Vaporizer is extremely convenient because the features are designed that way. Starting with the best is the prominent 1.3 inches LED screen that shows the temperature settings, battery life, and auto-shutoff timings.

The auto shut-off mode saves the battery when the device is kept on hold for 3 minutes. Moreover, the temperature controls are simple to understand as it comprises just 2 buttons to change temperature when required.

The chamber is easy to access and an air compartment immediately below it is why you do not need to stir it. Cooking and vaping concentrates and waxes are still comparatively difficult and the experience is not as good as other concentrate vaporizers.

What we liked

  • The design and shape are both modern and sleek.
  • Conduction heating paired with an air compartment is a great addition to the value.
  • High-quality vapors with perfect smell and flavor.
  • Heating time is quick so you can have an on-a-go vaping session.
  • Chamber is ceramic and can be accessed easily.
  • Temperature controls are completely manual with no presets.
  • The body is perfectly insulated and an auto-shutoff timer ensures safety.
  • Controls are convenient and simple.
  • A lifetime warranty to keep it financially safe.

What We didn’t like

  • It does not support extended vaping sessions.
  • Concentrating on smoking is not ideal.
  • Battery life can be an issue while traveling.

Is Airvape X the best vaporizer?

The Airvape X Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers in the market when considering the quality of vapors and convenience. The chamber is made of ceramic, the mouthpiece is magnetic, isolated vapor path and quick heating time are some of the most admirable and value-adding features.

It is generally criticized for shorter battery life but 45 minutes are sufficient enough for on-a-go vaping sessions. Airvape X Vaporizer will rarely disappoint you in quality despite being a conduction vaporizer, especially with the rare combination of quick heating time and high-quality vapors.

What comes in the Airvape X box?

  • AirVape X Vaporizer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning, Loading Tools
  • Concentrate Pad
  • Replacement Filter Screens
  • User Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

How much is Airvape X?

The Airvape X Vaporizer costs less than 140 dollars on online stores. Usually, the price is constant on every platform but verified distributors provide periodic discounts to make it more affordable. However, the price is officially 139 dollars.

Is Airvape X worth the money?

Airvape X Vaporizer is worth every penny that is spent on it. Consider it an investment especially in a companion that will help you get through your hectic routine with a session of well-cooked and aromatic vapors.

The convenience and design are two of the most impressive features after vapor quality. A metallic build and sleek body design are a plus. You will hardly get so much value for just 139 dollars.

Is Airvape X safe?

Safety is ensured in Airvape X Vaporizer like any other product manufactured by Apollo. The body is perfectly insulated to ensure that the body is safe to use (without any burn).

Moreover, the auto-shutoff feature is a genuine battery-saving feature for the users as well as to avoid excessive smoking. Other than this, the vapors are evenly cooked so they would feel easy on the lungs and the overall temperature intensity is not that hard.

Does Airvape X smell?

The metallic or plastic smell is never an issue during vaping sessions when using the Airvape X Vaporizer. Even at the highest setting, the smell and taste are preserved because the chamber is made of ceramic and the conduction heating is not entirely direct as there is an air compartment below the ceramic chamber. The airpath is also isolated to maintain the temperature at a precise level.

What temperature should I set Airvape X?

Temperature settings are not an issue while using the Airvape X Vaporizer because the temperature levels have minimal impact on the quality. A ceramic chamber along with an isolated vapor path ensures that the taste and smell do not deteriorate.

Moreover, it has an air compartment to reduce the unnecessary intervention of conduction heating. You can set it at the highest temperature level without the risk of burning herbs.

Can you use Airvape X while charging?

You can use the Airvape X Vaporizer while charging. Even though the charging is not pass-through, the ratio between battery life and charging time is almost neutral.

Micro USB ports are not that popular nowadays but the charge accumulation is sufficient to support on-spot usage. We still recommend not using the device while charging. It is always better to wait a bit than risk battery efficiency.

How many hits do you get from Airvape X?

You can easily enjoy 6 or 7 sessions in one complete charging cycle. The battery life might not be long enough to support extended sessions of smoking but it surely provides small and on-a-go vaping sessions to make things easier, convenient, and enjoyable. All the goodness is extracted from herbs without much waste.

Does Airvape X get you high?

Is this even a question? Airvape X Vaporizer has arguably the best heating system in portable vaping devices. The only thing that you need to do is load herbs inside the chamber and set the temperature level of your choice.

The air compartment assures even cooking without a need to stir it up. Moreover, the vapor path is isolated to maintain the temperature at the desired level. This means the vapor quality will get you high in no time and you will experience immense pleasure while inhaling it.

How long does the Airvape X battery last?

The battery life is average if you compare it to other portable vaporizers that have quality vapors. However, the 40 to 45 minutes battery life is more than enough to smoke for a few minutes during laborious office hours or hectic routines. The charging is also efficient where the device gets charged within 1 hour.

Final Verdict

The Airvape X Vaporizer is one of the best portable vaporizers introduced recently. It has impressive vapor quality with even temperature maintenance. The design is modern and the size is kept as compact as possible to maintain the common sleekness in almost every Apollo product.

Airvape X Vaporizer has a magnetic mouthpiece to add further features to the modern design. However, the modern features do not mean that the controls are complex.

It is very simple and convenient to use as the controls are up and down along with a power button. The metallic build is eye-catching as well as durable to ensure breakage resistance.

Just save 140 dollars to purchase this unique yet convenient vaporizer. It would be a great addition to your vaping inventory so do not miss this opportunity and invest the sum to get far better value and experience.

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