DaVinci ARTIQ Review – Cartridge Vaporizer

The DaVinci ARTIQ provides an exceptional vaping experience with its impressive features. It is highly versatile as it can work with most 510 cartridges. One of its distinct features is its ultra-cooling technology that reduces vapor heat by 90%. This device also has a fully concealed cartridge chamber that helps preserve the oils and provides discreet usage.

The four variable heat modes, unique haptic feedback, and robust 760 mAh battery that lasts for about 500 draws make this device a great choice for vaping enthusiasts.

The DaVinci ARTIQ may not catch your eye right away, but let me tell you, it’s worth giving a try. Initially, I was unsure, but once I learned more about its state-of-the-art cooling system, I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

I was blown away by how effective it was at reducing throat irritation. The rave reviews I’d heard were spot on – you must experience the DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer for yourself!


What sets the DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer apart is its revolutionary design. This ultra-cooling cartridge vaporizer, built for 510 oil cartridges, employs an extended airpath to reduce vapor heat by a remarkable 90%.

The design pays homage to the iconic DaVinci IQ, protecting the cartridge while offering discretion. It has compatibility with standard 510 cartridges, an extended airpath, a concealed chamber, and practical details like haptic draw feedback and three heat modes. It’s robust 760 mAh battery provides ample usage.

I’ll delve deeper into my experiences with the ARTIQ and its comparison with other devices, so keep reading for the DaVinci ARTIQ review of this vaping game-changer.

DaVinci ARTIQ Review – Cartridge Vaporizer

davinci artiq vaporizer review
Product Type510 Battery
Compatibility510 Carts
Released DateJune, 2023
Warranty1 Year
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Mouthpiece MaterialGlass
Precise Temp ControlNo
DisplayLED Indicators
Mobile AppNo
Haptic TechYes
510 ThreadYes
Adjustable AirflowYes
Temp Settings4 Levels
Heat Up Time5-10s
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Capacity760mAh
Charge Time1-2 Hours
Charger TypeUSB-C

Review Summary:

I’ve been using the DaVinci ARTIQ for a while now, and it’s truly an impressive piece of tech. The DaVinci ARTIQ provides an exceptional vaping experience with its impressive features. It is highly versatile as it can work with most 510 cartridges. One of its distinct features is its ultra-cooling technology that reduces vapor heat by 90%.

This device also has a fully concealed cartridge chamber that helps preserve the oils and provides discreet usage. The four variable heat modes, unique haptic feedback, and robust 760 mAh battery that lasts for about 500 draws make this device a great choice for vaping enthusiasts.

I first noticed how comfortably it sits in hand with its DaVinci IQ-inspired design, giving it a discreet and stylish appeal. The elongated airpath does an excellent job reducing vapor heat, delivering a noticeably cooler experience. With three heat modes, you can easily personalize your vaping experience, and the preheat feature is incredibly useful for unclogging cartridges.

I love the haptic draw feedback – it gives the perfect indication for dosage. With USB Type-C charging, the 760mAh battery juices up in an hour and delivers around 500 draws. Another plus is the compatibility with standard 510 cartridges, making it versatile. I’ve found the one-year warranty reassuring too. The included extras like cleaning tools and gaskets are a bonus. All in all, the ARTIQ is a well-designed, user-friendly vaporizer worth investing in.

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What’s In the Box

davinci artiq package

After getting my package from DaVinci Tech and opening it, I found the following things inside the box:

  1. The DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer
  2. USB-C cable for fast charging
  3. Cleaning tools to keep the chamber and the body clean.
  4. 2 x Extra magnetic collars 
  5. 1 x Extra gasket seal to keep it leakage proof
  6. 2 x Stickers
  7. A user manual to guide you

The accessories included inside the box are sufficient for convenient usage. However, I prefer a carrying bag from the manufacturer. It would have been better if the company had provided a couple of oil cartridges in the package.

DaVinci ARTIQ Compatibility

davinci artiq feature review

The DaVinci ARTIQ is not compatible with dry herbs and flowers. It is specifically made for oil cartridges having the standard 510 thread.

This is the first time that DaVinci Tech has introduced a 510 oil-compatible vaporizer. However, the tweaked compatibility did not impact the quality and durability offered by the manufacturer.

The price 

The DaVinci ARTIQ is available for 59 dollars. It is more affordable than DaVinci products like DaVinci IQ2, DaVinci IQC, and DaVinci IQ2 Carbon. However, the DaVinci ARTIQ’s functions are also restricted compared to its contemporaries (this comparison is explained later in the article). 

You will find many 510 oil cartridge batteries on the internet for a lower price. While each 510 oil-compatible vaporizer has benefits, I suggest going for the DaVinci ARTIQ as it contains an advanced cooling system and durability to justify the 59-dollar investment.

I consider it a better option as it comes from a reputable brand and is still more affordable than other high-end 510 batteries available online.

The body and physical features

DaVinci ARTIQ is a simplified version of other products developed by the company. However, the manufacturer has maintained the compactness to carry it inside your pocket.

I always liked the brushed aluminum finish in all DaVinci Tech products. Aluminum is durable enough to prevent the cartridge from leaking.

The DaVinci ARTIQ is 95 mm long, 39 mm wide, and 19 mm thick. I did not feel like holding a heavy-hitting device because it weighed 68 grams.

Despite the slim size, this vaporizer can accommodate standard cartridges. However, it does not support oversized ones with a diameter of over 11.5 mm and a height of over 63 mm.


I liked that the manufacturer retained the haptic feedback to inform us regarding the heating process. The absence of the LED grid will be disappointing for those who like the aesthetics.

However, the small indicator at the bottom and the haptic feedback are ideal for this device. The best thing about the DaVinci ARTIQ is its elongated vapor path which I have discussed in the next heading. 

The stainless steel cooling path

The DaVinci ARTIQ has solved the inherent problem that most 510 batteries have. As an oil cartridge smoker, I disliked the flaming hot vapors that always irritated my throat. The manufacturer has elongated the airpath, unlike other batteries where the heating chamber is near the mouthpiece.

The company claims that the DaVinci ARTIQ reduces the vapor temperature by 90 percent. The company has delivered as I received a batch of well-cooked but cool vapors at the highest temperature setting.

The 316 stainless steel airpath is quite effective in dissipating heat. If it were any other vaporizer, I would have experienced an irritation in my throat. 

The chamber capacity

There is no exact chamber capacity when we talk about the DaVinci ARTIQ. It is made for smoking cartridges, and its interior capacity allows you to fit 0.25 grams, 0.5 grams, and 1 grams cartridges.

I found it unique because the chamber is fully concealed. You cannot see what is happening inside the cartridge, unlike other 510 batteries, where the cartridge sits on top and is exposed. 

The heating system and intensities

Like any other 510 oil-compatible vaporizers, the DaVinci ARTIQ is integrated with a conduction heating system. Conduction heating systems contain a direct source that reduces the heating time astoundingly.

In this vaporizer, you get three heat modes to play with. These intensities are translated into volts instead of Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

I found the DaVinci ARTIQ very simple to operate as it has three heat modes. You can choose between 2.8, 3.2, and 3.6 volts. The increments are identical, and I consider the vapor more precisely heated than other available batteries. 


The heating time and activation

I was impressed by the DaVinci ARTIQ when it preheated the vapors in just ten seconds. Such a short heating time is hard to find in DaVinci devices. Even the most premium models, like IQ2 Carbon, took 30 to 40 seconds to prepare vapors.

The heat activation in the DaVinci ARTIQ is draw-activated. It was new for me to produce vapors in a DaVinci device without using buttons or the mobile app. 

The battery strength and charging 

The DaVinci ARTIQ easily outperforms other 510 oil-compatible vaporizers. It was hard to believe that the DaVinci ARTIQ’s battery is 760 mAh. However, I could generate around 400 draws in one complete charging cycle.

This draw count confirmed the battery capacity, as DaVinci Tech expects the draw count to range between 350 and 500 (depending on the temperature settings).

The DaVinci ARTIQ is a rechargeable 510 oil-compatible vaporizer. It is integrated with type-C charging technology. My DaVinci ARTIQ took around 1.5 hours to charge, which is better than other preceding DaVinci devices.

The charging mechanism is passthrough, so you can use it while charging. I liked the passthrough charging, which is uncommon in the DaVinci product line.

Warranty period

One thing that disappointed me the most was the warranty period. DaVinci Tech is known for the unprecedented durability of its products. This was evident from the five and even ten-year-long warranties that it offered on various vaporizers.

However, the DaVinci ARTIQ has a one-year warranty which is a surprise. Did they compromise on quality? Well, it is too early to say anything. 

Feeling the difference

The DaVinci ARTIQ contains a peculiar group of features compared to other DaVinci devices. These features are where I felt the difference while using the DaVinci ARTIQ:

  1. It was hard for me to rely on haptic feedback and the LED indicator instead of the mobile app and LED grid.
  2. I liked the draw-activated heating system because it was more straightforward than pressing buttons.
  3. The vapor temperature is pleasant. Each batch was cooked well and then cooled down to room temperature. 
  4. I loved the draw count and battery performance. The charging was faster than other models, and the passthrough was more convenient.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the DaVinci ARTIQ better than DaVinci IQ2? 

The DaVinci ARTIQ and DaVinci IQ2 are two different devices serving different needs. The DaVinci IQ2 is a genuine vaporizer that gives you complete control over the temperature adjustments and brings several other advanced features like the air adjustment dial.


The DaVinci ARTIQ is a 510 oil-compatible vaporizer meant for simple usage. It has just three intensities with no airflow adjustment dial. 

The DaVinci ARTIQ is more affordable and contains an efficient cooling mechanism to prevent your throat from burning. It has a faster charging time and impressive battery output. The DaVinci ARTIQ might seem cheap, but my perspective is different. 

What is the price of the DaVinci ARTIQ? 

I purchased the DaVinci ARTIQ for 59 dollars. It is available in the official store for 59 dollars, so the price will remain the same in other stores.

I do not expect the price to reduce soon because the DaVinci ARTIQ will be in demand. However, the company will offer discounts and coupons after a few months. 

What is the Release date of the DaVinci ARTIQ?

The DaVinci ARTIQ was launched on the 14th of June, 2023. It is currently available in the official store. The DaVinci ARTIQ is the first product since the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer, which was launched on the 10th anniversary of the company. 

How effective is the DaVinci ARTIQ cooling system?

The DaVinci ARTIQ contains an elongated stainless steel airpath with 90 percent cooling. Ninety percent cooling seems vague, so the company has offered a detailed graph showing the results.

Where ordinary 510 batteries produce vapors at 170 Fahrenheit, the same vapors will feel 82 Fahrenheit from the DaVinci ARTIQ.  

What cartridges are compatible with the DaVinci ARTIQ?

The DaVinci ARTIQ would work with any standard 510 cartridges available online. You should make sure that the cartridge is not oversized.

The diameter should not exceed 11.5 millimeters, and the height should be less than 63 millimeters. The DaVinci ARTIQ is compatible with cartridges that support airflow from the bottom.


DaVinci ARTIQ may not catch your eye right away, but let me tell you, it’s worth giving a try. At first, I was skeptical too, but the company’s claims about the cooling system piqued my interest.

After using the DaVinci ARTIQ, I can confidently say it’s an excellent solution for those experiencing throat irritation. Although it’s not the most premium product on the market, it has all the necessary features for smoking oil cartridges.

If you suffer from respiratory issues and need a healthy 510 oil-compatible vaporizer, the DaVinci ARTIQ is the way to go. It provides a cool and soothing batch of vapors that won’t cause throat inflammation.

Your trachea and bronchioles will thank you! Moreover, the DaVinci ARTIQ is reasonably priced, making it an excellent value compared to 510 batteries.

At just $59, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a quality vaporizer. Don’t hesitate – give it a try and see for yourself!

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