AirVape ENSO Review: Rumours, Release Date

AirVape has made quite a teaser on their website about their upcoming desktop vaporizer the Airvape ENSO. It is exciting for desktop vaporizer users to see such a sleek and creative design as a small snippet of what the product will look like has been shared on the website.

It doesn’t tell us much other than that the manufacturer is sticking to its minimal design and will provide its consumers with a fabulous device.

With the number of vaporizers available in the market, it is worth noting what the manufacturers will bring to their consumers.

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AirVape ENSO Review

AirVape Design:

AirVape has made its mark in the market based on the sleek and high-quality, creative designs offered by the manufacturer.

Now what needs to be seen is that a company that is moving away from the flagship models and moving towards a new product and target market, will it be able to deliver.

AirVape has used intricate environmentally friendly leather and gold plated logo design on the vapes. That has left the market asking for more. Their unique designs and slender looks make the consumers wonder what the desktop vaporizer would be like.


The other products in the market are highly appreciated and loved by the consumers. The latest models of desktop vaporizers come with a whip and a convection bag. The heating and temperature are very precise on all the devices and allow the user to determine the temperature manually using either remote control or even a touch screen on the vaporizer.

Most vaporizers come with a 360-degree rotatable whip and convection settings that improve the inhaling experience. But one doesn’t have to use the convection fan, as the whip does a pretty good job of dispensing the smoke through it at a precise rate.

Most of the competitor’s vaporizers are bulky and take up a lot of space, also not to forget a long time to heat. So keeping in mind the slender picture displayed on the website we are eager to know what the details would be like.

Some desktop vaporizers take a while to get up to your desired temperature. Some might take up to 5 to 8 minutes to heat up. This one aspect can be very disturbing for some consumers.

Hence a product that reduces the time consumed on heating is what the market needs right now.

AirVape ENSO design:

We can see from the design shared by the manufacturer on the website that the Airvape desktop vaporizer comes with easy controls as the buttons can be seen in the picture. 3 buttons mean one for power on/off and the other can be for managing the temperature.

This will allow the consumer to manage the temperature as they would like it to be. The LCD on the front of the device seems to be a digital screen that will display the temperature for ease of use for the consumer.


What to look forward to:

Some staples have been established in the market by the competitors and need to be met by any new vaporizer to compete in this market.

  • Convection
  • Convection fan
  • Whip
  • Convection bag
  • Consistent vaporization
  • LED screen for temperature readings
  • Easy to use buttons or touchscreen
  • Clean glass look
  • Sleek design
  • Charging time
  • Heating time

These things may seem a lot but considering the asking price for most of the convection desktop vaporizers, these are a must-have.


Affordability also plays a key role in making this vaporizer more accessible. Now it’s up to the AirVape team to deliver on all these aspects and make an unmatchable product that can beat the competition and drag consumers to AirVape vaporizers.

Airvape ENSO release date

Airvape ENSO is expected to be released in 2024.


Hence, to make a mark in the vaporizer market, the new model the Air Vape must have all the features and more to offer at an affordable price.

Consumers have become used to bulky products hence when a sleek device comes into the market it will have a lot of impacts and drive considerable traffic to the new model.

All eyes are on AirVape right now as the manufacturer has not shared a release date on this device so let’s keep our eyes peeled for this one. And we intend to keep you informed about all the upcoming updates about the Air Vape Vaporizer.

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