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The Davinci IQC is the new dry herb vaporizer that came into the market with C-type charging. It seems more and more dry herb vaporizers or vaporizers, in general, have started moving to C-type charging.

Davinci did not want to be left behind in this and took the plunge by launching the Davinci IQC. Davinci has many models similar to this one, such as the Davinci IQ2 and Davinci IQ.

However, this portable, compact device packs even more technological enhancements than you could imagine. So let’s look and see what’s new in this device that sets it apart from the others.

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20% DaVinci IQC Discount: How to use it

Technological enhancements and the growth of this industry have made brands like Davinci constantly find things that can improve their products. The new Davinci IQC has all the same components as its other predecessors.

However, the Davinci IQC comes in a smaller chassis, yet it has all the same features as most other devices. One thing you will not find on the Davinci IQC is a LED display; however, it does use the LED grid lighting style, which can still keep you well informed.

Reverse charging is an excellent feature as it allows you to charge your other USB-based devices without trouble. So you have a power bank and a vaporizer if you want to take it out for excursions. Battery charging issues have been taken care of as well. Also Read DaVinci IQC Review.

Since the battery is removable, you can buy a spare one and keep it on hand, ready to use. Everything else works the same, and you have three buttons, one for power and the other for up and down buttons for temperature. Furthermore, we will detail all the other specific features below.

20% DaVinci IQC Discount: Temperature settings

The temperature range on this device can go as high as 430 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a lot for a device as small as this one. The LED grid displays the current temperature of the device and does not show the target temperature.

However, that is not much of a problem as the device uses haptic feedback to inform you when it’s ready to use. Along with that, you can always use the smart path to make your session go easily. Also read DaVinci Vaporizer Coupon Code.

For those who don’t know what a smart path is, it’s a set of preset temperatures that allow the device to heat up accordingly throughout your entire session. This can also be further customized via the mobile application. The mobile application will enable you to set the temperature on all four presets to make your session more tailor-made.

20% DaVinci IQC Coupon: Vapor Quality

The pathway that leads the vapor to your mouth is made with zirconia in the Davinci IQC. Zirconia is an excellent material that allows the vapor to cool down and sustain the flavor from the herbs. Another feature of the new Davinci IQC is the silicone lid used on the heating chamber.

In some devices, the heating chamber can get hot and transfer that heat to the mouthpiece, which inevitably can burn your mouth or lips. However, not with the Davinci IQC, since it’s laced with the silicone lid, it protects and secures the heat inside the heating chamber and ensures that no other parts of the device get hot.

20% DaVinci IQC Discount: Built quality

Davinci is a manufacturer that uses premium-grade materials on all of its devices. So when it comes to Davinci IQC, nothing less can be expected. The main outer shell and design have not really changed, which is excellent as we all love this device’s class and style.

Furthermore the smaller in size with all the same goodness as the others. It also has some excellent minor adjustments that were missing in previous ones, such as the magnetic latches on the mouthpiece.

The magnetic latch helps secure the mouthpiece in place more durably, and this feature was absent in the previous models. Also, the opening parts of the device now have better, more secure hinges.

These allow for easy opening and secure closing of all the latches, preventing them from getting loose over time. The one thing missing in the Davinci IQC is the adjustable airflow that most people will not even miss, yet it was an excellent feature.

20% DaVinci IQC Promo Code: Battery

The battery of the Davinci IQC is a replaceable 3000mAh 18650. It is one of the most premium kinds of battery and offers up to 8 to 10 sessions on a fully charged battery. Since it comes with the C-type charging port and cable, it charges in 2 hours.

Nowadays, however, people have grown more used to charging in less than 2 hours; still, 2 hours is not that long. The battery is also replaceable, so if you have a spare, you can continue enjoying your session without a break.

20% DaVinci IQC Discount: Portability

Small design that can slip into your pocket and is sturdy enough not to break. What else can one ask for? The device is perfect for outdoor excursions, has a sturdy design, and the materials used on the device ensure that it will not be broken or become rusty with more usage.

20% DaVinci IQC Coupon: Conclusion

The Davinci IQC is much better than most other devices in the market. People always welcome the smart path, reverse charging, and many accessories and tools it comes with.

The device is perfect for outdoor excursions and charges in 2 hours. There isn’t much more you can ask for from a portable dry herb vaporizer, especially if the battery is also replaceable.

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