Venty Vs Mighty Plus – Is Venty Better Than Mighty Plus?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the advanced features of vaporizers? Most vaping devices available on the market are studded with features, but they lack traditional efficiency. Storz and Bickel’s products differ from the other vaping brands because they stick to old-school brilliance. 

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is an advanced version of the old Mighty Vaporizer. It landed with an improved heating system and more efficient battery performance. However, the Venty Vaporizer has more or less the same set of features. You are confused, right? I am here to help you understand the discrete features that each device brings. 

I have also prepared a detailed comparison between Venty and Crafty Plus. Another informative comparison between Venty and Tinymight 2 Vaporizers is a mandatory read. However, we should stick to this comparison for now. 

Product Name VentyMighty Plus
ProsUninterrupted airflow, brilliant flavor, durable build, Bluetooth app controlDurable build, comparatively small, longer battery life, simple physical controls, combustion-free heating, and more affordable.
ConsUnstable, not ideally portable, and battery life is shorter.Unstable, the screen can develop a dot, lacks Bluetooth app connectivity
Bottom LineAn excellent vaporizer for heavy-duty smoking and continuous airflow. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it convenient for all, but the size and price reduce the utility.A better choice for a more portable experience. The heating time makes you wait and the airflow is not as good as Venty Vaporizer.
Rating Categories
Design and portability68
Heating system910
Vapor Quality8.57.5
Power source and recharge88.5

Venty Vs Mighty Plus – Which One You Should Buy?

Overall design and build

venty vs mighty plus vaporizer

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Size and portability

The Venty Vaporizer is difficult to carry due to its awkward height and bulkier body. It is 6.16 inches high, which makes it difficult to carry inside the pocket. However, the width is just 2.17 inches. A shorter width means that the device is easier to hold in hand. It weighs around 252 grams (heavier than most portable vaporizers). 

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is shorter in height but has wider dimensions. The 5.5 inches of height is pocketable. The 3.2-inch width is somewhat difficult to grip for a long time. My fingers usually get tired of holding the Mighty Plus Vaporizer for a long time. 

Durability and design

Both Mighty Plus and Venty Vaporizers are tough. They are made of medically safe and food-grade material, which the FDA approves. The bodies have gripping patterns to ensure anti-fall operations. Due to its tall size, the Venty Vaporizer has a miserable center of gravity. It is not as stable as most devices on the market. 

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer also has an unstable base despite fins at the bottom. I faced a problem loading the chamber while placing the device on a table. However, the Venty Vaporizer has a double-walled casing to ensure it does not burn the smoker.


The Venty Vaporizer has a more secure body due to the double-walled design. However, it is a 6 out of 10 for its traditional design and large size. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is comparative (not ideally) portable. It has a smaller size and a more eye-catching design, so I rate it 8 out of 10.

Heating system

The heating system of all the Storz and Bickel devices is exemplary. The traditional devices in the product line had slow heating time, which is addressed in the products I compared in this article. The following features will help identify the one with a more efficient heating system:

Heating element 

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has a ceramic heating element that preserves the flavor by preventing combustion. It operates on conduction and convection technology. The Venty Vaporizer goes one step ahead with its highly efficient mini-heater. It can heat the herbs at 140 watts using a combination of conduction and convection technology. 

Heating time 

The Venty Vaporizer is three times faster than the Mighty Plus Vaporizer. A semi-grounded batch of dry herbs takes around 20 seconds to cook. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer lags behind with its slower heating element that prepares the same material in 60 seconds. 

Temperature settings

The Venty and Mighty Plus Vaporizers have precise temperature settings available for experienced smokers. The temperature intensities start from 40 degrees Celsius and end at 210 degrees. Moreover, both devices contain Boost and Superboost modes for people demanding strong vapors. 


The Mighty Plus Vaporizer scores a solid 8 out of 10 for its combustion-free heating and precise temperature intensities. The Venty Vaporizer secures 9 out of 10 because it has the fastest heating time for any Storz and Bickel device. It maintains the perfect balance between efficiency and quality.

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Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is usually the main concern for people buying a new dry herb vaporizer. The Venty and Mighty Plus have the most reliable heating systems to preserve vapor quality. The Venty Vaporizer has an exceptional airflow mechanism, which I have mentioned below.


The Mighty Vaporizer had some draw resistance issues that the Mighty Plus Vaporizer overcame impressively. I recommend ensuring a clean chamber and oven screen for uninterrupted vapor flow. On the other hand, the Venty Vaporizer is a premium choice to control the flow. It enables the airflow to increase by up to 20 liters per minute. This power is unmatchable for any other portable vaporizer available online. 

Vapor consistency

As I mentioned above, the Venty Vaporizer has a more consistent and faster airflow than the Mighty Plus Vaporizer. The continuous vapor flow is critical in maintaining the vapor quality throughout the sessions. Venty has a cooling unit on the top to cool the vapors before reaching your throat. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer lags behind the Venty Vaporizer in vapor flow and temperature consistency. However, it has a ceramic heating chamber that preserves the flavor more. 


Venty Vaporizer deserves an 8.5 out of 10 because of its superior vapor flow and consistency. The cooling unit reduces the temperature a bit but is not as efficient as other substitutes on the market. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has my heart but cannot compete with the Venty Vaporizer’s quality. It is a 7.5 out of 10 for the Mighty Plus Vaporizer because it clogs easily and requires frequent cleaning.

Power source and recharge

Storz and Bickel’s products have always been bulkier and bigger than other brands. The company compromises portability to accommodate stronger batteries. The same is true for the Venty and Mighty Plus Vaporizers. 


The Mighty Plus Vaporizer might look smaller than its counterpart, but has a longer battery life. It lasts around 60 to 90 minutes per complete charge. The dual battery cells installed inside the Mighty Plus Vaporizer are irreplaceable. 

The Venty Vaporizer also houses a set of non-replaceable batteries. They offer an output of up to 130 watts. It looks bulky and heavy-duty, but its battery life is shorter than that of the Mighty Plus Vaporizer.  


Both the Venty and Mighty Plus Vaporizers have advanced recharge technology. The batteries support a supercharge function where 80% power fills in 40 minutes. This fast battery refill is possible due to the USB-C charging port. 


The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is an unexpected winner when power source and recharge are considered. Its battery lasts longer and supports the supercharging. I rate it 8.5 out of 10. However, the Venty Vaporizer is not far apart. It has the same supercharging technology, but the battery depletes quicker than the former vape. It earns an 8 out of 10.


The controllability sets Venty and Mighty Plus Vaporizers apart. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has simple physical controls with a couple of temperature adjustment buttons and an LCD screen. It lacks Bluetooth connectivity, so that can be problematic for people demanding more control.

The Venty Vaporizer has Bluetooth connectivity similar to the Crafty Plus. The app lets you set the temperature, access eco mode, check battery life, activate boost modes, and turn the vibration on. Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity does not influence the battery that much.


Both the Venty and Mighty Plus Vaporizers have simple physical controls. I rate the Mighty Plus Vaporizer 7 out of 10 for its convenient buttons and LCD screen. However, the Venty Vaporizer has Bluetooth connectivity, making me award it a solid 9 out of 10.

Final Verdict

The Venty Vaporizer is definitely a better choice for people who demand more fluent vapors and convenient controls. Bluetooth app connectivity ensures you rely less on the physical buttons. Like most other Storz and Bickel products, Venty Vaporizer is expensive. 

However, the Mighty Plus Vaporizer is more affordable and portable than its counterpart. It lacks the airflow adjustments and Bluetooth connectivity. I often have my Mighty Plus Vaporizer in my pocket. The Venty Vaporizer is more of a party vape I recommend using at home. 

Despite the differences, both devices provide excellent value for dry herb smokers. They might look like vintage German weapons but offer brilliant value for all sorts of smokers. Simple controls for novice vapers and precise temperatures for experienced users add more relevance to normal day usage.

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