How Big Should Buds Be at 5 Weeks

To grow vape plants at home, you must understand the growing stages. Vape plants also known as cannabis undergo different growing stages before maturity.

The five stages before maturity are germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering, and harvest. Every stage of growth is important for the overall plant’s health.

In the early stages of growth, the buds start to grow and develop. During the flowering stage, the plant shifts its focus from vegetative growth to bud production.

In the fifth week of the flowering stage, the small buds are formed at the nodes of the plants. In this article, we explain how big buds should be at 5 weeks during these stages.

How Big Should Buds Be at 5 Weeks

Germination Stage

The first stage of growing healthy plants is germination, here in this stage, you sow the seeds in the soil. You need to make sure to give the seeds the right conditions such as water and air. The seeds will absorb water and swell up into the soil. After swelling, the seeds will open and form into a tiny root called a taproot. The taproot will grow down into the soil. At the same time, a small shoot will pop out of the seed. This shoot will become the stem and leaves of the plant.

Seedling Stage

In the second week, the seeding stage of plants has started. In this stage, the plant focuses its roots deeper and expands its leaves. Seedlings need three main things to grow such as light, water, and nutrients. The light and water will make the plant make food and the nutrients will help it to grow strongly. In this stage, plants can not handle strong sunlight so you can use LED Lights or fluorescent.

Place the lights above 6-12 inches, this placement will give proper light to plants without burning their leaves. You also need to make the soil moist, you can use a spray bottle for watering the seedlings. The spray bottle will also give the right amount of water.

Vegetative Stage

The third growing stage of the vape plant is the vegetative phase. In this stage, the plant focuses on growing leaves and stems. Due to more leaves, the plants soak more sunlight to start the process of photosynthesis. This process will help the plant to make more energy. This energy is useful for the development of the plant.

Water the plants to keep the soil moist and hydrated. Watering is necessary in transporting nutrients from the soil to its leaves. During this stage, the vape plants need more nitrogen to produce green leaves. With a good amount of water, light, and nutrients, your plant will start to enter into the flowering phase.

Flowering Stage

In the flowering stage, the plant shifts its focus to making buds. The buds will start forming at the nodes of the plant. Tiny hairs called pistils will appear on the buds, these hairs are the plant’s reproductive organs. These organs will turn into sticky flowers. During this stage, the plants need more phosphorus and less nitrogen to support bud development. By providing plenty of water and nutrients, the plant will start producing buds perfect for harvesting.

Harvesting Stage

In the fifth week, the size of the buds is small like the size of a pea. They are small because they need more than 5 weeks to reach their full size. The buds should be plump and full of aroma during harvesting. Harvesting involves carefully cutting the buds from the plants and protecting them to enhance their quality.

During harvesting, You need to make sure to harvest the buds when the tiny resin glands on the buds have turned cloudy or amber-colored. Handle the buds gently to avoid damaging them. You can also store them in sealed jars to improve flavor and smoothness.


The process of the development of buds involves various stages like germination and seedling. During these stages, plants need a good amount of water, nutrients, and sunlight to grow properly.

In the first stage, you sow the seed into the soil, and the seed will open up. Once the seed is open, a shoot will pop out of the seed to become the stem and leaves of the plant.

The leaves will gradually develop and enter into the flowering stage. In the flowering stage, the plants will start producing buds. In the fifth week, the size of the buds is like the size of a pea. Be patient while harvesting, don’t cut the buds till their tiny resin glands turn cloudy.

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