Best Vape Detectors For School

Traditional smoking has been a real problem for organizations and educational institutes. No doubt, the older smoking techniques were common, but they were easier to catch as you would see smoke flowing in the air and ash scattered on the floor.

On the other hand, vapes are harder to detect as the smoke is concealed and the heating system is combustion-free. This problem is now solved as companies have developed vape detectors. These detectors effectively and efficiently report any inconsistency in their sensors’ air.

The sensors are specialized in detecting a defined group of physical quantities such as the air quality index, particulate matter, humidity, motion, and temperature. The particulate matter detection and air quality index assessment play a pivotal role in detecting the hindrance caused by the vaporizers.

Many companies on the internet sell vaping devices. These devices are no doubt similar when the overall functioning is concerned. However, a few minute differences might seem insignificant but will play an essential role in assisting you. In this article, we have listed the most popular vape detection systems available on the market.

Each product is described along with all the relevant criteria you should check before purchasing such devices. Read through the article to know more about the vape detectors available for you to purchase.

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Best Vape Detectors For School

Zeptive School Vape Detector

zeptive school vape detector

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Zeptive vape detector is a fool-proof electronic detection system that will ensure a hygienic and toxin-free environment inside your home or school. It is a sensor-based technology that comes ready to set up. There is no risk of false alarms; we will tell you why.

The Zeptive vape detector is available in three different coverage programs. The smallest system covers a complete room, the medium system can detect several rooms, and the largest Zeptive vape detection system is competent enough to track vaping activities in every part of a school.

The Zeptive vape detector has two power modes. A battery mode where the system supports a WiFi connection. Apart from this, you can power it through an Ethernet cable when it is linked to the Ethernet system. A user can also install a hybrid system if he wants.

The installation process is straightforward as it does not require excessive cable connections. You need to attach the sensors to the wall and mount them with the complementary hardware provided by the company. The sensitivity is impressive.

The Zeptive vape detector catches vaping activity inside the premises and transmits an alert as an audible signal, an email, or a text message. You can remotely control it through a mobile app available on Android and Apple devices. The company also provides expert support to ensure a smooth and worry-free experience.

Halo Detect Vape Detector for School

halo detect vape detector for school

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The Halo Detect Vape Detector is an accurate detection device with a reliable alert-generating mechanism. It traces the air quality index inside the room and has a health sensor inside it. It also generates automated reports that communicate the activities inside the school.

You can trace the carbon dioxide level and activities on the premises, such as fighting, smoke, humidity, and THC levels. There are 12 sensors built inside the Halo Detect Vape Detector, and it is the first detection device that can trace and report THC oils.

An efficient airflow system inside the Halo Detect Vape Detector tracks the presence of unwanted chemicals. A false alarm prevention system is installed where the alert does not go off when pesticides and perfumes are sprayed. The Halo Detect Vape Detector has a cloud support system where the reports are generated, stored, and accessed from a remote location.

The alert mechanism is effective as you get real-time alerts using the Halo Detect Vape Detector. You can also change the subscribers and opt for your preferred alert mode. You can also set a confidence level to decide the frequency of alerts received daily. The monitoring system supports third-party software for cleaner and smoother access.

Verkada SV11 School Vape Detector

verkada sv11 school vape detector

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The Verkada SV11 Vape Detector has all the necessary functions that you need to make sure that the students at schools and the employees at offices do not vape while working. It is a reliable multi-purpose detection system with five sensors inside the stainless steel outer.

The manufacturer has made it simple so you can mount it directly on the wall. It does not require an extensive installation routine. The sensors can track and provide helpful feedback regarding many physical conditions.

The Verkada SV11 Vape Detector has a particulate matter 2.5 sensings that can detect over 25000 microns per inch. You name it: temperature sensing, air quality index reading, humidity stats, noise levels, motion tracking, and Verkada SV11 Vape Detector has it.

It is linked to cloud access, where web-based commands can be issued while monitoring it. The remote access is secure, and firmware updates are available now and then. This means that your vape detection system is difficult to hack by troublemakers at schools.

Monitoring and detecting all sorts of inconsistencies in the environment is more convenient as you can set your alerts. The Verkada SV11 Vape Detector System also provides alerts beyond the threshold of your premises. The interface is interactive, where you will find colorful stats and curves that depict trends and recent changes in environmental conditions.

Data comparison is another value-adding feature that will help you understand the differences between two different sensors. Moreover, it comes with a ten-year warranty contract to keep you on the safer side.

Triton Sensor Vape Detector

triton sensor vape detector

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The Triton Sensor Vape Detector is a fairly affordable detention device with all you need to track vaping activities across a premise or a room. The sensors can provide a detailed insight into the vapors, smoke, and air quality index. You will need an Ethernet connection to install the system. It is simple, and you need to mount it on the wall.

The unit comes pre-assembled and can provide a 3D sensing session. It takes a while to set up, and the instructions are pretty simple to read and replicate. There is no WiFi connection required, so forget about the internet disconnections. Other than this, no batteries are fitted inside the Triton Sensor Vape Detector, so you do not have to charge it now and then.

The Triton Sensor Vape Detector provides the user with real-time feedback on how good the air quality is. It has a low false alarm rate as it has a preset impurity level to let you know when air quality has deteriorated a lot. The alerts are spontaneous so that you can trust the efficiency with all your money.

A multiple-alert mechanism is available to transmit a message to more than one person. Furthermore, the Triton Sensor Vape Detector comes with camera support to catch the boys fighting or doing unnecessary stuff.

Things to consider before purchasing a Vape detector For School


Companies usually offer different coverage plans. The most appropriate and viable plan for you depends on the area. Small detection coverage is feasible for a room only. Medium plans are typically made for a bunch of rooms.

However, large coverage plans are wide enough to monitor an entire school or factory premises. WiFi and ethernet connectivity are vital in ascertaining a coverage plan’s effectiveness.


Installation is an important feature to consider before purchasing a vape detection system. Several models on the market have simple installation systems. Companies tend to avoid the use of excessive cable connections.

These models are ready to mount on the wall with just a few pieces of hardware. It is better to purchase a detection system with a simple installation procedure so you do not have to spend more on hiring a technician.

Detectable attributes

The vape detection system detects even the smallest variance in the environmental condition. There are many attributes that a vape detection system typically reports. There are certain physical aspects that the detection system must have to provide you with helpful insight. These include particulate matter, temperature, air quality index, humidity, and motion sensing. Also, read Vaping Statistics.


Accuracy is what you should look for in any monitoring device. The more accurate the stats, the better the response will be. To better understand how accurate a detection system is, you should check the reviews on the internet.

Many detection systems have stats, visual graphs, variance analysis, and comparative figures to make your life easier. Summaries are also generated to ensure that your response is effective and efficient.

Cloud support and remote access

An essential part of monitoring in this era is ensuring you can access the detected information via a web page or cloud storage. You can easily find vape detectors that provide real-time stats with remote access.

Companies also offer backup features to keep you on the safe side. You can also access these detectors via a mobile app. These features are extremely important, so you should check them before investing.


A feature that most buyers take for granted is the interface. You should opt for a product that has an interactive user interface. All the stats and extracts from the sensors are ineffective if you cannot use the vape detector or toggle between the options.

Alert mechanism

The alert mechanism must be effective and promo. Make sure that your detection system is not vulnerable to false alarms. Again, companies will never mention the actual performance of their alarm mechanism. You should check the reviews to understand better the detection system offers.

Other than this, it is crucial to check the promptness of alerts. Modes through which the system transmits alerts are also worth knowing. Most vape detection systems support audible, text, and email alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vape detectors?

Vape detectors are hardware integrated with a group of sensors that are used to trace and track the fluctuations in the physical condition of the air inside the room.

These detection devices are often used at schools, offices, and factories to ensure that the employees, staff, and students do not smoke during working hours.

These detectors are considerably accurate because sensors pick up readings from the environment and communicate them to the database to generate reports.

Who should buy the vape detector?

The vape detectors are environment-detecting devices that trace all sorts of inconsistencies in the physical attributes of the air surrounding them. These devices can be used in a single room, numerous rooms, and even the whole premises.

These devices are tailor-made for schools and factory buildings. Moreover, you can also purchase small or medium-sized coverage plans to purify the air at your home.

Are vape detectors worth purchasing?

Vape detectors are often doubted for their efficiency and usefulness. People consider it less accurate. However, this is not the case because most vape detectors are integrated with high-quality sensors. These sensors pick readings from the environment and transmit them to the database, where summaries, trends, and charts are generated.

An alert message is transmitted if the processed data exceeds a predefined threshold. All in all, vape detectors are better than other server-based systems that provide the same features at a higher cost.

How to install a vape detector?

Almost every vape detector is easy to install. You do not need to hire a technician, so do not bother wasting your money. Most of such products are ready-to-use with prefixed components and ready-to-mount functionality. The vape detectors are usually installed using Ethernet or a WiFi connection. The choice is all yours, but the installation process is almost the same.

Are vape detectors easy to use?

The vape detection system is straightforward and convenient to use. There is no need for a technician to install it. Moreover, there is no excessive use of cable or angle adjustments. A monitoring system is linked to the sensors installed inside the detection devices.

The interface of a genuine vape detection device is usually very interactive and easy to use. You can extract trends, comparisons, and real-time data from the sensor anytime. The vape detectors are more convenient than other server-based monitoring systems that require technical expertise to generate reports.

How do vape detectors work?

The functioning of vape detectors is simple. Sensors are integrated inside the main body to record the readings. These readings are then transferred to the database, from where it is processed into stats and charts. These figures are then displayed via app and web pages. If the data is adverse, the subscribed person is issued an alert.


All the products we discussed on our list are value-adding and reliable when providing users with accurate information and stats. However, there are several things that you need to consider before committing yourself to the purchase.

We have discussed all the features that are relevant to the detection process. There are numerous other products available on the market that you can purchase. This is just a matter of your choice. This article also includes a “things to consider” section to help you buy a value-adding vape detection device.

Purchasing a vape detection device is a one-time investment. Invest your money in a quality device that detects fluctuations effectively and efficiently. The safety of the students and your school or workers employed in your factory premises is more important than saving a few bucks.

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