Firefly 2+ Review – Is Firefly 2 Plus Worth it? Firefly 2 Plus Reviews

Firefly 2+ Review. Firefly 2 Plus has been introduced in the market for quite some time now. Some people are developing loyalty towards Firefly and leaving the brands they used previously.

Smokers still inquire about the reason why this has happened. Which specific features are making them loyal?

This article answers this question in detail. For starters, let us tell you this device is well-equipped to serve inexperienced smokers who do not know how to operate a vaporizer.

Presets are available to ensure the herbs are cooked at optimal temperatures. Furthermore, the taste is second to none.

The body is sleek and stylish for those who prefer buying an eye-catching product to take to parties and gatherings.

All-in-all, this product is youngster-focused. We will discuss all the features of Firefly 2+ The article will also enumerate the demerits you should keep an eye on while purchasing.

Firefly 2+ Review – Firefly 2 Plus Reviews

firefly 2 plus vaporizer review

Firefly 2+ brings the unique combination of features that you might not find in any other device. The Firefly 2+ is an all-in-one vaporizer. It provides all the necessary features when vaping with your friends.

Firefly’s durability is second to none, while other things add value to the same old durability. The preset options and the fast heat-up time are great for inexperienced smokers. The conventional method of heating seals the deal. The cost is around $250, which is worth every penny spent.

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Outer material

The outer body is extremely stylish and sleek for party freaks. The vaporizer is made of aluminum metal which is both shiny and durable.

The body can sustain heavier weight while traveling, so this device is portable in this respect. Furthermore, the shine and sleekness make it the favorite party vaporizer among youngsters.

Heat time

The most efficient get-go vaporizer that you will find in the market. The Firefly 2+ is popular among users because it heats the herbs in just a matter of seconds.

To be precise, this device prepares the system for the first draw in about 3-5 seconds, which is remarkable for a portable vaporizer. Even the most critical reviewers have termed this vaporizer the best smoking option when you are in a hurry.

Temperature range

Firefly 2+ is right up there with other market-competitive vaporizers like the mighty vaporizer when we study their temperature range.

The range is a bit different from the Mighty and Crafty Plus as the lowest temperature is 93 (as compared to 40) which goes right up to a whopping 260 degrees Celsius.

This feature allows you to cook the herbs at mild temperatures and higher levels. This wide range is not completely authoritative because you receive limited options to opt from.

These modes are specific to a certain kind of smoking and herb cooking. This feature is handy for newer smokers who prefer preset convenience.

Presets available

The Firefly 2+ vaporizer has 7 different preset options, each serving a unique heating feature. The first option heats the herbs around 140 degrees Celsius, while the second does the same between the range of 150 and 160 degrees Celsius.

Both of these options are used for mild vaping. The next three presets provide heating around 165-175, 180-190, and 200-210 degrees Celsius, respectively. These presets are suitable for average smoking sessions.

The sixth preset ranges between 215 and 225 degrees Celsius. This preset is for intense smoking sessions. The last option is specifically available for concentrates.

Heating method

The heating system is almost flawless. The exact definition of flawless is that the device ensures the best flavor. There is no conduction method to ruin the smell because this heating mode is vulnerable to overcooking.

Convection heating heats the air molecules instead of heating the herbs directly. This stream of hot air is then blown through the herb to carry the aromatic vapors to your mouth.

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Battery life

The battery life is not as efficient as the other models available. The main reason is the availability of wireless controllability and the touch sensor. These convenient features impair the battery life.

Even though the battery does not provide a marathon session, you will receive a life long enough to smoke 5 to 6 bowls with 6 to 7 hits per bowl.


It is easy to control functionality by operating the mobile app. The mobile app lets you turn the device on and off remotely and change the temperature settings. You can easily opt between the presets available at your disposal.


Firefly 2+ comes with a 2-year warranty contract, like any other quality product in the market. This allows for any problems that arise while using the device. Your investment is secure, so invest your money with minimal risk.

What we liked

  • The aluminum body is durable and shiny for traveling and parties.
  • The automatic presets are convenient for inexperienced smokers.
  • Heating time is real-time and prepares the first draw in 3 to 5 seconds.
  • The temperature range is extremely wide for all sorts of smoking.
  • Automatic controls for remote access.
  • A warranty supports the purchase.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The battery life is sacrificed for automatic and wireless controllability.
  • Touch sensors are difficult to get along with.
  • The automatic preset restricts the control over the temperature adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Firefly 2+ the best vaporizer?

Firefly 2+ has the reputation of being the most convenient vaporizer in the market as of now. The portable category rarely includes a product as good as the Firefly 2 Plus because the flavor and smell of the vapors are second to none.

Besides that, the wireless app support is also something lovable about this device. It contains the best features to satisfy all sorts of users, but the only thing that might bother some users is the shorter battery life.

What comes in the Firefly 2+ box?

The box will contain the Firefly 2 Plus alongside a battery charging dock and a USB cable that is long enough. The package will also contain a spare battery and an extracting pad.

You will also receive 3 complimentary alcohol pads in the box to wipe the dirt off the chamber and other internal parts.

How much is Firefly 2+?

The Firefly 2 Plus costs 250 dollars in online stores. The price is pretty much general, and you will find it everywhere on the internet. This price is justifiable and even budget-friendly compared to the other substitutes available.

Is Firefly 2+ worth the money?

The cost is around 250 dollars, which is worth every penny spent. Considering the ease of use, the mobile app support, touch sensors, and presets, this device brings a unique combination of features you might not find in any other device.

The durability is astounding, especially when traveling or buying it for other rough usages. Other than all this, the smell of vapors is aromatic because the heating is done using the convection method.

All these features are cost-justifiable, so do not worry about spending 250 dollars on this warrantied masterpiece.

Is Firefly 2+ safe?

The outer body is made of Aluminum, making it a durable option for rough usage. There is sufficient insulation provided to make the vaporizer safe against excessive heat.

Moreover, the preset options are extremely useful for healthy and consistent vapors that will put minimal stress on your body and lungs.

The charging dock is unique and durable, too, so you need not worry about the electric malfunction. In the end, the product is supported by a warranty agreement.

Does Firefly 2+ smell?

The smell and vapor flavor are high-quality. A pure aromatic taste for those who like to experience no impairment in the smell and quality of vapors produced.

What makes the Firefly 2+ so aromatic? The main reason behind taste impairment in most products is the direct heating system called the conduction method.

This method has no role in the Firefly 2+. The company has manufactured Firefly around convection heating. In this method, the device blows hot air through the herbs to feel.

What temperature should I set Firefly 2+?

The temperature settings offered by the Firefly 2 Plus are automatic. You cannot change the temperature accurately according to your requirement, but the device 7 different levels of temperature range that you can opt from.

The first two ranges are for those smokers who want mild vapors for a longer period. The next three ranges are the best and are used more often than other options.

An average smoker will always prefer these options. Other than these, the last two presets are for intense smoking. The last of the 7 presets is specifically provided by the company for heating concentrates.

Can you use Firefly 2+ while charging?

Using Firefly 2 Plus while connected to the charging dock is a difficult exercise to perform. The device is placed on the dock, making it almost impossible for the user to enjoy vaping sessions during it.

Moreover, even if the charging dock had a slightly different design, using the device while charging is always problematic.

No matter how long it takes to charge, it is always worth the wait. Charging the device takes almost 45 minutes, so you should wait a bit fully.

How many hits do you get from Firefly 2+?

The Firefly 2 Plus is an amazingly prominent vaporizer for producing consistent, aromatic vapors. The battery life, however, depends on various factors.

The temperature at which you vape and the continuity of sessions are among the major factors determining the battery life.

On average, the Firefly vaporizer can heat 7 bowls of herbs or concentrates. The vaporizer can produce 6 to 7 hits per bowl, so the complete tally will be around 40 to 50.

Does Firefly 2+ get you high?

Getting high never depends on the vaporizer that you use. It is a general misconception that a vaporizer has a role in getting someone high.

Yes, the vaporizer cooks herbs to please your neurons, but the pleasure depends entirely on the chemical part of the process.

These chemicals are all components of the herbal stuff you insert. The stronger the herb, the higher the user will be, and vice versa. Although, the vaping device ensures the flavor and smell of the vapors produced by maintaining a suitable heating environment.

How long does the Firefly 2+ battery last?

The battery lasts for about 6 bowls of herbs or concentrates when used after a fully charged battery. You can enjoy 5 to 6 hits per bowl, so the battery life is quite fulfilling.

The battery, however, is not as long-lasting as other vaporizers because it is foregone for other convenient features such as wireless control and touch sensors.

How big is Firefly 2+?

The Firefly 2 Plus is 13 cm long, 2.5 cm in height, and 4.1 cm in width. These dimensions are perfect for a gadget that needs to be portable.

The Firefly vaporizer can be kept inside the pocket or in a bag while traveling easily. Even the charging base and other equipment are compact.

Final Verdict

The Firefly 2 + is an all-in-one vaporizer. It provides all the necessary features when vaping with your friends. Firefly’s durability is second to none, while other things add value to the same old durability.

The preset options and the fast heat-up time are great for inexperienced smokers. The conventional method of heating seals the deal.

The Firefly 2+ is a complete heating package where all the boxes are ticked to make your experience worth remembering. We recommend reviewing the features again to see what can fulfill your needs.

If the quality keeps you from purchasing this masterpiece, we assure you you will invest your money. A product backed by a 2-year warranty with features costing around 250 dollars is surely the best thing you can own. So, that was our Firefly 2+ Review. Have any questions? Please leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Firefly 2+ Review – Is Firefly 2 Plus Worth it? Firefly 2 Plus Reviews”

  1. Nothing personal about this review but you’re overlooking some glaring common criticisms of the FF2+. The learning curve on this device is challenging. If you’re used to using convection vapes then it’s probably a lot easier but it took me about 4 sessions to figure it out. It also requires regular cleaning. This doesn’t bother me personally but I read on forums that it’s a nuisance for a lot of people. It’s best to clean after a few bowls worth imo. You do need to stir the bowl every 2-3 hits and when you lift the lid it’s easy for the cannabis to blow around. Again not an issue to me but apparently it’s too fussy for some. Lastly the app is fairly essential for the best experience for this vape. Yes there’s a manual work around which I guess works fine but the app makes for a very user friendly experience. Apple people are stuck without access to the app. Having said all that I really like my FF2+. It works great with flower and concentrates(I think it’s better for concentrates actually). The heat up time is ridiculously fast, it’s pocketable, sleek and on demand which is rare. It’s a fussy vape however so that might be a deal breaker.


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