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mighty vaporizer reviews

Among the vaping fraternity where it is difficult to find a product that ticks all the boxes, mighty vaporizer has emerged as the most prominent vaporizer.

Developed by an experienced and well-known brand Storz Bickel, this brilliantly assembled piece of technology is something that you will definitely like to have in your inventory.

It a pretty much pocket-sized device that runs on the power of two lithium-ion batteries, smokes for an ample amount of time at any place you want.

The mighty vaporizer has already made a solid mark on the vaporizer market so there are people who continuously demand an extensive review that will discuss all the relevant aspects of its operation.

In this mighty vaporizer review, we will discuss the main features of the mighty vaporizer. Also, the frequently asked questions which most of the potential buyers have in their minds.

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Mighty Vaporizer Review 2021 [Top Rated]

mighty vaporizer review for sell

Outer coating

Starting with the least compelling thing about the mighty vaporizer, the outer coating consists of a layer of high-quality plastic. This plastic covering works like an insulator but normally users demand a metallic look, just because it looks soothing on the eyes.

Heat time

The mighty vaporizer will take about 90 to 120 seconds to heat the herbs before the first draw. It takes a bit longer than the other products on market and keeps you waiting but the vapors are evenly heated for the sake of better flavor.

Temperature range

A range that almost all the users love. The mighty vaporizer can heat the herbs from temperatures as low as 40 degrees to as high as 210 degrees Celsius. This feature makes it compatible for but mild and intense usage without a shadow of a doubt.

Mode of heating

The mighty vaporizer has a dual heating system like any other high-quality vaporizer in the market. The herbs are first heated using direct heating i.e., conduction, where the temperature rises quickly.

Once the conduction heating has played its part, the convection heating starts where the hot air is blown through the herbs.

Battery life

The battery life is also long-lasting. You can enjoy continuous vaping sessions for 2 complete hours. This feature makes it portable and you can take it to parties or other places when you are traveling.


There is no remote app support because the wireless connectivity might drain the battery quicker. This is why the company has made the physical controls simple and convenient for the users. The temperature can be set at any level between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius by clicking the up and down buttons.


While purchasing a Mighty vaporizer, the consumer receives a warranty contract for two years from Storz Bickel. The quality is evident from the warranty contract because the company values both the customers and their products.


  • The temperature range is wider than the majority of other substitutes in the market.
  • A dual heating system ensures the aromatic experience while drawing the dense and well-cooked vapors.
  • The company has installed the auto-switch feature to make it safer during sudden inactivity. This also reduces the waste of herbs.
  • The device is extremely portable due to its size and battery life.
  • The company offers a 2-year warranty plan for its customers to keep them on a safer side.


  • The heat-up time is considerably slow for those smokers who like vaping on a get-go.
  • The absence of mobile app support is often criticized by the user because you cannot control the vaporizer from far.
  • The plastic outer body is less stylish so people feel reluctant to take it while going to parties or gatherings.

Is might the best vaporizer?

The mighty vaporizer is considered as one of the best vaporizers if not the best. There are several things to love about the mighty vaporizer. The best feature that most of the consumers find excellent is the flavor and even feel of the vapors produced. Other than this, people also

Is mighty vaporizer worth it?

Mighty vaporizer pays for every penny that you spend. A great vaporizer to keep with yourself while you are traveling to far-off places with lesser chances of finding an outlet to charge the vaporizer.

It enables you to smoke both herbal and liquid vapors. Every single vapor produced is an evenly cooked particle that carries an aromatic smell. An entirely safe choice for those smokers who are careless with their everyday life and tend to forget stuff.

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Why is the mighty vaporizer so good?

The mighty vaporizer is loved by the vapors for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the flavor of vapors which does not reduce with the variation in temperatures.

Nowadays, most vaporizers have the problem of pungent metallic smell. The mighty vaporizer comes with a market competitive dual heating system that effectively eliminates all sorts of smells from the vapors.

Another feature that makes this vaporizer a better choice than others available at your disposal is the long battery life that provides a continuous vaping session for a couple of hours.

Should I get the crafty plus or mighty?

The mighty and crafty plus are predominantly the same vaporizers if you look at features like the outer material, temperature range, heat up time, heating method, and the 2-year warranty.

Buyers get confused while choosing between the two but we can ease it up for you. The mighty vaporizer is a completely manual vaporizer with no mobile app support.

It is made this way to keep the battery life at 2 hours. On the other hand, Crafty is completely opposite. It includes mobile app support but the battery dies after an hour of working.

Does the mighty vape smell?

The smell is never an issue when using the mighty vaporizer. No matter how long you smoke, the vapors will be aromatic and fresh. The main reason behind this high-quality flavor is the dual heating method.

When the user inserts herb in the heating chamber, it is initially heated using the direct method i.e., conduction. This method, if continued for too long, causes the taste to diminish.

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Mighty vaporizer shifts to the convection method after a while. This method includes blowing hot air through the herbs. This stream of hot air carries the aromatic smell to your mouth and also prevents the metallic smell from developing.

Which temperature should I set my Mighty vaporizer on?

The mighty vaporizer comes with fully authoritative temperature control. This allows you to set any temperature between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius. If you like mild vapes then keep the temperature between 40-120 degrees Celsius.

An increase in each degree from here will have a greater impact on the intensity of vapors produced. For those users who like harsh and hot streams of vapes then the best range will lie over 150 degrees Celsius.

More experienced smokers prefer heating the herbs to the extreme and then reduce the temperature after a few seconds. Beware, heating herbs at the highest settings for a long time can impair the flavor.

Can you use the mighty vaporizer while charging?

The mighty vaporizer can be used while charging. This thing would not adversely impact the device, but the battery will not charge during the vaping sessions while the device is on charge.

As long as the general charging guide is concerned, drain the battery to the last cell (lower than 20 percent) to charge it back up to a hundred when plugged in.

How many hits from a mighty vaporizer?

You can perform multiple sessions during the 2 hours battery life. In a session of about 5 to 8 minutes, the mighty vaporizer can deal 10 to 16 great hits that can leave your brain thinking ‘wow’.

This vaporizer is the Michael Jordan of portable vapes, a tough cookie to crack, and an effectively beneficial companion.

How much is the might vaporizer?

The mighty vaporizer is often considered an elite product which most of the upper class enjoys. This perception is somewhat right because it costs around 350 dollars in a complete package.

The cost might be on the higher side but the features are all superior to the market (in combination). The general perception about the price of mighty vaporizer is wrong because people usually ignore the quality of features that they receive. Our article explains all these factors.


How often should I clean the mighty vaporizer?

It is often a subjective thing to decide when you should clean your Mighty vaporizer. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the chamber and all the relevant parts at least once or twice a week but you need to know that the chamber clogs when you turn off the device amid the smoking session.

As a general rule, keep in mind that you need to clean the device whenever you feel that there is a decline in the vapor quality or the flow of air through the chamber.

What comes with a mighty vaporizer?

The mighty vaporizer does not come alone. The most important component, the charger, accompanies the vaporizer in the box.

There will be a set of seal rings, 3 pieces of the spare screen, 1 filling aid, 1 piece of herb mill, 1 piece of dosing capsule, 1 cleaning brush, and an instruction manual. All these components are more than enough to help you through your vaping sessions.

Is the mighty vaporizer safe to use?

Safety and precautionary measures are definitely the most important factors in any product that you buy. The mighty vaporizer has fewer chances of malfunction as compared to other vaporizers in the market.

Starting with the safety against electric and heat issues, this device has a layer of insulation (plastic) around its internal circuit. Other than this, the vaporizer has an auto-switch-off feature that turns the device off after long inactivity.

This precaution not only keeps you safe but also reduces the amount of wastage. When talking about financial safety, the mighty vaporizer comes with a 2-year warranty contract.

Why is the mighty vaporizer so expensive?

The mighty vaporizer is not expensive at all. Yes, we know, you are getting made after reading this but hang on and listen to what we want to explain.

The mighty vaporizer is among the recent generation vaporizer that contains an advanced heating system to keep your herbs in great condition. The safety is assured by the insulating outer body and the auto-switch-off mode during the inactivity.

Other than this, the battery life is exemplary, to say the least. In such a small size you receive a stick of pocket-sized dynamite. As per our analysis, the price charged by the company is justifiable.


Conclusion: Should You Buy Mighty Vaporizer?

Who said that smoking is a bad habit? Smoking can be aromatic and cozy when you are using a vaporizer as brilliant as the mighty vaporizer. This product has taken the market by storm ever since it has been introduced.

The features that we have mentioned in the article are the clear evidence of it being a beast when it comes to serving long vaping sessions and portable fun.

By far the most convenient and simple to use the device where you can find just two buttons and a prominent LED screen. Now carry this ever-so-reliable device in your pocket to make your parties and social life more enjoyable because this fun will not fade away that easily.

Just make sure that you have saved the amount before purchase because this device costs more than the majority of other portable vaporizers in the market.

The price should not bother you because the value you will get is satisfying in all respects and we bet that all your friends will ask for a draw to check how the mighty vaporizer feels. In the end, there has to be some reason why this device is called ‘mighty’.

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