DaVinci MIQRO Review – DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Reviews

DaVinci franchise is widely known for producing stylish vaporizers incorporated with a unique set of features. However, DaVinci Miqro is a light version of other first-line products.

The Miqro vaporizer is available at a very affordable price, but the company has limited the features as most of us would expect in budget-friendly products.

Besides this, the Davinci Miqro vaporizer is convenient, with simple physical controls and preset options. The company size makes it more portable than ever, and the sleek design will make you flex your vaping skills at parties.

Talking about usage at parties, this vaporizer is good for individual usage only because the chamber space is limited as compared to streamlined DaVinci products.

Furthermore, the heating method and battery life are more of a problem for users and we have discussed it in great detail later in the article.

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DaVinci Miqro Review


davinci miqro review

Since all the other DaVinci devices are fairly modern and complex, the company has launched the DaVinci Miqro for all those users who demand simpler devices. The body is sleek and made up of anodized metal to give a shiny and classy look, to say the very least.

The loading of herbs is also very simple, as the chamber is covered by a lid that can be opened whenever the herbs are required to be loaded.

The lid is made air-tight to keep vapors as fresh as possible. The LED indicator also looks stylish, and the buttons are set on the sides for a simpler look. Check DaVinci IQ2 Carbon.

Heat time

Heat time is extremely efficient as you are set to receive a fresh stream of vapors within 20 seconds of turning the device on. This feature is the foremost reason why people love the DaVinci Miqro in their hands.

Heating method

The heating type is considered one of the most crucial things in the overall feel and experience. DaVinci Miqro has a conduction heating system that directly heats the herbs using traditional mechanisms used in the 90s and 00s. Check DaVinci IQ2.

It is highly effective in heating the herbs initially, as you can see from the heat time, but the main problem arises when you continually smoke at high temperatures. The herbs are at a high risk of getting overcooked so the taste might quickly turn metallic.

Temperature controls

The temperature controls are not as wide-ranged as other vaporizers. The company has incorporated 4 different preset temperature levels with varying intensity. The lowest level is 176, up to 226 at the highest preset.

Experienced smokers criticize the DaVinci Miqro for being limited in temperature adjustments, but the company has focused on keeping it convenient for youngsters and newer users while providing 4 different intensities.

Battery life

The battery life is one of the main problems with DaVinci Miqro because it takes around an hour to charge completely, and the battery works for less than 45 minutes.

If you set the temperature at higher levels and smoke continuously, the battery duration further reduces to 20 minutes per complete charging cycle. Furthermore, the battery is not removable, so consider this factor before purchasing.


The portability feature is very important to study before purchasing a vaporizer. The DaVinci Miqro is among the smallest of vaporizers available on the internet.

The size is so compact that the device will fit in hands without any issues. The weight is kept light for traveling purposes while the overall build is strong enough to sustain the pressure in a traveling bag.

However, the main issue lies in the battery life, which lasts longer than an hour and no replacement is available.

Cleaning and use

The DaVinci Miqro should be your first choice if you are considering purchasing a vaporizer for the first time. The loading and cleaning technique is very simple. The chamber is under the lid, which is easy to find and excess.

Moreover, you can see the LED screen to understand what the device says (this requires getting used to it). The physical controls are simple; you will get no mobile app support. The device does vibrate when the session starts or ends.


  • The design is very sleek and compact.
  • Preset options are convenient for newer users.
  • The heating time is quick.
  • Physical controls are simple and easy to use.
  • Loading and cleaning are simple.


  • The chamber is not as big and accommodating as the newer vaporizers.
  • Battery life is very short.
  • It does not contain mobile app support for remote controllability.
  • The system requires getting used to.
  • Presets provide limited options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DaVinci Miqro the best vaporizer?

No, it is not the best you can get from the market. Several vaporizers provide far better battery life and vapor quality, but you would still rarely find an economical vaping device like DaVinci Miqro. Check DaVinci IQC.

This vaporizer comes in a sleek shape and eye-catching design and is convenient to use with 4 preset options and easy controls.

What comes in the DaVinci Miqro box?

You will find the main device with a grinder card to grind herbs and a carrying case to lock it up while traveling. The glove is also added to keep it hygienic. There are certainly other components, too.

How much is DaVinci Miqro?

The DaVinci Miqro vaporizer costs around 100 dollars, so you can afford it even if you are saving pocket money to purchase it. This price is market-competitive, and you might find a discount coupon occasionally.

Is DaVinci Miqro worth the money?

The DaVinci Miqro vaporizer is worth the money. A 100-dollar device is usually not as good as the quality provided by this vaporizer.

You will receive a convenient, accurate, simple, compact, stylish, and quality vaporizer at such a nominal price, so it is recommended that you invest your sums in this piece of brilliance.

Is DaVinci Miqro safe?

The DaVinci Miqro is safe as the body is completely insulated with an anodized metallic body. The chamber is also air-tight to avoid leakage of hot herbs.

Furthermore, the system has an automatic switch-off feature that allows it to stand by while inactive for a long time. Miqro vaporizer is lighter in function, so you should not expect it to heat up or malfunction in this regard.

Does DaVinci Miqro smell?

The smell of vapors produced by the DaVinci Miqro vaporizer can turn metallic if you continually heat the herbs at higher temperatures.

It is disappointing, but as the company has tried to limit the budget, the development team stuck to the traditional heating method, i.e., the conduction method. This form of heating is quick but has an inherent risk of overheating the herbs loaded inside the chamber.

What temperature should I set DaVinci Miqro?

The DaVinci Miqro has 4 different temperature settings with specific intensity at each level. It is normally a subjective decision to select the optimal temperature, as some smokers like strong vapors while others prefer mild clouds of smoke.

However, the higher temperature levels decrease the battery life, so it is recommended to cook the herbs initially at a higher temperature and then reduce the temperature.

Can you use DaVinci Miqro while charging?

You should never use the DaVinci Miqro vaporizer while charging. This is because the charging time is higher than the consumption duration.

It normally takes 1 hour to charge, and if you start using the device while it is plugged in, the charging will all get consumed within minutes, and all this energy dissipation will hurt the device’s performance.

How many hits do you get from DaVinci Miqro?

After one complete charging cycle, the DaVinci Miqro lands 3 to 4 hits when the temperature is high. These numbers are very ordinary; you can find other vaporizers that are far better substitutes for a smoking device.

Does DaVinci Miqro get you high?

The DaVinci Miqro is not as good as other devices in producing clouds of smoke that can get a user high. We are using high in the context of deriving pleasure from the usage. To get high, it all depends on the quality of herb that you are using.

How long does the DaVinci Miqro battery last?

This question has been answered in the main article, but the battery life, if studied critically, lasts 40 minutes after one complete charge.

This number can vary, and you might experience a decline in overall performance if you smoke at a higher temperature. According to a performance test conducted, the battery life goes as low as 20 minutes per charging cycle.

How big is DaVinci Miqro?

The DaVinci Miqro is popular among the vaporizer fraternity for its size and compactness. The device measurements are 8 x 3.4 x 2.5, which are extremely unique. The Miqro vaporizer fits easily in hand and weighs slightly more than the cigarette lighters.


Let us keep the conclusion as compact as the Miqro vaporizer. This device is tailor-made for youngsters with serious budget issues who want to purchase a good on-the-go vaporizer.

For just 100 dollars, you can get a sleek vaporizer with a quick heating system. Powered by traditional conduction heating, the herb is heated directly at 4 preset options.

Besides, battery life is the main problem, rarely exceeding 40 minutes. To know the real problem, you should know that the battery is not replaceable.

This means this vaporizer is not for you if you are a frequent traveler or an amateur streamer. Miqro vaporizer is ideal for all those users who smoke on and off at work or while jogging or hanging out with friends.

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