DaVinci Hydrotube Review

DaVinci devices never disappoint you when it comes to quality. DaVinci Tech has maintained a solid proportion of size and quality.

The company’s commitment to vapor quality is evident from providing high-end support accessories. One such accessory is the DaVinci Hydrotube. 

DaVinci Hydrotube is a carefully designed support component that functions like a bong. However, it is more portable and value-adding than the classic bubblers. It might look like a simple component similar to other devices found online.

This is false because you do not know what the DaVinci Hydrotube brings. It has some value-adding features that we will explain in each heading below. 

DaVinci Hydrotube Review


The DaVinci Hydrotube is a high-end substitute for classic bongs. The purity, portability, and well-crafted design are the best features of this device. We have explained each of these features later in the article. It is available on the official website for 85 dollars.

This price might feel a bit high for a portable bong, but you should read more to know why it is so. Other than this, DaVinci provides it for free with their devices. The DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer is the latest product to contain a hydrotube. Read DaVinci IQ2 Carbon.

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Body material

The DaVinci Hydrotube is a glass tube that lets you improve the taste or vapors of a DaVinci Vaporizer. The body is made of borosilicate, a durable and flavor-preserving material. It is crystal clear like other glass variants but provides more durability against breakages. 


Portability is never an issue with the DaVinci Hydrotube. It has a compact size and durable body that allows you to carry it anywhere. The diameter of the DaVinci Hydrotube is 1.39 inches, while the height is 4.01 inches.

This small size makes it easy to carry it inside your backpack. It is more compact than traditional bongs. The DaVinci Hydrotube is spillage-proof. There are no weak connections or joints on the tube that might leak. Read DaVinci ARTIQ.

Ergonomic mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is uniquely designed, as there are three openings through which you can draw the vapors. No external component is attached to draw vapors, which rules out the possibility of breakage.

The DaVinci Hydrotube sits on top of the device to reduce neck stain. You do not have to bend low to smoke. Just hold and lift the DaVinci device to taste the goodness of your favorite herb.

Longer vapor path

The DaVinci Hydrotube takes a long path from the joint to your mouth. A longer path gives the vapor ample time to cool down. The design is developed and patented by DaVinci Tech.

The patented design is named the “J Hole Technology.” It helps increase the vapor path by 30 percent. This extended cooling path is why people prefer using hydrotube with DaVinci devices. 

Better water capacity 

The DaVinci Hydrotube is developed using the patented J Hole Technology. This allows you to fill six times more water than other bongs of the same size. The patented J Hole Technology allows you to store the water without the risk of spillage. 

The 10 mm connection

When it comes to compatibility, the DaVinci Hydrotube is stagnant. It supports a 10-millimeter male joint. The accessories provided by DaVinci Tech complement this 10-millimeter connection.

However, bigger joints like 14 milliliters female joints are not recommended. They do not support the DaVinci Hydrotube at all. 


The DaVinci Hydrotube is compatible with all DaVinci devices. Whether it is the new IQ2 Carbon Vaporizer or the flagship DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer, there is no shortcoming regarding compatibility. Even DaVinci IQC and DaVinci Miqro C support the DaVinci Hydrotube. It is a universal component for DaVinci users. 

How to use the DaVinci Hydrotube?

The DaVinci Hydrotube is simple for all those users who know how to operate the DaVinci device. Once you have put your DaVinci device on heating mode. Perform the following steps:

  1. Place the DaVinci Hydrotube upside down.
  2. Fill 2 to 3 tablespoons of water from the bottom (the top because the tube is upside down). 
  3. Flip the DaVinci Hydrotube to its real position, 
  4. Place it on the 10-millimeter adaptor (connector).
  5. Routinely enjoy smoking. 

Is the DaVinci Hydrotube a substitute for glass bongs?

Many people argue that classic bongs are irreplaceable. At the same time, this is true to some extent when we consider vapor purity and simple usage. However, the same purity and simplicity are replicated by the DaVinci Hydrotube.

It is very portable with a simple “fill and hit” mechanism. You can use it as a bong while you are on the go. It is somewhat better than the classic glass bubblers that were bulky and prone to breakage. The DaVinci Hydrotube puts no strain on your neck and shoulders, too.  


Our article must have changed your perception of the simple-looking DaVinci Hydrotube. Most people do not give it due appreciation because the company has studded the devices with premium features. However, certain DaVinci Hydrotube offers are missing in the flagship devices.

The DaVinci Hydrotube is an efficient component to help you improve temperature consistency and purity. Besides this, the lighter weight and smaller size make it an ideal choice for loyal DaVinci users.

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