Best Online Vape Stores – Top 16 Online Vape Shops

The world is constantly shifting towards modernization. Every day, a traditional procedure is replaced by a technologically superior methodology. The same trend has prevailed in the business sector, where e-commerce has emerged as a winner.

The vaping fraternity has seen many developments and shifts from physical stores to online head shops. Since the introduction of online shops, there have been speculations regarding the quality of products and services. However, these risks were reduced over time.

There are now hundreds of stores on the internet that sell the most versatile stock of vaporizers. With the increasing number of online head shops, buyers tend to get confused by the value provided by each website.

There is no perfect online store. We do not live in a utopia, as per economists. Every business has flaws relating to the services that they provide. Each online vape store sells identical products. The difference lies in other complementary things such as discounts, ease of purchase, delivery time and costs, refund policies, and customer support.

In this article, we have listed some of the most popular vaporizer-selling websites. We have done comprehensive research to state the features and value provided by each store. These features are the main factors that you must remember while comparing. Study each feature and decide which store suits your purchase pattern.

Best Online Vape Stores in the US

#1. DaVinci Vaporizer

davinci vaporizer
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The DaVinci Vaporizer Store is managed by DaVinci Tech, a well-known technology-oriented company that has established its name in the vaping fraternity. The company was established in the year 2011. It always prioritized innovation and quality over any other thing.

There are just few devices available on the DaVinci Vaporizer Store. DaVinci IQ2, IQ2 Carbon, IQC, MIQRO-C and ARTIQ are record-breaking products that took the market by storm.

Other products in the DaVinci Vaporizer Store include glass components, accessories, chains, grinders, and other merchandise. The DaVinci Vaporizer Store offers complete accessories for its customers to enjoy their vaping routine. Registering to the website will trigger a 10% discount.

The DaVinci Vaporizer Store also sells two DaVinci Miqro for 30% off. The DaVinci Vaporizer Store delivers products without any shipping fee if the order is over 100 dollars. The same applies to European Union, Greece, and Canada packages. The DaVinci Vaporizer Store does not accept products sold on third-party websites.

However, two cases exist if you purchase a product directly from the DaVinci Vaporizer Store website. If you are returning a faulty device, then the refund is free. However, returning an unused and unopened device will cost you a 15% restocking fee. The time frame, in either case, is 14 days. There is a 15% commission offered to distributors under the affiliate program.

Positive Reviews:

Pepa Skrovad

“In March 2023 I had problems with battery charging on the IQ I bought 5 years before. I contacted their customer service and they identified it as an issue with the charging chip. They proposed that they send me a brand new IQC and they did it in a few days. The communication with the woman from their customer service was awesome. The new IQC they sent me is a level better device than the previous IQ, which I loved much too. Thanks DaVinci!”

David Chen

“My friend let me try his DaVinci Vaporizer a few weeks back, and the difference in my perception of what a ‘good vaporizer’ was changed completely. The very next day, I bought one off the website pain-free and had it on my doorstep within a couple of days. Best buying decision I’ve ever made! I use it every day now and the ruggedness of the unit makes it easy for me to carry it around in my backpack without worrying about anything breaking.”

Phillip Palmer

“I do not understand where these bad reviews are coming from? I own an IQC & a Miqro, Love them both! Did have a problem with the Miqro, sent it back on a Thursday, got it back the next Saturday repaired and working like I expected it to! I have also sent messages and received rapid, helpful responses every time. Great People! Great Products! Thank-You DaVinci!”

Negative Reviews:

Vanardo Merchant

“Very very slow shipping ordering from their website – if you order any product with expedited shipping thinking it’s going to come any time soon – it’s probably going to take a lot longer than you thought or the expected shipping says. Horrible website & horrible customer service. I’m not even sure if my products are going to get delivered at all at this point. Seeing it as a loss of a few hundred USD at the moment. Historically great products except the DaVinci iq2 charging port can break easily. Order in person if you can.”

Deb Carter

“I bought a davinci micqro about 5 yrs ago. Loved it, decided time for a new one. So in Apr 2023 I purchased another one. I have had nothing but trouble with it. Had it about a month. I sent it back for repairs. They sent it back supposed to be fixed. About a month later it started acting weird. Wouldn’t charge a battery and it was acting like the battery was dead when it wasn’t. Davinci requested 2 different videos that I sent them and made me feel like they thought I was lying. Then it started to tick so I demanded a replacement which I got. It worked great for about a month. Then it quit working altogether. I just gave up. Warranty only offers replacement again. I don’t want another one. They are $100 and they are junk. DO NOT BUY DAVINCI MIQRO. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NO GOOD!!!!”

David Williams

“I have been waiting for over a month now and warranty issues not solved. Can’t phone and my emails go unanswered! Would never have supported them if I knew they had such terrible Customer Service. I feel completely Ripped Off!”

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#2. SmokeCartel

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The Smoke Cartel Store is one of our list’s most interactive and easy-to-use websites. The home page welcomes you with a colorful advertisement of newer products available. Scrolling down the home page, you will find a list of stuff you will most likely purchase on an online head store.

It has specific sections for bongs, vaporizers, glass pipes, rigs, nails & bangers, grinders, CBDs, bubblers, ash catchers, and torches. You name the kind of device, and the website has already classified it in any one of these categories. Clicking “browse all our store categories” will open up a detailed list of subcategories, making your choice more specific and relevant.

While ordering, the store promises to offer competitive market prices. A price match guarantee is available in the store. A live chat open allows you to chat with customer support 24/7. An expert is sitting there to ensure you purchase the product you need. There are deals and clearance sales offered for users to buy products regularly.

You will find categories based on the price level, such as “under 50” and “under 100”. Upon joining the website and signing in, the store offers 5% off. The after-sale services are excellent, like any other known online store. Deliveries all over the USA are free regardless of the price.

Deliveries to other parts of the world will trigger charges, but the Smoke Cartel store waives the charges for orders over 300 dollars. There is a 30-day return policy for users who have changed their minds after receiving their orders. For more informative insight, you will also find blogs and articles on the website.

Positive Reviews:

Vic Mills

“I use my items I ordered every day. I love the coffee mug, very creative and unique just like myself. The pink is just a plus to it all!! I would love to keep purchasing, shopping, and ordering with this company. Its pretty cool, would love to keep ordering with you all.”


“Great shipping speed, superior quality products and craftsmanship. I’m pleased to order and enjoy the accessories that SC offers. 😁🤘👍, happy times. Tell your friends.”

Jay Hays

“First off Smoke Cartel has a phenomenal selection of products. The Journey pipe is actually a replacement of a clone I bought (through Amazon) which basically fell apart after a year of use. This one looks like it will hold up nicely. The Dugout replace one I had a very long time ago (1970’s) and it is just perfect for me! Highly recommend them, fair pricing, quality products and speedy delivery.”

Negative Reviews:


“Smoke Cartel will not let you cancel the order. I ordered a bong and wanted to cancel the order before it shipped, so I reached out to multiple representatives to cancel the order right after the order was placed. It still ended up arriving and as an apology, Smoke Cartel stated I cannot send the item back for a refund. They will not make this right for a mistake I didn’t even make. Please go elsewhere!”

Richard Green

“I’m waiting on the second credit for food money and need an update. I’m sure I will need you in the future and I like Y’all. I’m just in a five week month and could use the money for food.”

helene beck

“I like my bear pipe well enough but I had a choice of which I wanted at the time that I ordered and you didn’t send the right one. I also found a website that had the same bear in the print that I wanted for almost $10 less. So there you go, I hope that this was useful.”

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#3. VapeSourcing

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The VapeSourcing Store is a USA-based online vape shop with a wide range of vaping devices on its website. There are two warehouses from where the orders are dispatched. The warehouse located in the USA ships orders to the USA only. The Chinese warehouse serves orders to the USA and the world. The shipping and after-sale services are discussed a bit later.

The VapeSourcing Store has a whole galaxy of brands listed on its website. You will find vaping devices and accessories from Smok, Elf Bar, Hyde, KangVape, Vaporesso, UWell, GeekVape, Voopoo, LostVape, Eleaf, and Geekbar, Joyetech, HorizonTech, Esco Bars, Vaporlax, and Yocan, etc.

Vape juices on the website about many reputable brands such as Naked, Pod Juice, I Love Salts, BLVK, Juice Head and Twist e-Liquids, etc. In the same drop-down menu, you will find disposables ranging between under 5000 puffs and over 5000 puffs. Vape kits, mods, atomizers, e-liquids, accessories, and CBDs are sold on the same menu.

The company offers a buy one get, one free scheme on specific models. The drop-down menu contains the link to this section as well. There is a separate section on the website where you will find coupons. The VapeSourcing Store has more than one coupon for each brand with which it has collaborated.

The coupon center shows deals, clearance sales, and discounts that an ordinary vape shop will rarely have. A live chat option is available 24/7 for buyers needing help on the website. Whether we talk about the USA or worldwide orders, there is no fixed shipping cost. The delivery charges vary with the product weight and the shipping company used.

There is a tracking ID provided to locate your package. The VapeSourcing Store has an excellent refund policy where you can return unopened products within 30 days of the order. A 3-month warranty is also offered. Other than this, the VapeSourcing Store also replaces any broken and substandard products if reported in time.

Positive Reviews:

K Wallace

“Speedy delivery and good selection. Each time I have ordered from Vape Sourcing they have been a bit faster at getting my orders delivered, which is comforting. I rather dislike waiting for days and weeks wondering if the package will arrive before I run out of my previous batch. I have ordered from them 6 different times now. I have 2 brands of disposable tapes that I have become fond of, and both of them usually have many choices to choose from. There is one brand that has a version that has been “coming soon” for several months and I do wish that they would truly arrive, as I would like to try them. My only other complaint would be that sometimes the title of the flavors aren’t always self-explanatory. One in particular is named Mary’s Dream, and even after I have tried it, I’m still not sure what flavor they are going for. Possibly or orange cream? So giving a hint as to the flavors, especially the ones that aren’t obvious would be appreciated. I haven’t done a lot of comparison shopping, but the little I have done, Vape Sourcing runs equal or better in pricing, especially if you order enough for free shipping.”

Lacy Sellers

“The product was exactly what I ordered! It came sooner than the expected date of delivery! I will continue to shop with vapesourcing!”

Donovan Ball

“I get everything but juice because they are not allowed to ship it to me. But all my vaping hardware fast shipping and very convenient.”

Negative Reviews:

Martin Day

“RandM Sunax vape kits. Ordered 2 RandM Sunax vape kits and 1 pack(gummy bear) only had 1 pod out of the 3 that worked, the other 2 were burnt within a few puffs. The other pack(strawberry watermelon) worked as they should and all 3 pods tasted normal.”

Jamie Schlicker

“I contacted re unchargable item & was told to send all these videos with different cords etc. I have spent so much $ with y’all & never had a problem except this 1 vape. And those emails act like I’m some crook or something. I’ve never asked for anything or returned anything. I could understand if I had ever had problems before. If this is your customer service then I will take my business elsewhere.”


“I recieved my Vape and Juice and the Vape was broken when I received it. I was offered $5.00 for my refund. It was highly disgusting. I will never order again from you. And would not recomend Vapesourcing to anyone. It;s not me at all to write a negative comment about anything, But this is an acception.”

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vapor online vape shop
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Vapor is well-known for the versatility of its inventory and the simplicity with which the features are listed to make the buying decision more precise. The interface is not as catchy as other competitors on the market. However, the home page has five to six main categories of products that you will purchase. It contains vapes, rigs, grinders, CBD, and rolling accessories.

The drop-down menu on the website has three different search patterns where you can find products depending on the brand, model, and price. The Vapor Store offers daily deals as a clearance sale. The process is straightforward because simplicity makes the order more convenient.

The delivery is free for purchases over 48 dollars. It is a handy thing since it is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the Vapor Store. There are free bonus gifts awarded to frequent buyers. An efficient and supportive customer service function then follows this. It has an expert on the other side to help you with various things. The helpline is live and available 24/7.

The Vapor Store guarantees low price matches over the entire internet. If you find any product sold on the internet at a lower price, then the Vapor Store will match that price to ensure you get the most affordable price. There is a 30-day return policy under which you can return your package if you don’t need it. You will also find blogs and articles on the Vapor Store to let you know the suitable methods for everything.

Positive Reviews:

Danial Safvat

“You’ll be safe buying from them. The product was marked as delivered by USPS but I didn’t find it anywhere, so I contacted them, and they opened an investigation into it, followed up with the USPS to get this investigation going, and in the meantime, they issued a full refund as the product was out of stock now. Very considerate, timely support team, and great customer support. I’ll be buying it from them again because they’ve been amazing.”

Adam Fritz

“I ordered a few maintenance items/parts for my Storz and Bickel Volcano vaporizer because of the availability, discounts, and overall much better customer service than S&B themselves. My order arrived quickly, safely, and even though I had made a mistake when ordering some of the screens the c.s.r. I dealt with helped me resolve the mistake to my satisfaction. I would definitely and highly recommend others to order from I know that I’ll be a returning customer for sure, thanks again!”

James McGraw

“After my first vaporizer was inoperable when delivered, it was replaced with a better model. There was a mix-up with getting the replacement to me, but now everything is great. The new vape works like a charm. Because of the temperature settings, my experience has been/is beyond my expectations.”

Negative Reviews:


“I ordered a $684 Volcano Hybrid expecting the promised same-day shipping. My Visa charge appeared promptly, but a week later I still hadn’t received notice that this item had shipped. Two emails went unanswered. Sigh. Yesterday after a long wait on hold I was advised there’s some issue at the warehouse, and though my item was ready for shipping, it would probably go out by next Monday (4 additional days). I was told I can’t cancel the order…even if it doesn’t ship on Monday. Why do they ignore customer service emails? Why do they claim same day shipping, yet when shipping is delayed over a week they can’t be bothered to send an email update? This appears to be a legit company, but it sure seems scammy.”

Nancy Hampson

“I have received 9 loose solo arizer bent glass mouthpieces. 7 of my past 2 orders plus 2 replacements. A total of 9. I am requesting a review of the incorrect size of diameter of the bent glass mouthpieces. I also need 7 mouthpieces that fit tight.”

Elissa Frankosky

“Ordered two pipes, got sent the wrong ones. Customer service call was breaking up and all the person said was “oh no “ when I told her I was sent the wrong items. Too frustrated with the lack of communication to even attempt the instructions they sent me to mail back the items to maybe get the correct ones, it was not worth the risk of not receiving my items at all no trust in this business.”

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#5. EightVape

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The Eight Vape Store is a versatile vape shop with e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and other complementary accessories. You will find various categories on their website. A section includes deals, clearance sales, bundles, and coupons. You will also find an “under 8” subcategory in this section. It includes vaporizers under eight dollars. The word “eight” has a direct connection with the website name.

Moreover, the Eight Vape Store is known for its disposable vaporizer inventory. The disposable vaporizer section has flavored vapes, tobacco-flavored vapes, and nicotine-free vapes. The Eight Vape Store also provides an automatic delivery mechanism whereby you have to add your address and periodic delivery time. The management delivers disposable vaporizers to your doorsteps at two or four weeks intervals.

The brands of vaporizers available on the Eight Vape Store website are Smok, Geekvape, Voopoo, and Vaporesso. You might find some other brands on the website as well. Moreover, juices, chargers, batteries, glass components, coils, tanks, screens, etc., are available in the Eight Vape Store.

The selling and distribution function in the Eight Vape Store works in correspondence with customer support service. It is often the most neglected function on various platforms, but this is not the case here.

The store has mentioned its customer service in its about us section, while an entire page is dedicated to redressal policy and procedures. There is a 14-day package return warranty offered to the customers. The Eight Vape Store also publishes blogs and articles to spread awareness amongst buyers. The websites’ payment methods are secure, so you can purchase without wasting cash.

Positive Reviews:


“Best prices & service! EightVape is my go to, one stop shop for all my vape supplies. They have the best prices, deals, promotions and rewards program. I really appreciate being able to get everything from one customer focused site. I’ve had really positive interactions with customer service, the ‘ZenDesk’ is staffed by knowledgeable and helpful people who resolved any questions or issues quickly. I usually stock up when they have a good promo. This allows me to get free shipping & limit the amount spent on things like id validation, being able to use sezzle payments is a huge plus for me.”

Dave in Hawaii

“Huge selection of free-base ejuice, great prices and reasonably fast shipping. I always make larger orders, so shipping and related charges are reasonable. I only wish they would limit their sale emails to no more than once-a-week or so. Every day is too much, imo. Most of the time the sale is over by the time I see it and I never impulse buy this stuff anyway.”

Ramon Velez

“Great place to order vapes and supplies. Competitive pricing. Orders are ontime but haven’t received anything early. Only negative I have with them returns are a pain to do, too much info needed for defective products.”

Negative Reviews:

Laray Copeland

“I haven’t received my products then you said you would refund them in 6-10 days none of which has happened I ordered this order in the begin of august it’s almost the end of September I feel like you guys are just ripping me off. I also feel like I need to contact the better business bureau as you’re not resolving the issue.”

Brian Griffith

“Shipping issues. We are long time customers. Unfortunately, this year we have had two incidents where we have not received our order, nearly a month after the order status says shipped. I have to contact Eightvape and notify them, wait for them to confirm that their carrier has never delivered our order, then wait another several weeks for our order to ship. We order our supplies every 2-3 months which is approximately a $200 order each time, so having to go to our local vape shop every week while waiting for our delayed shipment is very frustrating and costly. Something needs to be resolved with the carrier, and the delivery confirmation process.”


“Shipping speed and tracking could be better. No way to track or check order status. Averaging three weeks to a month to receive orders. Everything else was a good experience.”

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pax vaporizer
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Check Pax

The Pax Store has two segments. One for Canadian and American users while the other for European visitors. The website contains the fanciest and most modern vaporizers on the vaporizer market. The interface is simple for those users who are new. A drop-down menu includes products, journals, and other support policies.

The primary product line includes three dry herb vaporizers: Pax 2, Pax 3, and Pax 3. On the other hand, Era Lite and Era Pro provide you with a specialized extract experience. Pods are available to make your evenings more soothing and fun with cannabis compatibility.

An accessories tab is in the drop-down menu to purchase complementary products for the Era and Pax Vaporizers. You will find charging docks, carrying cases, key chains, containers, and merchandise.

The company also publishes articles and news journals to make smoking more convenient and straightforward. The company also offers gratitude discounts for professionals such as teachers, doctors, responders, military personnel, and nurses. The discount is 20%, reducing the burden on the hardworking buyers.

The company offers a one-year warranty on the website where you can repair your device or replace it with the new one. A refund policy is also available, enabling you to return the device within 14 days of receipt. However, the product must not be used or opened. Finding and reading the relevant policy on the Pax Store is a painful exercise as the paragraphs are lengthy.

Positive Reviews:

Ernie Vincent

“Excellent product but ordered replacement parts to find a quantity error in the shipment. There is no way to report the error. Order 1879539. Long time customer EV.”


“Finally, drug paraphernalia with a degree of refinement & finesse. I’ve dabbled with vaporizers since the 90’s when they were just modified soldering irons mounted inside a glass globe from a porch light. Hey, they’re still selling them & they still work, albeit with serious limitations. Today, many products promise you all those billowing clouds of thick, tasty vapor. Some are lying, others are really expensive, and a few work well but are clunky/awkward. And then there’s Pax. I can only speak for my Pax 2 – as I have no interest in extracts or fancy tech stuff a la Pax 3 – but it delivers the goods and for just $150 delivered. Discrete, refined, and, yes, it’s sort of the Lexus vaporizer many of us have been waiting for. If it’s good enough for Bill Maher, waddya waiting for?”


“What a great company! Support were outstanding and went above and beyond, albeit after a slow start to communication, which included me forgetting about it for week, and were warm and friendly in their correspondence. The Pax is an incredible little machine which when used correctly, which in my experience involved some patience. How much you fill, how tightly to pack based on each strain and your mood, what temperature for each strain also in my own experience varied to a certain extent. All of which is really easy to explore through trial an error (the fun way) with any extra help readily accessible online, if you’re reading this you obviously know where to find it. Without a doubt the most impressive thing is that fact that Pax’s come with a ten year warranty! Not one single other electronic device in my home has that, why? And most of them don’t get half the use, on, off, charge, clean, all the time for ten years, come on now, what else do you want? A spaceship? In summary: I love my Pax and found support to be warm, friendly and incredibly helpful.”

Negative Reviews:

Matt Griese

Abysmal customer service. Got an ERA LIFE battery, after fully charging the device, within 4 draws it would show low battery. The battery would show fully charged as I plugged it back in immediately. Every time I reached out to customer service they would refer me to the FAQ page. Just a lazy company really.”


“Honestly, terrible customer service and policies. My device broke within months of purchase, they sent me a different colour as replacement which is intensely disappointing considering most of the appeal of PAX is the aesthetic, and I’m now left with a device I don’t like. They wouldn’t even replace the mouthpiece, I was only sent the oven and so now have a mismatched set. They suggested I buy a silicone sleeve to hide the colour, which is baffling to essentially ask me to spend more money. Through the whole of my interaction with customer support, they have given me incorrect, unconsidered and conflicting responses. Wish I’d never bought the device in the first place. Don’t bother.”

David Hose

“Purchased Pax Mini in June 2022. By Spring 2023, the device has stopped producing much vapor. Chambers, pipe cavity, mouthpiece, etc. always kept clean. Emailed the company scores of times since the beginning of this summer, and they refuse to help me. Fraudulent company producing fraudulent products trying to avoid accountability. These criminals need to be jailed.”

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Check Pax

#7. PuffItUp

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The PuffItUp Store is one of the most simple online head stores worldwide. The interface is simple, so the new buyers will enjoy visiting and exploring the options. When you open up the website, it displays discounts, deals, and offers on the top. There is a drop-down menu with a section containing the categories based on usage, such as portable and desktop vaporizers.

However, there is a comprehensive list of brands that the website has on offer. Storz & Bickel, Boundless, Pax, Healthy Rips, Dynavap, X-Vape, DaVinci, Firefly, Ditanium, etc., are on the list. The PuffItUp Store also has accessories such as CBD, grinders, scrapers, containers, cleaners, torches, filters, and many more. A live chat option is available on the website to help you explore the option and know the availability of a certain model.

There is expert customer support personnel sitting behind the desk to ensure you receive the vaporizer you are demanding. An email address and phone number are mentioned on the website to make more formal queries and requests. Discounts and promos are available once you register on the website.

The delivery is free all over the USA for orders over 49 dollars. The PuffItUp Store also delivers internationally, charging you in any case. The payment channels are secure like any other trusted website on the internet. The refund policy of the PuffItUp Store is very lenient. It offers a full refund (excluding the delivery charges) on the sealed packages returned within 30 days of placing the order.

Moreover, there are refunds available on the used products as well. However, the refund is upon the discretion of the store staff (depending on the device’s condition). Returning a used product for the first time will not cost you anything. However, returning used products multiple times can cost you up to a 40% restocking fee.

#8. VaporDNA

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The VaporDNA Store is an online head shop specializing in selling disposable vaporizers. Many popular disposable vaporizers include the Puff Bar Puff Max, KROS Nano, Yogi Bar, Fog X Box, SWFT Mod, Hyppe Max Air, Flum Pebble, Truly Bar Elf, NKD 100 Max, etc. The products are mainly disposable vapes, e-liquids, pods, and vape starter kits.

The VaporDNA Store offers a 10% discount when you order 10 or more disposable vapes in one order. There is a 20% off clearance sale available on the website where you can use the SUMMER20 promo code (the viability of this promo depends on the day you read this article).

A 10% discount is also available for those who sign up and register on the website. You will also receive newsletters to keep in touch. The company integrates filters on the homepage to make scrolling and searching more convenient and purposeful. There is no live chat option to help you while shopping.

The VaporDNA Store also publishes blogs and articles regularly to help buyers understand the consumption pattern and features they should look forward to. Connecting to customer support can be problematic as no clear email or phone number is mentioned on the website.

#9. Vaporfi

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The Vaporfi Store has two segments of its website, i.e., based in the USA and Australia. We will discuss the American segment on our list. The home page has four categories mentioned for easy navigation and selection. It contains e-liquids, CBDs, starter kits, and accessories.

The e-liquids are made in the USA, so the quality is never compromised. The vaporizers and accessories available on the Vaporfi Store are suitable for experienced and novice users. There are deals available on the drop-down menu.

Many brands are available on the website, but several brands are affiliated directly with the website as partners. These brands are Smok, Vaporesso, Uwell, Innokin, Geekvape, Migvapor, HorizonTech, Voopoo, Aspire, Freemax, and Nu-X. Upon registration, the website offers a 15% discount to the user who is just the start. There are purchase points awarded to the buyers on each transaction. The payment method is secure and reliable like any other trusted website.

The delivery charges are waived for transactions over 65 dollars when the purchase is made. Moreover, the company also offers an automatic delivery service where juices and disposable vaporizers are sold. The products under this policy are available at a 10% discount. You can choose the delivery day, and cancellation can be made any time in the week.

A store locator section is available on the Vaporfi Store from where you can trace and locate the nearest Vaporfi physical store. 24/7 customer support is there to help you throughout the process. Furthermore, guides, instructions, and blogs are published to help understand the usage method.

#10. O2Vape

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The O2 Vape Store is different from other stores mentioned on our list. It focuses on the newer technology that will rule the vaping fraternity in the coming years. Instead of opting for dry herb products, the O2 Vape Store offers vape pens that allow you to smoke oils and extracts.

The products on the website include compact and slim vape pens, 510 batteries compatible with universal vaping cartridges, 510 cartridges with different shapes and configurations, disposable vaporizers, wax vape pens, pod vape pens, and other relevant accessories.

A section is dedicated to the deals and clearance sales so buyers can benefit from the lower prices. The O2 Vape Store also sells cartridge filling machines. A remarkable 25% discount is available for in-service military personnel, veterans, and their dependents.

The O2 Vape Store values and appreciates the hours of work the army personnel put in to secure the homeland. Other promos are available for the registered buyers, so you must register your email on the website.

The orders, one confirmed, are shipped from Monday to Friday. The biggest drawback to ordering from the O2 Vape Store is that it charges a 35 dollars flat rate on all international shipments. The store management does send a tracking ID to locate your package while it is in transit.

You can return the vape pens, but no such service is available for batteries and cartridges. The company also charges a restocking fee of 15%, which is deducted while refunding the paid amount. This is another thing we do not like about the O2 Vape Store.

#11. Vape4Ever

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The Vape4Ever Store is similar to the PuffItUp Store regarding its available products on the website. It is known primarily for its vape pens and 510 cartridge batteries. However, you will also find dry herb vaporizers and other accessories on the website.

This store is among the modern sellers looking forward to the options smokers will explore in the future. The Vape4Ever Store’s brands are affiliated with Joyetech, WISMEC, Eleaf, Geekvape, Smok, IJoy, Digiflavor, Aspire, CoilART, Kangertech, Vaporesso, Hotcig, Yocan, Voopoo, Freemax, and many other.

Disposable vapes are available on the website and other vaping devices and accessories. Rigs, nectar collectors, and bongs, you name it. This store has everything that you can ask for. Upon registering your email on the website, you will receive regular newsletters about the launch of the newer models and what the market expects. There is a comparison section on the website to compare the two products.

The Vape4Ever Store has also mentioned the official email on the homepage to address your queries and troubles. However, there is no live chat option. The delivery time might vary depending on the warehouse in which the product is placed. The order is processed within 24 hours of confirmation at your end. However, there are two warehouses.

If the product is dispatched from the USA, it will reach in 5 to 9 working days. Bringing it from the Chinese warehouse will extend the delivery time to 10 to 15 days. The company offers a refund policy but deducts 12% from the order price as a processing fee. However, the same is not deducted if you convert it into store credit.

#12. NewVaping

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Our list contained the USA and Canadian stores until now. The NewVaping Store is an online head shop in the UK. The royalty from the UK is evident from the convenience and quality provided by this store. It does not deal in branded vaporizers. You will find disposable vaporizers that are classified based on brands.

A multi-buy section is tailor-made for buyers purchasing more than one vaporizer. The NewVaping Store also specializes in e-juices categorized for brands and types. There are kits for all sorts of users, mods for more standard usage, and coils & pods for replacement.

The NewVaping Store has integrated a live chat option that allows you to discuss your needs and preferences with customer support. The representative will help you find the best product. There is also an official email mentioned on the website for further assistance.

The store management has dedicated a section to deals and discounts like other competitors. The NewVaping Store also offers 20% off on pre-orders. A clearance sale is always available on the website, so you should also check it.

You can pay in three different currencies. The NewVaping Store website allows you to transact in Pounds, Dollars, and Euros. It offers free delivery anywhere in the UK when the order exceeds the 20 pounds. The company provides a 180-day refund policy to keep the buyer safe. Moreover, 5-pound cashback is offered to buyers as a reward,

#13. VaporizerChief

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The Vaporizer Chief Store is a highly convenient and interactive website for purchasing vaporizers. It has been operating in the market since 2013. The store management has lived up to its promise of offering quality devices at affordable prices. The ordering is easy as the vaporizers are classified based on three criteria.

One classification is based on the portable, desktop, or pen vaporiser type. Another categorization is based on compatibility. This segregates the vaporizers based on dry herb, wax, and e-liquid-consuming devices. The last grouping is based on technology integrated inside each vaporizer.

The brands usually available on the Vaporizer Chief Store are Atmos, Storz & Bickel, Arizer, Grenco Science, Vapir, 7th Floor, Magic Flight, Pulsar, and Dr. Dabber, Haze Technologies, and many others. There are smoking accessories sold separately along with glass components. You will also find CBDs and mods on the Vaporizer Chief Store. A website clearance sale section lets you buy expensive devices at discounted prices.

The payment methods are secure for those who remain skeptical while making transactions. The Vaporizer Chief Store also waives delivery charges all over the USA for orders over 50 dollars. There is a complete price matching guarantee offered to the customers.

This means that you will buy the most cost-efficient vaporizer. There are returns available for unopened packages and faulty products if returned within 30 days of receipt. However, the former case charges a 10% processing and restocking fee.

#14. EJuiceConnect

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As the name suggests, the EJuice Connect Store is a specialized platform designed to sell e-juices of all sorts. When you visit the website, you will find the company’s deals. More often, these deals are seasonal. Scrolling down, you will discover e-juices from different brands, especially popular ones.

The prices are market competitive, while exclusive offers are given to users who register their email. You will find coupons on the website to reduce the price even more. Furthermore, accessories like batteries, tanks, mods, etc. are available on the website.

The EJuice Connect Store has a live chat option for the buyers to discuss their concerns with the experts and know more about what to purchase. There are other contact details mentioned on the website. These details are helpful for more formal issues. Once the product is selected, you need to pay. The payment modes are secure and trustworthy.

The company does offer a refund policy that allows you to return unopened vape juice packages. There are no processing or restocking charges. If you intend to return a product, ensure you do not open it. Opened and flawless devices are not returnable.

#15. MyVPro

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The MyVPro Store is a US-based distributor that purchases vaping products in bulk and then transfer the same economy of scales to its customers. You will find four categories listed on the homepage. It includes atomizers, kits and mods, e-liquids, and disposable vapes. All these products are 100% genuine and original. The company promises that none of its products are clones.

There are a bunch of discounts available on the website. A bulk discount is offered to customers who want to buy larger quantities at a lower price. Moreover, a 10 under 10 dollar scheme ensures that people with limited budgets can purchase vaping devices. Besides this, summer clearance sales and daily deals also provide options to reduce your purchase price. There is a 10% discount for registering and registering with the website.

There are many popular vaping products available on the website. It includes Wotofo, VandyVape, HorizonTech, GeekVape, etc. The MyVPro Store also has a reward system that allows you to receive points and cashbacks. You will find a live chat option on the website.

This allows you to discuss your needs and suitable options available on the website. A contact number is mentioned for more formal queries and issues. A special section on the site is dedicated to sales and coupons. A 15% discount is currently offered on mods and kits. You can also pre-order an upcoming product for 10% off.

The MyVPro Store waives delivery charges on products above 80 dollars. However, it only delivers in the USA, not worldwide (at least this is what the policy says. A 30-day return policy is there to assist you with claiming refunds for unwanted packages.

#16. FlawlessVapeShop

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The FlawlessVapeShop is one of the internet’s most well-known platforms for selling e-liquids, salt nicotine, disposable vapes, and other hardware. When you visit the FlawlessVapeShop, the homepage presents you with daily deals and a complete list of products. A clearance sale tab is there on the drop-down menu.

The reward system offered by FlawlessVapeShop is the most unique on our list. You need to invite three of your friends. If all three purchase products from the FlawlessVapeShop, you will receive a 25% off on the subsequent purchase. Even your friends will receive a 10% off on their initial purchase. Moreover, a 10% discount is offered when you sign up on the website.

The FlawlessVapeShop provides free deliveries on orders over 100 dollars. This scheme is available for US-based buyers only. However, you need the FreeDelivery coupon to avail of this offer. You will receive a tracking ID from tracing and locating your package in transit. The company provides a limited worldwide delivery service. Other than this, customer support is based on the e-mail address.

It is not available 24/7, so that is a flaw. The FlawlessVapeShop addresses customer queries from Monday to Friday during office hours. The mode of payment is secure and free from fraud risk. There is a 30-day refund policy which is at par with other online stores.

Things to consider while buying from an online vaping store?


The most crucial thing while opting for an online vape store is the interface and the webpage design on which it has listed its products. Most online stores have a great website design that interacts well with the newer visitors.

However, you will also come across the online head shops that have put the information roughly on the website. The interface will decide how long you can search for the best vaporizer before settling for one.


Before jumping on to anything else, you should know the significant difference between vape stores online. There are two kinds of stores. One kind is the official store that sells products developed and marketed by a brand.

Such as, the Pax and DaVinci websites contain self-manufactured products. However, other stores sell products developed by various companies. You should first ascertain whether the store you are viewing has the product you demand.

Deals and discounts

It is always better to check the deals and discounts available on each website before exploring options. Most online vape stores have a specified area containing deals and discounts. Other than this, some websites offer account registration discounts.

You might find platforms with reward systems while most have coupons available to reduce the product price to a reasonable level. Choosing a website with the most value-adding deals, pricing, and discounts is the way to go.

Delivery time and charges

When purchasing from an online store, the make-or-break features are the post-order services it provides customers. Once you order the product you choose, the next thing that comes your way is the delivery time.

Some websites have a strict policy regarding maintaining a short delivery time. Some stores also offer free delivery for orders over a specific limit. Other than this, various platforms offer automatic delivery services to ensure you receive accessories regularly.

Customer support service

Once the delivery is done, you receive the product you ordered. The next thing that comes your way is whether the customer support staff is helpful and competent. It is better to opt for websites with live chats where you can talk to representatives in real time.

This is a convenient and time-saving option since emails and phone queries normally take longer. Other than this, live chats are available 24/7. It is better to read the customer support policies and reviews before purchasing from a website.

Return policy

A return policy is a critical step in completing your purchase. Sometimes, products do not meet your desired standard, or you just change your mind regarding the vaporizer or the accessories. No matter what the case may be, certain websites on the market offer a return and refund policy.

However, there are some conditions that you must fulfill before demanding a refund. These conditions vary from website to website. You should choose an online store that offers the most lenient return policy where you can get your investment refunded conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy vapes online?

Many people prefer purchasing vaporizers and accessories from physical head shops. However, the world has changed. Modernization has evolved every sector, including shopping and marketing. Businesses tend to offer better services and products on the online store.

The buyers get many benefits from online vape shops compared to physical stores. You have ample time to explore options, and the prices are mentioned on the website. This means that you will never get misled by the store owner. Other than this, discounts and promotions are more common in online shopping.

Can you still buy vape products online?

Vaporizers are available online like any other product. There are hundreds of online stores on the internet that provide different models at competitive market prices. You can visit these stores online and at any time of the day.

Orders can be placed, and help can be sought late at night. However, orders are normally confirmed during office hours and dispatched on working days.

Where is the best place to buy vape products online in the USA?

We can point out no single vape store as the best on the internet. Each store has a discrete value proportion for its customers. There are two kinds of stores on the internet. The online vape stores operating the brand that has manufactured the device are more reliable.

However, other specialized stores sell a versatile inventory of different brands. Even though the branded stores are more reliable, other stores tend to provide better pricing and discounts from time to time.

Is it cheaper to buy a vape online?

Purchasing vapes online is better and cheaper than doing the same from physical stores. One of the most common cost-saving features of online shopping is the irrelevance of fuel consumption and physical distress while traveling to a store.

Moreover, you will find official deals on the websites. Daily discounts are offered on specific products or a general discount when, for instance, you sign up or use a discount coupon.

What is the best online vape store for disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are amongst the most popular segments of the vaporizer industry. Almost all online vape stores sell these products. However, there are specific online head shops that are better than other stores. Identifying the best disposable vape store is a simple thing.

As mentioned, all websites have the same products and brands. However, superior stores will provide better services. Keeping this in mind, you should look for stores that offer automatic reordering as disposable vapes get consumed and must be replaced. The prime examples of stores with automatic reordering are Eight Vape and Vaporfi.

Can I order disposable vapes online?

Yes, you can order disposable vapes online like all other vaping products. There are many stores where you can find different disposable vapes. However, ordering a disposable vape is more frustrating and tiresome when compared to other products. While other products are purchased once, disposable vapes must be ordered whenever they get consumed. It is always better to opt for websites with automatic reordering mechanisms.

Which online vape shops provide free shipping?

Free shipping is not the most common thing in vape stores. However, certain stores provide free shipping in the USA; an example of such a store is Smoke Cartel.

Some other stores offer free shipping over a certain amount of product. We have mentioned this order level in our article for each such website. There is no free shipping for international orders.

What is the best place to buy vape juice online?

Vape juice is an integral part of extract vaporizers. There are different kinds of vape juices available on the market. Almost all the websites have the same products, flavors, and compositions.

The answer to finding the best store for vape juices is simple. Go for a vape store that offers automatic ordering. Assess your usage and set the automatic reordering time accordingly. Websites like Eight Vape and Vaporfi are prime examples of such platforms.

What is the most reputable online vape store?

The branded stores such as Pax, DaVinci, Storz & Bickel, etc., enjoy all the limelight. These stores are undoubtedly the most popular online because they manufacture the models they provide.

However, reputation is built by providing better value to the customers. Many genuine third-party stores, such as Eight Vape, Vapor, Vaporfi, Smoke Cartel, O2 Vape, etc., provide quality customer service and better discounts and deals.


We have discussed each online vape store in detail. A vaporizer selling website will have the same brands that other competitors offer. There is no difference when considering the products that are on offer. However, the make-or-break factor is the proportion of complementary services provided by each online store.

Many stores would feel identical to you after reading this article. It is better to opt for the right type. Ask yourself whether you need a vaporizer, a disposable vape, a vape pen, or something else. Check each website’s services after opting for stores in the relevant category.

It is always better to look for deals, interactivity, delivery time, charges, refund policy, and customer support. After ticking all the boxes, you will find the perfect online vape store. However, there is no such thing as an ideal vape store.

You need to compare each option and see which website stands out. The platform that adds more value to your purchase exercise is all you need. Understand your needs and order accordingly.

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