G Pen Dash Plus Review – G Pen Dash+ Vaporizer (20% OFF)

I am thrilled to present the G Pen Dash Plus, Grenco Science’s next-generation portable dry herb vaporizer.

Designed to outshine G Pen Dash, the Dash Plus carries forward the compact design and user-friendly interface while integrating significant upgrades to offer a dry herb vaporization experience like no other in its price range.

The G Pen Dash Plus is an amazing blend of hybrid convection and conduction heating technology housed in a Titanium heating chamber. This allows it to hit vaporization temperatures in just 30 seconds!

With its 3-button operation, full-color LED display, and haptic feedback, customizing sessions, checking real-time status, and receiving intuitive alerts have never been easier.


The G Pen Dash Plus ensures optimal vapor quality and production with dual clean air intake channels and a magnetic mouthpiece featuring a spiral ceramic air path. It comes in a sturdy zinc-alloy casing and boasts a powerful rechargeable 1800mAh lithium-ion battery.

The G Pen Dash Plus is a revolution in portable dry herb vaporization. It blends a sophisticated yet easy-to-use interface with high-grade materials, offering the ultimate on-the-go vaporization experience at a competitive price.

G Pen Dash Plus Review – G Pen Dash+ Vaporizer (20% OFF)

g pen dash plus review


Product TypePortable Vaporizer
CompatibilityDry Herb
Released DateJune, 2023
Warranty1 Year
Body MaterialZinc-Alloy
Mouthpiece MaterialPlastic
Precise Temp ControlYes
DisplayLED Indicators
Mobile AppNo
Haptic TechYes
Oven MaterialTitanium
Oven Capacity0.3gr
Temp Settings320-420°F
Heating MethodHybrid
Heat Up Time20-30s
Battery TypeInternal
Battery Capacity1800mAh
Charge Time1-2 Hours
Charger TypeUSB-C
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Premium pricing 

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is an expensive product that took away 149.95 dollars from my wallet. Despite being a high-priced product, it is still more affordable than the G Pen Elite 2, available online for 199.95 dollars.

The G Pen Dash Vaporizer is sold online for 69.95 dollars but does not contain premium features. The company offers an installment plan to purchase the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer. You can pay 37.49 dollars in four equal interest-free installments. 


The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is a dry herb device. I smoke dry herbs daily for aromatherapy because I have sinusitis. This device felt ideal for aromatherapy because it has the perfect temperature range.

The vapors are cooled, and the airflow is unrestricted. Smoking dry herbs with the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer differs greatly from other mid-range vaping devices.

What’s inside the box?

g pen dash plus box

I found the following things inside the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer box: 

  1. The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer
  2. The G Pen tool with keychain (a trademark accessory)
  3. A USB-C charging cable
  4. Silicone sleeve

The company did not provide a traveling case which disappointed me during the unboxing. I like keeping my gadget neat and protected. However, the silicone sleeve is ideal for scratch protection. 

Small, durable, and stylish

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer has a durable zinc alloy casing that does not catch rust. It felt very smooth on the edges when I held it after unboxing it. It is a compact and light device that is comfortable to hold.


The mouthpiece is magnetic like any other G Pen device. Underneath the mouthpiece, the manufacturer has installed a spiral ceramic air path to preserve the vapor quality. 

The zinc alloy body and the LED screen are identical to the G Pen Elite II. I was a big fan of Elite II, which easily competed with DaVinci devices in style and innovation.

The compact size reminded me of when I used G Pen Dash Vaporizer. All-in-all, I am impressed how the company retained features like colored LED display and spiral ceramic path in such a small size. 

The longer spiral air path

Given the compact size of the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer, installing an elongated vapor path is almost impossible. However, the company has integrated it with the patented spiral ceramic air path similar to the Elite II Vaporizer.

My first experience with the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer has been good, especially due to the coolness of the vapors. The spiral vapor path cooling system is not at par with other devices like the DaVinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer, but it is sufficient to let you enjoy it. 

Metallic heating chamber

The heating chamber of the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is somewhat different from Elite II and the original Dash Vaporizer. The chamber is made of titanium metal. The metallic chamber is the most effective component to enable faster heating.

After sterilizing my G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer chamber, I loaded it with dry herbs and began cooking. My first batch was prepared in just 15 to 20 seconds, which is normal in vaporizers with metallic chambers. 

I would have loved to see a ceramic heating chamber like the G Pen Elite II Vaporizer. Ceramic chambers are slower in heating the herbs but are not prone to combustion (unlike metallic chambers).

Even a glass lining identical to the stainless steel chamber in the G Pen Dash Vaporizer would have been acceptable. I did not feel an impairment in the vapor quality at low and medium intensities, so that the titanium chamber might cause trouble at high temperatures.

Dual heating system

The dual heating system installed inside the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is one of the most prominent features that set it apart from the original Dash Vaporizer. As I mentioned earlier, I do aromatherapy for medical reasons.


Conduction heating helps prepare the batch of vapors in just 15 to 20 seconds. Convection heating then takes charge and blows hot air through the dry herbs to provide an unrestricted supply of vapors. I loved the continuous air flowing through my nose to relieve sinusitis pain. 

Precise temperature settings

The manufacturer has integrated precision temperature settings that start from 320 and end at 420 degrees Fahrenheit (160 to 221 degrees Celsius).

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer temperature settings are inherited from G Pen Elite II Vaporizer. I liked the control over the heating process compared to the three temperature intensities in the original Dash Vaporizer. 

Convenient controls and stylish LED screen

I enjoyed using the new G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer because the controls are simple. This device has three buttons to manage the settings. The power/main button rests at the center of the device, while a couple of up and down buttons are installed near the base. 

My favorite colored LED screen from Elite II Vaporizer is retained in the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer. It is more informative and stylish than the simple LED indicators in the original Dash Vaporizer.

The colored LED screen shows the prevailing temperature, battery life, and time. You can customize your sessions according to your needs. The haptic feedback makes handling a lot easier. 

Capable battery and fast charging

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer has a large battery for a compact device. The lithium-ion battery integrated inside the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer occupies most of the space.

The battery capacity is 1800 mAh. The battery is rechargeable and internal, so you cannot replace it once it is impaired. 

I have used many Grenco Science products, and my battery never malfunctioned. The key is not to overcharge it. Moreover, the company has installed a USB-C charging cable.

My device took 1.5 hours to charge for the first time. It is better than the original Dash Vaporizer, which had a micro-USB charging port. 



The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer comes with a standard 1-year warranty on all electronic components. Grenco Science provides this 1-year warranty on all the vaporizers manufactured by it.

The warranty period is insufficient to cover the hidden faults, but purchasing a warranty-backed product is a secure investment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

G Pen Dash Plus vs Dash – What’s the difference?

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is as compact and simple as the original Dash vaporizer. Many features are the same, but the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer has advanced functions to make usage easier.

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer has precise temperature settings instead of limited preset intensities. It has a spiral vapor path for efficient cooling of vapors. Another important addition to the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is the colored LED screen. Read G Pen Dash Plus Vs Dash.

What is the difference between the G Pen Dash Plus and the Elite II Vaporizer?

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer looks a lot like the Elite II Vaporizer due to its colored LED screen and sleek body, but they are a lot different. The heating chamber of the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is metallic instead of ceramic.

The heating time is shorter due to the metallic chamber, but it is more vulnerable to combustion. The button scheme is also different. Another notable difference is the price where you need to pay 50 more dollars for G Pen Elite II Vaporizer. 

Is the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer durable?

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer has a zinc alloy body that can sustain external pressure and remain rust-free. The LED screen is tough, but you should not use it in rainy weather to prevent it from malfunctioning. The magnetic mouthpiece keeps it spillage-free. 

How good is the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer vapor quality?

I recommend the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer to all those smokers who like aromatherapy. It has an ideal temperature range to heat dry herbs.

The spiral ceramic air path dissipates unnecessary heat before the vapors reach your lips. Due to efficient heat dissipation, the vapors are well-cooked and warm but not harsh on the lungs. 


My first experience with the G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer was enjoyable. The overall touch and shape of the device are premium. The dual-heating system maintains a perfect balance between effective heating and continuous airflow. 


The spiral ceramic air path dissipates the harsh temperature while the magnetic mouthpiece remains insulated during sessions. I liked the colored LED screen that made usage convenient. You get most of the Elite II Vaporizer functions for 50 dollars less. 

It is convenient to hold and carry. You can use it while traveling. The body is leakage-free, the size is compact, and the battery life is long.

The G Pen Dash Plus Vaporizer is a brilliantly planned and implemented fusion of two popular products. The premium features of the G Pen Elite II Vaporizer gave life to the G Pen Dash product line.

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