Firefly 3 Review (Rumors & Release Date)

Firefly 2 plus has been one of the most successful vaporizers ever. The loyal users often say that the cost of Firefly 2 Plus is very justifiable and a newer version will be introduced a little late.

If we were you, we would have held our horses because Firefly 3 is coming sooner than expected. Yes, you have read it correctly.

Some obvious features needed improvement, so the manufacturing company planned to design a product to overcome all the previous flaws in the series.

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Firefly 3 Release Date

Firefly 3 Release Dates

We already said that the Firefly 2 had been an all-in-one vaporizer. It contained a very convenient heating technology with the best manufacturing qualities.

Many users and journalism agencies have been speculating about releasing the newer Firefly 3, which will be better than the older versions. There were rumors that the big thing would be released at the start of 2020, but the company has been quiet ever since.

The current situation prevailing in the world has raised many doubts about the next expected release date. People still want a nearer introduction to enjoy the luxury of a newer and improved Firefly 3. I hope the Firefly 3 will be released before 10 November 2023.

Update: We will update our page when the release date is officially announced, or you can visit the official Firefly website to check it frequently.

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Firefly 3 Rumors

Firefly 3 Rumors Latest

There are some rumors regarding Firefly 3, which the vaporizer community would like to know about. The most concrete one is the introduction of a healthier battery.

With the improvements in technological goods, we have seen that on several occasions, the devices become smaller but the batteries become efficient and long-lasting. Though Firefly 2 had an additional battery to increase the overall life, it was not that convenient.

Considering the price, Firefly 3 is expected to cost 300 dollars, like any other quality vaporizer. The higher price would make sure that the quality is not compromised.

However, new competitors are entering the market with prices lower than the bigwigs. This factor might force Firefly to keep prices lower and more sustainable.

The oven size will indeed remain untouched because the reviews have always been positive in this respect. Another feature that is expected to remain unchanged is the overall look and design.

The glass vapor path is one of the most favorite features according to the customers, so it would be foolish if the company plans to change this.

Moreover, the new vaporizer will come in a variety of colors. This will allow customers to choose their favorite one.


The Firefly series has satisfied almost every user with a strong vaporizer taste. The Firefly 2 was classy and stylish for youngsters who would attend clubs or stream online.

Firefly 3 will provide almost all those features which the older versions did. Also, there is great room for innovation so put your trust in the manufacturing team. The Firefly company will fulfill your expectations just like it always did.

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