Crafty Plus Vaporizer Review – Crafty+ Review

The new Crafty Plus was released with many improvements. There is much to like about it. Crafty Plus Vaporizer is ranked in the highest tier of the leading vaporizers in the market.

Many people compare it to the Might Plus and criticize it for being a device with a short battery span. People also blame it for slow heat-up timing but miss the real deal.

The Crafty Plus vaporizer comes with one of the best temperature ranges and is complimented by the dual heating system to preserve the taste of any herb you smoke.

A pretty convenient device that supports remote handling and comes with a durable outer body. All these features are discussed in our articles, so you can scroll and read through them to know more. Know what good and bad the Crafty brings and what things you should be aware of before committing to a purchase.

Crafty+ (Plus) Vaporizer Review

crafty+ vaporizer review
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In Sept 2021, Crafty Plus was released with many improvements. There is much to like about it. Crafty Plus is an extremely efficient vaporizer while enjoying a luxurious time with friends. Adding a USB-C socket, ceramic-coated filling chamber, and other enhanced features has taken Crafty+ to a new level.

You also get 25 minutes of fast charging. Now, that’s mind-blowing. I’m sure you would rarely find such features in a portable vaporizer. You won’t regret buying it. 

What’s New in Crafty+?

  • 1.4 cm³ Ceramic coated filling chamber
  • USB-C socket
  • 25 minutes faster charging
  • A new layer of durability protects from scratches and damage.
  • 2-year warranty + 1-year warranty upon registration

What we liked

  • USB-C socket for faster charging
  • 25 minutes faster charging
  • Ceramic-coated filling chamber
  • Effective heating system with no taste impairment.
  • A wider range of temperatures for all sorts of smokers.
  • Proper insulation for better safety against electric shocks and heat.
  • Remote device controllability is supported to make handling convenient and fun.
  • Comes with a 2-year long warranty to keep you at the safer end.

What We didn’t like

  • The battery life is just 1 hour, considerably less than other vaporizers.
  • The heating time is long, so the user must wait for more for the first draw.
  • The outer is not as attractive as other substitutes.

Crafy+ Outer body

crafty plus outer body

A properly insulated vaporizer that will never burn your hand or give you an electric shock when plugged into an outlet. The outer is made from plastic, which is both tough and heat-resistant.

The body material is often one reason this device is considered a dull choice. Young smokers usually prefer options with a better look and design. Apart from the overall look, the plastic outer serves its cause.

Crafty+ USB-C Socket

crafty plus usb c charger

The new Crafty Plus has been integrated with a USB-C socket port. The charging time has been improved by 25 minutes. With a Type-C charger, you can now charge Crafty+ anywhere, anytime.

Crafty+ Filling Chamber

crafty plus filling chamber

The filling chamber was further enhanced with ceramic coating. This brings even more durability against scratches and damage to the crafty+.

Crafty+ Initial heat time

Crafty Plus takes around 90 to 120 seconds to prepare the first draw. This heat-up time is disliked by many. Critics say that heat time should be slightly lower as this vaporizer is a get-go device.

This statement might be true in some respect, but the heat-up is slow to keep all vapors warm at the same temperature throughout. It ensures that the whole vapor temperature is consistent.

Crafty+ Temperature range

The temperature range is quite wide. Crafty Plus is compatible with all sorts of vaping sessions. If we speak precisely, this vaporizer ranges between 40 degrees and 210 degrees Celsius.

Users can smoke at mild temperatures to make the vaping hit slow and long. On the contrary, high-temperature settings can intensify the process to make vaping sessions worth remembering.

No matter which set the user opts for, the Crafty Plus provides complete freedom to select the most suitable temperature level. This feature is still loved by experienced smokers who know the exact settings to operate the device.

Crafty+ Heating method

crafty plus heating method

The heating method is dual. You will receive conduction heating at the start, followed by a hot stream of convection heating. The herb, at first, is heated using the direct mode.

This mode heats the herbs quickly but is vulnerable to taste impairment. To negotiate this problem, the research team has incorporated convection heating.

While operating in this mode, a stream of hot air is blown through the herbs to produce evenly cooked and aromatic vapors. This preserves the overall taste of your experience.

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Crafty+ Controllability

This feature sets this vaporizer apart from other devices available in the market. Like any modern device, the Crafty Plus is supported by a mobile app that runs on Bluetooth. Switching settings or turning the power on and off is comparatively easier.

Crafty+ Battery Life

crafty plus battery life

The battery runs for around 60 minutes in one complete charging cycle. The average life is arguably lower than other substitutes in the market. The main reason behind such a short lifespan is remote controllability.

Wireless connectivity takes away most of the battery life, and the users have to forego this feature for other convenience, i.e., remote access. The company addresses this flaw and has created a solution that most users are happy with.

Crafty+ Warranty

The company offers a 2-year warranty contract covering all the manufacturing defects and keeping the consumer safe. There is no financial risk involved in making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crafty+ the best vaporizer?

Crafty Plus is one of the best vaporizers available on the market. Buyers love the way it heats the herbs and concentrates accurately.

The temperature range is wide for every type of smoker, and the chamber is compatible with herbs and concentrates.

Furthermore, convenience is another feature that makes the Crafty Plus so lovable. It produces evenly cooked vapors with an aromatic smell to make your experience worth remembering. Apart from the battery life and heating time, this vaporizer is highly effective.

What comes in the Crafty+ Vaporizer box?

The box will include a Crafty Plus vaporizer and a USB-C cable for charging. There will also be 3 pieces, each base ring, normal screen, and coarse screen.

You will find a dosing capsule, too, and a cleaning brush to keep your chamber fresh. The company provides a complete user manual for a better understanding of operations.

How much is Crafty+ Vaporizer?

The Storz Bickel charges around 300 dollars for a Crafty Plus vaporizer. This cost is lower than the Mighty vaporizer, almost identical to Crafty.

The price is justifiable as the device is portable when considering its compact size and other best features. The extra batteries will add more cost to your purchase, so you should consider it before allotting the budget to the purchase.

Is Crafty+ Vaporizer worth the money?

Crafty Plus is identical to Might vaporizer in many ways. This vaporizer costs 300 dollars, which is lower than Mighty. All the features are the same. The quality of vapors will never deteriorate, and you will find it pretty easy to operate using the mobile app. The battery life is the only thing that you might find troublesome.

Is Crafty+ Vaporizer safe?

The Crafty Plus vaporizer is made up of plastic outer, which provides insulation. This minor but important feature saves you from electric shock while charging the device or defends against the unwanted heat up of the body.

The insulation ensures you do not feel any physical jolt or burn while vaping. On the other hand, if we talk about financial security, the Crafty Plus vaporizer has a 2-year warranty to ensure all customers remain safer.

However, it is highly recommended not to use the device while charging because it is always better to take precautions.

Does Crafty+ Vaporizer smell?

The vapor smell is preserved from the chamber through the mouthpiece until it reaches your mouth. A dual heating system ensures that the herbs are not overcooked.

Conduction or direct heating is initially used to heat the loading. If heated directly for a long period, the herbs often get burned, and a metallic smell might accompany the vapors to your mouth.

Considering this factor, the Crafty Plus has an integrated convection heating system where hot air is blown through the herbs to eliminate the risk of overcooking and pungent smells.

What temperature should I set for Crafty+ Vaporizer?

Crafty Plus allows users to pick whatever temperature they want. This complete authority is loved by experienced smokers who know the exact temperature level for a specific kind of stuff.

You can set the settings between 40-100 for mild vapors, which consume the least amount of herbs and have battery life. An increase of every 20 degrees from here on leads to a rise in intensity.

The last tier, being the most battery-consuming and tricky to master, is between 180 and 210. Temperature can be a tricky thing to get used to. The foremost thing you must ensure is the kind of vapors you like.

If intense vapors suit your use, then a higher temperature is recommended. Higher temperatures should be set at shorter but frequent intervals to preserve the taste and receive a batch of hot steamy vapors.

Does Crafty+ Vaporizer get you high?

Getting high after smoking a specific kind of vapor does not depend on the type of vaporizer. After drawing a batch of vapors, the ecstasy felt depends entirely on the quality and kind of herbs used. Certain herbs contain marijuana extracts, so this type will surely get you high.

Crafty Plus can handle the temperature and smell of the vapors, but it does not impact the mental aspects of the body. It all depends on the chemical composition of herbs and concentrates on cutting a long story short.

How long does the Crafty+ Vaporizer battery last?

The battery life of Crafty Plus is not as popular as other features. It dies almost an hour after one complete charging cycle. The main reason behind the battery dying so early is the Bluetooth connectivity which drains the battery quickly.

Using the vaporizer at lower temperature levels can also save battery life.

If we talk about the time it takes to charge itself completely, you must wait 45 to 60 minutes. The charging and drainage time ratio is extremely impressive.

How big is Crafty+ Vaporizer?

The size of the Crafty Plus is 4.3 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches. This means the device fits well in the pocket, and you feel anything inside. Portability is one of the best features of the Crafty, and the weight of 5 pounds makes it suitable for outdoor usage.

Final Verdict

Crafty Plus is an extremely efficient vaporizer while enjoying a luxurious time with friends. Adding a USB-C socket, ceramic-coated filling chamber, and other enhanced features has taken Crafty+ to a new level.

You also get 25 minutes of fast charging. Now, that’s mind-blowing. I’m sure you would rarely find such features in a portable vaporizer. The dual heating system is one such feature, and the temperature range adds more value to the process. Complete authority is available for the users to set whichever temperature they like.

The initial heating time is higher than most buyers would like, and even the battery timing is not that impressive, but these features provide you with an evenly cooked vaporizer. Crafty+ will make you believe vaping can be fun, especially when technology provides much-needed convenience.

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