Plenty Vaporizer Review: Is it worth it?

Plenty Vaporizer is one of the many products introduced in the past few years. It sits with Volcano, Mighty+, and Crafty+ Vaporizers when considering the quality.

Plenty Vaporizer has a discreet design and surely is a heavy usage companion. The temperature range is wider than most other vaporizers, and the airflow is consistent.

Despite being a dual heating supporting device, Plenty Vaporizer has a predominant convection component. Heating time is generally an issue as the vaporizer takes longer to cook the herbs, but the metallic chamber provides much-needed conduction support to speed it up a little more.

Portability is another factor that signifies studying the device before committing to a purchase. Our article describes the Plenty Vaporizer in detail, so we recommend reading the whole detail and then deciding.


Plenty Vaporizer Review (Top Pick)

Build and design

plenty vaporizer review
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Plenty Vaporizer is a powerhouse when it comes to providing extended sessions of smoking. There is no doubt that the quality is premium, but the shape and design are features where the users usually hold different opinions.

To give a clear picture, Plenty Vaporizer looks like a drill machine or a hardware tool placed on a table. The vaporizer has stable base support to keep it safe.

You will also find a metallic coil with a mouthpiece attached to it.  The buttons and other minor details are mentioned later in the article. However, the material is pretty durable and safe.

Like any other Storz and Bickel device, Plenty Vaporizer is made of premium material that includes medically graded thermoplastic, aluminum used to make coils, and stainless steel to do the same. The design might have a differing view, but the quality and resilience are surely some of the best features on offer.

Dual heating method

The heating system is not entirely dual. By this, we mean that the whole heating mechanism is more dependent on convection heating when compared to its counterpart.

A double helix heat exchanger is installed inside to blow hot air through the herbs. This indirect heating preserves the aroma and feel. Direct heating works as a secondary heat source. The conduction heating is done through the hot metallic parts.

Heating time

The heating time is 3 minutes. Yes, you need to wait 3 long minutes to receive the first batch of vapors finally. Nevertheless, the vapor quality and precise temperature settings will make you forget the wait you had to go through.

This slow heating time is due to the reliance on convection heating more than conduction. The indirect heating takes longer to cook the herbs.

Temperature range

The temperature range is considerably wide. The heating element produces vapors at temperature as low as 130 degrees Celsius that goes right up to 202 degrees Celsius.


This temperature range is good enough to serve mild vapor lovers and those demanding strong hits. The temperature range should have been higher, but it is what it is.

Besides this, the chamber is made of aluminum metal, so the conduction heating keeps all the temperature levels intact.

Vapor Quality

The Plenty Vaporizer provides the precedented quality associated with the Storz and Bickel products. The vaporizer can provide dense and aromatic clouds of smoke, which is all possible due to convection heating.

Other than this, the external coil works as a cooling mechanism. All the heat gets dissipated, and the user receives a batch of properly cooked and cooled vapors. These vapors are easy to inhale as the heat intensity is low.

Controllability and pattern of usage

Even inexperienced smokers can use the device as the company has incorporated 7 different preset temperature levels. Experienced users would feel bound because they could not experiment using the different temperature intensities.

The controllability is pretty simple, as an analog gauge tells the prevailing temperature. There is a red light function that detects that the vapors are ready. Other than this, an automatic shut-off feature further ensures security.


The company provides a 3-year warranty contract to secure your investment. This period covers all sorts of manufacturing defects and performance-related issues that might disappoint you. The warranty does not cover mishandling or breakage caused during usage.

What we liked

  • The body is durable and properly insulated.
  • Convection heating prevents overheating.
  • No metallic smell because conduction heating is not that prominent.
  • Preset temperature levels are convenient for even a novice.
  • The temperature range is impressive.
  • The vaping hose cools the vapor down before they reach your mouth.
  • The warranty is available for 3 years.

What We didn’t like

  • The control is restricted due to preset levels.
  • No fancy LED and indicators are analog, which can sometimes be inconvenient.
  • Has a slow heating time.

Is Plenty the best vaporizer?

Not the best vaporizer produced by Storz and Bickel if you consider the likes of Mighty Plus, Crafty Plus, and Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. However, it is a lite version of the Volcano series.


The quality vapors, convenient controls, durable build, stable design, and even heating work simultaneously to provide you with one of the best experiences.

The Plenty Vaporizer has an underdog reputation, but the features are impressive, and the cost is affordable compared to Volcano Vaporizers such as Volcano Classic.

What comes in the Plenty vaporizer box?

Storz and Bickel provide all the necessary accessories, which are given below.

  • 1 x PLENTY hot air generator
  • 1 x Vaporization unit
  • 3 x Normal screens
  • 1 x Liquid pad
  • 1 x Tubing section (short)
  • 1 x Tubing section (long)
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Volcano herb mill

How much is Plenty vaporizer?

The Plenty Vaporizer costs around 400 dollars. The price seems pretty high, but the verified distributors and sellers provide discounts at the point of purchase.

Several discount coupons are available in the market to reduce the price even more. Currently, you can purchase it for 300 to 325 dollars.

Is Plenty vaporizer worth the money?

Those who have already used the Storz and Bickel products would know that the company rarely disappoints regarding quality and durability.

The Plenty Vaporizer is a unique vaporizer that rests on the table and takes a little time to produce the first batch. The users love dual heating systems and a wide range of temperature levels.

The vaporizer has an effective cooling arrangement to enhance the pleasure and taste even more. All the features provided are luxurious, so this premium price range is justifiable.

Is Plenty vaporizer safe?

The Plenty Vaporizer is one of the safest vaporizers available On the market. The airflow is consistent, and temperature settings are precise. Moreover, the vapors are cooled before they reach your mouth, so your health is not at risk.

Furthermore, the body is medically graded and perfectly insulated to avoid injuries. Like all other convection vaporizers, Plenty Vaporizer has both quality and consistency besides being a medically safe device.


Does Plenty vaporizer smell?

The smell is great. We have already discussed that the vaporizer takes around 3 minutes to prepare the first batch of vapors. However, the wait is worth it because the vapors are both aromatic and flavorful.

The vaporizer uses dual systems to cook the herbs, whereas conduction heating is a secondary method. Convection heating is one of the main reasons why the taste and aroma are preserved.

There is no metallic smell carried by the vapors even though the chamber is made of aluminum. Convection heating is the winner here.

What temperature should I set Plenty vaporizer?

The temperature level selection is entirely dependent on your choice. Plenty vaporizer is a convection heating device that smells and tastes good at all temperature levels.

This further means you can enjoy vaping sessions at the highest temperature settings. Many vaporizers lack this luxury due to inadequate preservation arrangements. However, you have spent your money on the right device.

Does Plenty vaporizer get you high?

Yes, definitely. The Plenty Vaporizer holds the reputation of being a fairly advanced device with an impeccable heating system. The airflow is undistorted, and the vapors flow right toward you through a cooling mechanism.

You will get high if your loaded material is of good quality and the temperature is set at your favorite intensity. A dense, aromatic, and tasty set of clouds awaits you, so buy this device, turn it on, load it, and start smoking the best vaporizers in the market.

How big is Plenty vaporizer?

The device dimension is 20cm x 15cm x 6cm. The size is similar to that of a machine or mechanical tool such as a drill machine. There can be some reservations regarding the big size, but the main usage is when it is placed on the table. Size is not much of a problem.

Should You Buy Plenty vaporizer?

Getting a quality electronic device these days is difficult, and purchasing a vaporizer is a whole new story. Companies tend to make false promises, so opting for an established brand is always better.

Storz and Bickel is a German brand with a decade-long experience in the vaporizer community. They were producing efficient devices in times when people were smoking paper cigarettes.


Considering the need of the modern era, the company has evolved its product line entirely. The Plenty Vaporizer is amongst the recent non-portable devices developed by the manufacturing facility.

The features provided by Plenty Vaporizer are unique in their own way. The most prominent feature is the portability problem. Plenty Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer, so the device competes with Volcano Vaporizers.

Volcano Vaporizers may have a couple of superlative specs, but in the end, Plenty Vaporizer holds the cost-effectiveness feature. The vaporizer is worth a try, especially if you want a vaporizer to smoke at parties with your friends.

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