Ispire Daab Review – Is Ispire Daab Worth it?

Ispire Daab is a sleek, stylish, and handy electronic rig, making it easier and more efficient. Daab was released in January 2022 and came in a shelled padded Pelican case. The parts that come with the rig fit perfectly in the case, making it convenient to take it with you anywhere you go.

Ispire is a trusted name, and many people have been using its excellent products for some time now. The rig feels quite premium when we talk about the design and comes with borosilicate glass cups that heat evenly and accurately without messing up the taste.

The induction heating system ensures that it delivers and maintains the temperature to give you a pure and perfect hit. Moreover, the borosilicate glass cups keep the contaminants and other solvents away from the products at a custom temperature of 121°C to 426°C.

However, the product has left mixed feelings among the users, and of course, this is due to differences in preferences. However, the first look of the product has a jaw-dropping reaction as it reflects the quality and originality that the company has offered in other products as well.

Ispire Daab Review – is Ispire Daab Worth it?

First Look 

Ispire Daab comes in a box, and when you open it, you see a premium quality hard pelican case with the manufacturer’s name on it. The case offers complete safety of the glass components and ensures transparency so that you can discreetly take it anywhere you want.

As you open the box, you will see a Daab Manual pad similar to a mouse pad with user instructions. The Daab comes with the components that are listed below:

  • The electronic device itself
  • A Water Chamber
  • A Carrier Cup
  • A Reclaim Cup 
  • A Carb Cap 
  • Two inner cups in case you misplace one
  • A USB Type – C Cable
  • User Manual Mat
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Ring
  • A dab tool
  • 3 Alcohol Swabs
  • A Water Chamber Silicone Bumper

All the components (except the rings, mat, and the electronic rig device) are made with premium quality borosilicate glass that gives you an exceptional experience compared to the commonly used e-rigs in the market. 

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More Features of the E-Rig

We will explore what Ispire is up to as it throws the E-Rig into the market and what unique features it has. We will discuss them all one by one.

Induction Heating

Most E-rigs in the market use electric heating, which means there are a few coils under the ceramic surface, which most e-rigs have, and it takes a bit of time to heat up. On the other hand, the Ispire Daab has induction heating, which means electromagnets are used instead of the old-school coils.

What’s special about it is that the temperature is controlled, and the device heats up quickly, so you will not have to wait longer to get a hit. Moreover, your dabs will remain 100 percent contaminant-free.

Is Ispire Daab Portable?

Ispire Daab E-Rig is way more portable than the other vaporizers on the market. And some of them are pretty expensive compared to this vaporizer. Daab comes in a pelican case, making it very easy to take it safely and discreetly.

However, the case size is slightly bigger and will need a lot of space in your suitcase or bag. The case size is 10 inches tall, 4 inches long, and 2 inches across. Plus, it weighs about over a pound.

How Strong is the Vapor?

Now, as we talk about the quality of the vapor, Daab gets the job done and will never disappoint you. It is important to note that you can fit a dab between 0.1g and 0.3g into the inner cup, giving you a fine vapor.

However, it is preferred by many experts that the inner cup should be pre-filled or pre-loaded instead of loading a hot chamber which to some extent messes up the flavor, but it varies from user to user as per their preference. 

Additionally, the user’s manual has advised starting at a temperature of 232°C so that you would be able to know the temperature of the vapor that you can handle.

Battery Capacity

Ispire Daab comes with two 3000mAh lithium-ion batteries that run at 30A and can be swapped or replaced if expired or damaged. Remove the plastic sheet inserted in the battery port for safety to prevent any damage and keep it dry. The battery will be fully charged on the device within an hour using the type–C cable, and the Rig will allow you to dab for almost an hour.

Does Ispire Daab E-Rig Support Dry Herbs?

If you are curious whether you can smoke dry herbs with the E-Rig, then the answer to that would be a No. However, many users say you can smoke other concentrates with the Daab, but it is not recommended.

Ispire Daab is not made for that and supports only 0.2g, so any herb you try to vaporize will go up into a bubbler. Therefore, it is not recommended to smoke loose flour or herbs in the Daab e-rig.

Does it have a Bigger Cloud?

Now, the Daab e-rig can surely give you the hit you are looking for, but if you compare it with other e-rigs like Focus V Carta 2, you will be disappointed. Daab will not give you a cloud that is as big as the Focus V Carta 2.

Is It Easier to Assemble and Use?

When you receive the E-Rig, it is not assembled and needs to be assembled to get used. If we talk about the built of the Daab e-rig, it breaks down into four main components.

The base or the e-rig device is made of plastic and resembles a gun. The grip seems like carbon fiber, but it is not. You will find a power button, two arrow buttons to change the temperature, an OLED screen, and a USB type–C charging port.

Then, come to the Daab Reclaim Cup, made of borosilicate glass, and sits in the induction area. This cup’s main purpose is to restrict any remains from reaching the induction area.

The Daab Induction Cup is comprised of the same borosilicate glass as the Daab Reclaim Cup. It also has internal stainless steel that attracts electromagnetic waves to heat the device with internal Stainless Steel.

This attracts electromagnetic waves via induction heating. You can preload the elements in this cup before heating the rig.

The third component is the Mouth Piece/Water Chamber, which is again made up of glass. Here, the water is the input, and vapor draws through.

Lastly, the Carb Cap is a few inches in size and is used to push the dab into the chamber, so your concentrates do not get stuck on the sides.


This is a way to assemble the Rig

  • You will have to place the reclaim cup into the induction heater hole
  • Then, you will have to place the bubbler above the reclaim cup
  • Now place the inner cup into the bubbler
  • And finally, you will have to carb cap on the inner cup

things to know before using Ispire Daab

Turn it On

Once your e-rig gets assembled, you can turn on the device by pressing the power button, which is called the fire button on the Daab e-rig. 

Switch between Temperature Units

Daab e-rig allows you to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit for better understanding. You can choose between the units by pressing the up and down arrows for a second.

Turning off the Beep

If you get irritated by the beep sounds on the devices you have used earlier, Daab is for you, as the noise can be decreased or even turned off by pressing the up arrow and power button simultaneously.

What Do the Colors Mean

Now, the Daab e-rig notifies you by changing the colors. If the light flashes red in the inner cup, it works, and when it changes to orange, it reaches the set temperature.

Temperature Range

The Ispire Daab e-rig has a temperature range of 121°C to 426°C, which is 250 to 800 when switched to Fahrenheit. You will be able to see the temperature on the device’s OLED screen.

What is Auto Heat Mode?

Ispire Daab has an auto heat mode that will continually heat the inner cup, and when it reaches a peak, it will automatically turn off.

Is Cleaning the Daab E-Rig Easy?

If you use the Daab e-rig and keep the flavor pure and fresh every time you dab, then it is suggested that you clean the inner cup with a vape cleaning stick every time you’re done dabbing.

If you notice something like an inner cup has been stained or changed its color, it is recommended to use an orange chronic pipe cleaner, shake the banger, reclaim the bowl for almost a minute, then wash it with slightly hot water, and you are good to go. You can use the same process to clean the bubbler as well.

Does Ispire Daab Come with a Warranty?

Yes, the Ispire Daab comes with a warranty card, which can be seen in the box. The warranty can be claimed within one year. It is vital to note that the warranty can be claimed only for the defects and not for misusing the device if it is damaged.

Does Ispire Daab Justify the Price?

Ispire Daab e-rig was released at $299, which was said to be overpriced by some of the expert users when they compared the rig to the renowned Puffco Peak and OG Carta. However, the company repriced the Daab, and is now available at $249.

Should you buy Ispire Daab?: Final Words

Ispire Daab is indeed a desktop device and performs exceptionally well when it comes to adequate dabbing. It has been used by several customers who have been using Ispire products for years and are satisfied with the products that the company launches.

However, the Daab is criticized by some people who have used the rig for some time. The first concern they have is the all-glass body which is quite fragile and can shatter into pieces in case it is dropped.

Secondly, the rig has no mobile application like the Puffco Peak Pro and is operated with buttons. Thirdly, the product at this price range is still not compatible with other concentrates or is not recommended by the manufacturer.

However, in conclusion, I would say if you are looking for a rig that can give you a purer and cleaner flavor, then Daab can give you that, as it has an all-glass concept. But if you are looking for something that gives you a bigger cloud, there are many other options in the market.

Overall, I think this is a great product. It has all the features of a traditional dab rig but with the added convenience of being an induction heater. It has many downsides, but they are not the deal-breakers. 

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