Heavy Hitters Quattro Review (20% OFF)

Are you one of those who just love to vape all the time but are tired of just a single flavor at one time? OR maybe want to smoke MULTIPLE flavors simultaneously without losing the essence of THC?

Heavy Hitters have covered you with their Quattro 4 in 1 Vape. Quattro Vaporizer is an extraordinarily compact device.

It allows you to merge four different THC-concentrated pens in it and gives you the option to smoke ALL FOUR of the flavors at the same time.

Yup, that’s right. This one is for the daredevils out there who are fed up with regular single-flavor hits.

And for those who like to take it slow and want to get creative in what they smoke; they can also mix any two or three of their favorite flavors and smoke the way they prefer.

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Heavy Hitters Quattro For Sale Review

Quattro Packaging

Heavy Hitters Quattro Packaging

Quattro comes in really cool packaging which includes the main pen that has four compartments or as the packaging refers to it ‘a four-barreled power-punch because it actually kind of looks like that.

This is paired with a total of four different separators which lets you adjust how many of the pens you want to smoke at once and a cute little pouch for your cartridges. Moreover, it is also followed up by a manual for how to use it, which is not really needed as it is quite self-explanatory.

Quattro Build & Design

Heavy Hitters Quattro Build And Design

It is ultimate! The device has a very sleek and compact design. It comes in black and the body seems pretty strong and durable. It is small enough to carry it anywhere you go and you can easily keep it in your pockets.

The design is extremely unique; the product is small and lets you accommodate four pens in it simultaneously.  Is there any other product in the market that allows you to take all massive hits at once?

All the upper four corners/sides of the Quattro have a stadium shaped like a hole in it which lets the inner vape pens to cool down after every hit you take.

It also lets you measure the number of THC oils remaining in the pens to know when it is time to replace those cartridges.

The bottom of the pen also has four circle-shaped holes below each compartment. So, when you take a hit, the pens lighten up from below and indicate which of the four pens are being operated which is really cool.

Another thing that the customers really liked about this product is that it lets you take an equal hit of all of the four flavors rather than an unbalanced punch of flavors.

How Does Quattro Work?

So basically, the device has four tiny compartments and in these, you can insert four different Heavy Hitters pens.

After you decide which of your favorite flavors you want to try at once and insert them, you may close it with one wide mouthpiece in order to get the hit of all four of them, at the same time!

As the package also comes with 3 other separators, you have the option to smoke three, two, or just one of the pens, however, you like it.

Heavy Hitters Product:

Heavy Hitters Quattro Product

Well for an extraordinary vaporizer like Quattro, Heavy Hitters gives us some premium potent THC oils to use with it. Currently, they have the following ones to fulfill your needs for pure THC:

  • Ultra Premium Distillate
  • 483 Live Resin 1 Gram
  • 483 100% Sauce All-In-One
  • Ultra Potent Gummy

You can choose different Strain types, Strain, and Flavors from it, depending on how you crave it. All of their products are free from fake flavors, and cutting agents such as Vitamin E, PG, VG, or MCT and are free from any harmful ingredients (chlorophyll, waxes, pesticides, etc.)

What we liked

  • It’s a very handy and easy-to-use device.
  • Lets you smoke FOUR vape pens at the same time.
  • Gives the option to be creative by mixing different flavors and inventing a new one according to your taste.

What We didn’t like

  • The only drawback that I have seen is that the separator gets stuck sometimes in the mouthpiece but it’s not that of an issue and can easily be freed.


Quattro is so far one of the best products out there in the market, which fulfills the demands of many people who really want to take it to the next level.

This ultimate device gives you the privilege to blend in four different Heavy Hitters herbal flavors in just one shot and get a hit of all of them, at the same time.

With Quattro as your vaping tool, you can experiment with different ideas to entertain yourself. If you like being creative like us, try blending different flavors each time you vape and jot down your favorite combo.

Trust us when we say this, you want to impress your friends with your extraordinary vaping skills!

One of the biggest reasons why Quattro is such a hit is the focus of its team on the right things. The production is done with one of the best, high-quality, and most reliable raw materials.

This ensures the outcome of the product is up to the mark! The process however does not come to a halt here. This is coupled with bringing in the right strategy for the product and a design aligned with it.

The design, strategy, and management behind this have helped the product gain popularity and success over the years. Superior quality is the biggest asset the brand possesses and maintaining it is its biggest goal.

Without the remarkable dedication of the team, the brand could not give the experience it has been giving its customers. Heavy Hitters Quattro is your best friend in the vape world if you want to vape with four different flavors and styles.

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