Boundless Vexil Review | Boundless Vexil Reviews (10% OFF)

Boundless Vixel is an economical vaping device developed for those youngsters who cannot afford the Boundless CFX Plus. This vaporizer is a compact piece of brilliance that is fairly simple.

The temperature settings and controllability enable even a novice user to experiment without burning dry herbs. There is a three-button controlling mechanism with no unnecessary complexity.

The battery life and the charging time are convenient for portable usage. However, there are many more features on offer than we have mentioned.

To know what is on offer, we have prepared a detailed review of the Boundless Vixel to ensure that all our viewers know the value they can get from purchasing this vaping device.

It will answer almost all the questions that an average smoker would have in his mind, so continue reading to learn more.

Boundless Vexil Review – Boundless Vexil Reviews (10% OFF)

What’s inside the box?

The Boundless Vixel package has the following components:

  • The Vexil Vaporizer
  • A cleaning brush
  • A USB type C charging cable
  • A couple of mouthpiece screens
  • A user manual


  • The size is compact.
  • A simple device to use for inexperienced users.
  • It has a spiral air path for better cooling.
  • The chamber is combustion-free with a 0.5-gram capacity.
  • The type C charging port fills it quickly.
  • The vapor production prompt and taste are flawless.
  • Insulated components and session pausing technology make it safer than other simple devices.


  • The temperature range is narrow.
  • The absence of precise controls makes it irrelevant for those who like to experiment.
  • It is not compatible with oils and concentrates.
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The Boundless Vixel is compatible with dry herbs only. The chamber build and other components do not support oils and concentrate.

Absorption pads and concentrate inserts are incompatible with the chamber or mouthpiece. You should consider this factor before going any further. This device is not for you if you like oils, waxes, or concentrates.

Design and build

The Boundless Vixel is a simple device that is nowhere near Boundless CFX or CFX Vaporizers (in terms of power and versatility). The design might feel ordinary, but it is commendable when considering the aspects addressed by the manufacturer.

The Boundless Vixel weighs 154 grams, and the dimensions are 108 mm x 45 mm x 20 mm. This makes it a portable device to use since the size is compact.

The body is sleek, classy, and stylish, to say the least. The manufacturer has excelled in the comparatively dull body of CFX and CFX Plus. The mouthpiece is made of zirconia ceramic to ensure your lips do not burn while drawing hot vapors.

It has a magnetic attachment to keep it sealed and airtight. A spiral air path is integrated to keep the vapors cool and tasty. This simple yet effective is available in black and teal colors only.

Heating chamber

The heating element is zirconia ceramic. This ensures that the herbs do not combust when heated in high-temperature settings. The metallic smell is another problem that most dry herb vaporizers are inherently prone to.

However, the Boundless Vixel has no metallic intervention throughout the heating process and the flow of vapors. The chamber size is large enough to accommodate 0.5 grams well-ground dry herbs. It is great for on-a-go usage, where you can load the chamber and enjoy the rest of your journey.

Heating method

The heating method integrated inside the Boundless Vixel is pure conduction. It is efficient to heat a dry herb because the heating chamber is exposed to a direct heat source.

Conduction heating is often considered a combustion-causing method, but the zirconia ceramic chamber protects the dry herbs from burning.

Heating time

If you are a regular vape user, you already know that Boundless Vixel has a fast heating time. The device has conduction heating, the fastest and most effective way to heat dry herbs. A dry herb load inside the zirconia chamber takes around 20 to 30 seconds to heat up.

Temperature range

Dry herb smoking is all about setting the right temperature. Mostly, dry herb vaporizer manufacturing companies focus on lower temperatures as aromatherapy is used for medical purposes.

The Boundless Vixel lacks the perfect mildness for aromatherapy as the temperature range starts from 192 degrees and goes up to 225 degrees Celsius.

Other dry herb vaporizers often start from 120 degrees, while high-end vaporizers like Mighty start from below 100 degrees Celsius.

Temperature settings

The Boundless Vixel has four preset temperature settings allowing inexperienced users to set an optimal intensity for various herbs. Each of the four intensities can be distinguished by memorizing the color of the flame logo. These intensities are:

  • Green – 192 degrees Celsius
  • Purple – 204 degrees Celsius
  • Blue – 212 degrees Celsius
  • Red – 225 degrees Celsius

Despite being a device that allows easy temperature switching, it is not admired by experienced users. The absence of precise controls limits the freedom of those smokers who know the optimal intensities for each dry herb. Still, the overall convenience makes it an easy device to operate.

Vapor Quality

Vapors produced by the Boundless Vixel are cool, flavorful, and aromatic. There is no metallic intervention throughout the heating phase. The zirconia air path is spiraling to enable effective cooling before the vapors reach your mouth.

The presets are accurate to keep the temperature consistent. The vapor quality also depends on how frequently you clean the chamber. A cleaner chamber means a purer stream of vapors.


The Boundless Vixel is an easy-to-use device with 3-button controls. You must press the power button five times to turn the device on. Pressing the up and down buttons will allow you to switch between the four preset intensities.

A three-second long press on the power button will stop the heating process while repeating the same will resume the session. It also comes with a stealth mode where the lights turn off while the herbs are heated.

There is no mobile app available. No auto-shutoff technology is integrated, so you have to pause the sessions manually (which we do not like for safety). Moreover, the Boundless Vixel does not vibrate in preparation for vapors.

The user is overly dependent on LED lights for communication. The loading and unloading are also very simple since the mouthpiece is magnetic and the chamber is easily accessible. You need to clean the chamber after every session to keep you from quality-related issues.

Battery life

The Boundless Vixel does not have a heavy-duty battery that would enable you to smoke throughout the day. The battery capacity is 1800 mAh with a voltage of 3.7 volts.

This allows you to enjoy 6 sessions in one complete charging cycle. A USB type C charging port fills the battery within 45 minutes. There is no pass-through charging technology,, so you must wait until the device charges completely.


The Boundless Vixel comes with a 3-year warranty contract that covers all sorts of manufacturing faults. However, the contract does not cover breakage and mishandling by the user.

The company does offer a 90-day warranty on the battery, so we would advise using it regularly for the first three months to know if there is any performance issue.

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Is Boundless Vexil worth the money?

The Boundless Vixel costs around 120 dollars. This makes it an affordable vaporizer that can be purchased by students and youngsters with a low budget. The money spent is an investment in a solid proportion of value that provides a good bit of every feature.

There is no evident demerit when you consider the price. The vapor quality, build, battery, settings, and interior are precisely designed to ensure that the users get unprecedented value at an affordable price.

Is Boundless Vexil safe?

The Boundless Vixel is safer than you think. The zirconia ceramic mouthpiece ensures your lips are safe while drawing at high temperatures. It is also made magnetic to prevent the material from spilling.

A spiral pathway is designed to maintain a cool vapor stream after a heating session. However, there is no auto shut-off feature integrated to prevent wastage. The body is insulated and durable so you can hold it during sessions.

Can you use Boundless Vexil while charging?

There is no passthrough charging technology installed inside the Boundless Vixel. It would be best to wait until the battery is charged before you start your smoking sessions.

It is common for modern devices to have such technology, but this vaporizer is economical, so the users need to compromise on something.

Does Boundless Vexil get you high?

The Boundless Vixel is not the best for pleasuring an experienced smoker. Far better devices are available on the market, providing more comfort, but the price is higher.

The Boundless Vixel has a better cooling system based on a spiral pathway, and the taste is superior. These factors can help you to get high.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for just 6 sessions. The capacity of the Boundless Vixel’s battery is around 1800 mAh with 3.7 volts of voltage. It is a fairly portable device that an average smoker can carry outside. The company has integrated fast charging technology for a chain smoker to charge in 45 minutes.


The Boundless Vixel, as we have already mentioned, is an affordable and budget-friendly product. It is not as heavy-duty as Boundless CFX, but it does hold its place.

The Boundless Vixel is one of the most compact devices produced by the company. Besides its compact size, its body is durable for portable usage. The sleek and classy outer is tailor-made for parties and gatherings.

It is an easy device since controllability revolves around three buttons and four preset intensities. The LED light makes these levels easy to remember, while the stealth mode ensures pleasure at night.

The Boundless Vixel is a capable device with a chamber capacity of 0.5 grams, while the battery allows you to enjoy 6 sessions without interruption. The charging time is 45 minutes, so you can refill it while traveling. The heating time is short for on-a-go usage.

Ultimately, it would be best to remember that this device is more cost-effective than similar products. Whether you are a youngster or an experienced smoker who demands convenience, the Boundless Vixel serves all at a time. It is worth a purchase if it is the first vaping device that you are buying.

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