Arizer V Tower Review: Is it worth it? Let’s Find out (20% OFF)

Portability is no doubt a part and parcel of vaping devices but there are several other devices that defy this rule. Arizer V Tower is surely one of those devices as it is introduced as a desktop device.

The manufacturer has invested a lot in developing features and providing the proportion of value that will allow you to conveniently smoke at your home.

Why should the owner enjoy all the fun by himself? Now invest your savings in a device that can serve a whole group of friends during parties and gatherings at your place.

With an ideal heating system that keeps the quality and consistency in check, the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer impresses all those people who like a durable device that can provide good hits and is also durable.


We will discuss all the features offered by the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer but you should remember one thing. Read all these features considering that this vaporizer is not a portable vaporizer but a desktop vaping device.

Some features that might seem relevant in portable vapes, might lose their importance in desktop or home-based vaping devices.

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Arizer V Tower Review (Top Pick)

Build and design

arizer v tower review

The Arizer V Tower Vaporizer looks like a wizard’s hat. A round base for stable support accompanied by a compact upper body to keep the sleekness and style in check.

The chamber and heating system rests inside the upper part while there is a cavity present on the top to attach either a balloon or whip for vaping.

The external body, unlike other desktop vaporizers, is made up of stainless steel. It gives a shiny look and resists scratches. There is an LED panel on the body for convenient handling and the controls are fitted right next to the LED display. Check Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer.

Heating time

It takes longer than conduction vaporizers to prepare the first batch of vapors. On average, it takes around 1-2 minutes to serve the initial vapors.

This delay is understandable as the Arizer V Tower is designed to prepare vapors for the whole group of users and not just a single person. Other than this, convection heating takes time to do its thing.


Heating element

A ceramic heating chamber is a great addition to the interior of the device. Other materials such as the metallic heating chamber are vulnerable to metallic smell and burning of herbs during the whole process.

It preserves all the goodness and quality like any other quality vaporizer. Moreover, there is ample space to load as many herbs as you like. It is expectable because the Arizer V Tower is made for group usage.

Heating method

As we have mentioned before, convection heating slows down the heating process but there are more things to look forward to. Convection heating involves cooking through the indirect source.

Arizer V Tower heats up the air residing inside the device which is then blown through dry herbs. The hot air ensures that the herb is not overcooked so you will experience no foul smell.

The aromatic and consistent vapors are the best thing about this device without a hint of doubt. The vapor quality is premium, to say the least. We recently reviewed Arizer Extreme Q. If you are interested you can check out.

Vapor quality

The vapor quality is premium as we already said. There is no risk of metallic or plastic smell while inhaling the vapors as the chamber is made of ceramic and the heating system is entirely convection.

It is impossible to receive an inconsistent stream of vapors if the hot air is continuously blown through the herbs. The vapors are dense, aromatic, and flavorful so you will admire the quality.

Temperature range

The temperature range is up to the mark as it starts from 50 degrees Celsius and goes right up to 250 degrees Celsius. It is effective enough to cook any kind of herbs including cannabis but it does not complement poorly ground herbs.

Some critics still believe that this temperature range could have been a bit wider to allow more room for innovation.

Controllability and convenience

You will find a backlight screen that will show all the important stats such as the temperature level and timer details. The temperature controls are simple with a couple of up and down buttons.


Moreover, there is a power button beside the screen as well. Once the device is turned on, the power light will indicate it. Then, setting the temperature level will turn the heat light on. Once the heat light is off, you should start vaping because the temperature is reached.

The controllability is kept simple for novice users. The company has also incorporated an automatic shutoff option to make vaping sessions secure.

Apart from all this, the access feature is 360-degree. This means that the entire group can rotate the whip in any direction to make sure that they are vaping at the most suitable angle.

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The company provides financial cushioning for all the buyers as the device comes with a 3-year warranty contract. This means that you should not worry about manufacturing defects and low-performing components.

Other than this, you should also keep in mind that this contract does not cover the glass accessories and the ceramic chamber because they are vulnerable to mishandling.

What we liked

  • The body is durable as it is made up of stainless steel.
  • The vapor quality is second to none.
  • The flow is consistent and even.
  • Temperature settings are precise.
  • Both balloon and whip smoking are supported.
  • Great for group smoking sessions.
  • Controllability and handling are simple.

What We didn’t like

  • The heating time is slow.
  • It does not complement concentrate smoking.
  • The temperature range could have been wider.

Is Arizer V Tower the best vaporizer?

Considering the quality of vapors and durability of the device, the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer leaves behind any other vaping device. The heating system is ideal as it blows streams of hot air through the herbs to produce consistent vapors.

The material is medically graded while the interior is quality too. The heating chamber is made of ceramic and the airflow is uninterrupted. Heating time can be an issue because convection heating takes 1-2 minutes to prepare the initial batch of vapors.


What comes in the Arizer V Tower box?

The Arizer V Tower Vaporizer comes with the following components:

  • 1 x Arizer V Tower.
  • 1 x Owners Manual.
  • 1 x Warming unit and power adapter.
  • 1 x Glass Cyclone Bowl.
  • 1 x Glass Aromatherapy Dish.
  • 1 x Aromatic Botanicals Sample.
  • 1 x Screen Pk (Contains 1 flat/1Dome screens).
  • 1 x Glass Stirring Tool.
  • 1 x 3 Ft Whip.

How much is Arizer V Tower?

The Arizer V Tower Vaporizer, being a heavy-duty device, is often perceived as a costly vaporizer. This perception is wrong because Arizer V Tower Vaporizer costs 119 dollars on any online store. This price is affordable for the majority of users.

Is Arizer V Tower worth the money?

Yes, it is definitely worth the money. Arizer V Tower Vaporizer does not fall in the premium price range and the quality on offer is more than the money spent on it.

The consistency of vapors, aromatic taste, durable build, quality interior, convenience in usage, and utmost safety are some of the most admirable things about this device.

Often people speculate that the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer compromises on the quality to reduce the price. This is not the case at all.

Is Arizer V Tower safe?

The Arizer V Tower is made up of medically graded material because the manufacturer has your health placed on the top of the priority list.

Moreover, the precise temperature control along with consistently hot vapors keep it simple and easy for your lungs to inhale. The body is properly insulated to keep you safe while your investment also has warranty coverage to keep you safe in this respect too.

Does Arizer V Tower smell?

You will never experience a metallic or plastic smell while using the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer since the company has manufactured the device with great care. The overall heating system is convection and the chamber is made of ceramic to prevent overheating.

Other than this, the airflow is consistent so you will receive an uninterrupted stream of aromatic vapors entering your system. The temperature settings are also very precise to add more value.

What temperature should I set at Arizer V Tower?

Usually, you would feel the smell and flavor deteriorating at high-temperature levels. This issue does not exist in the Arizer V Tower because the ceramic chamber prevents the herbs from getting burnt.


On the other hand, a convection heating system blows a stream of evenly warm air molecules to keep it consistent. This vaporizer is tailor-made for smokers who like to inhale red hot but consistently aromatic vapors.

Does Arizer V Tower get you high?

The Arizer V Tower Vaporizer is one of those vaporizers that make cannabis and flowers more pleasurable than usual. The uninterrupted supply of precisely cooked vapors will make you feel as if you are in some other world.

Convection heating along with the ceramic heating chamber make sure that the smell and taste are maintained and you do not experience a pungent smell whilst inhaling the vapors.

How big Arizer V Tower is?

As you would expect from a desktop vaping device, Arizer V Tower Vaporizer has a larger size as compared to other portable models developed by the company. The dimensions are precisely 17.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm.

Should You Buy Arizer V Tower?

Desktop vaping is not as popular as it was decades ago. Owing to the same reason, companies are avoiding investments in desktop vaporizers and developing advanced portable vaporizers.

Assessing the market’s demand, the Arizer series has welcomed a traditional yet unique member in its family, the Arizer V Tower Vaporizer.

As we have discussed above, this vaporizer is designed to smoke dry herbs for an extended time. Its load management is impressive and efficient enough to serve a group of people.

The build is durable and discreet with a stable base to avoid falling. The smell of vapors is as clean as the shiny steel exterior.

The Arizer V Tower Vaporizer is affordable as well as durable so this investment will go a long way. None of your friends would ever think of missing the party at your house because the heavy-duty and premium-quality vaporizer is all they need.

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