Airvape OM Review: Is it worth it? (10% OFF)

Every product launched in the modern era must be portable for instant success. People do not have time to sit idly in their houses, so smokers also demand a portable vaping device to help them cope with their daily chores while vaping.

Serving this need, the Airvape OM Vaporizer is developed and introduced to let the world know that a vaping device can be very small too.

You would find many things unique about the Airvape OM Vaporizer. The first thing that would help your cause is the key-chain ring. It will help you keep the device attached to the clusters of keys that you carry.

In addition, it is a very hustle-free device with simple temperature controls and basic LED lights. The vapor quality is not compromised, despite a fast heating time.

The Airvape OM Vaporizer is often compared with other heavy-duty portable devices, but one should consider that the OM Vaporizer is a budget-friendly product with an exemplary compact design.

The optimal compact design makes it hard to incorporate high-end features. Nevertheless, the company has maintained a certain value proportion worth reviewing. Considering this, we have prepared a detailed review to let you know what the device has on offer.

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Airvape OM Review

OM Design

Airvape OM Vaporizer is a very sleek and compact vaping device made of metallic outer. Wood finishing is added to make it look more discreet and classy. Like all other vaping pens, it has a compact, slim shape that resembles a pen.

Having a dimension of 1.75 x 3.5 x 6 inches and a weight of 0.4 lbs, the Airvape OM Vaporizer is a device to carry inside your pocket. However, compact size means that the manufacturer has provided a smaller battery which is insufficient for extended smoking sessions.

There is one power button incorporated on the base of the device. A key-chain ring is attached to this button so you can hang it to the car keys. Carrying a vaporizer has never been this easy.

Heating element

The Apollo corporation has installed a fairly small heating chamber suitable for micro-dosing. In addition, two quartz rods have metallic wires coiled over them. These coils are efficient in heating, and their metallic nature allows them to conduct heat better than other materials.

Heating time

As you would expect from a standard on-a-go vaporizer, the Airvape OM Vaporizer has a quick heating time to produce vapor wherever or whenever you want. The concentrates and waxes get heated in less than 5 seconds because the coils provide direct heat.

Heating method

The heating method is entirely conduction-based. The metallic heating coils directly heat the waxes and concentrates. This mode of heating is well-known for on-demand vapor production. However, unlike dry herb vaporizers, this method is less prone to combustion because waxes and concentrates are heat-absorbent and burn-resistant.

Temperature settings

The Airvape OM Vaporizer focuses on keeping your usage as simple and quick as possible. Therefore, the company has provided preset temperature settings rather than fully-controlled temperature adjustments.

The temperature settings are based on the voltage instead of Celsius or Fahrenheit. The level of voltages at which the device operates are; 2.4, 3.2, and 4.0 volts. The settings are easy to remember, and each setting has a prominent change in taste and intensity.

Convenience of usage

The Airvape OM is designed to let you smoke outside while doing routine work. Considering the same objective, Airvape OM is free from all sorts of complications.

There is no mobile app support as the device has three preset temperature intensities. Each intensity has a different LED light to easily remember the settings. There is no LED display because the LED lights are sufficient to communicate the status.

The device turns on when you click the power button five times. The temperature settings can be changed by clicking the same buttons three times. A key chain ring is attached to make handling more convenient than ever. Moreover, the device shuts down automatically to save battery since it is not that efficient with power handling.

Battery life

Airvape OM Vaporizer, the most compact vaporizer on the market, cannot carry a long-lasting battery. The irremovable battery integrated inside the device has a capacity of 350 mAh. It is not that efficient to tolerate extensive smoking.

The average battery life depends on the frequency of usage and intensity at which the device is operated. The device will last less than an hour if you are a frequent user. Even a moderate user cannot use it for a complete day.

The charging time is 1 hour, which is at par with other vaporizers on the market. Despite inefficient battery specs, one has to remember that this vaporizer is designed for on and off micro-dosing sessions.


Many simple on-a-go vaporizers compromise on quality to lower costs. However, Airvape products have a well-established name in the market. The company has maintained the same quality that it provides for products like Airvape X and Airvape Legacy. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty to keep you on the safer side.


  • It is among the most compact devices on the market.
  • The metallic outer is stylish and durable at the same time.
  • The heating time is on-demand as vapors are produced in seconds.
  • The heating settings are simple to master and remember.
  • A key chain is attached to make it more portable than other devices.
  • Single-button control keeps it convenient.
  • A lifetime warranty is offered.


  • Voltage-based temperature settings can be a bit trickier.
  • The battery life is compromised to keep the device compact.
  • It is only suitable with micro dosage.
  • Preset temperatures limit the control of the user over adjustments.

Is Airvape OM the best vaporizer?

Airvape OM Vaporizer cannot be named the best vaporizer in the market. The manufacturer imposes many limitations to make it cost-beneficial. The temperature settings are basic, with just three presets available. The outer is durable, and the size is more compact than other vaporizers.

Simple loading unloading and convenient single-button controls are features you would find in any compact vaping pen. The device also comes with a lifetime warranty showing that the manufacturer trusts the quality.

Is Airvape OM worth the money?

Airvape OM Vaporizer costs less than a hundred dollars, meaning it belongs to that rare class of budget-friendly and durable vaporizers. The company provides a lifetime warranty to cement its promises regarding long-lasting quality.

The vapor quality is great as the heating chamber does not overheat the waxes. Airvape OM Vaporizer has insufficient vapor production; however, this feature is acceptable as a conduction vaporizer at such a low price level.

The temperature settings are limited to three intensities, so you can easily switch while handling your daily chores. This device is a worthy companion for on-and-off usage while a pathetic product for extended smoking sessions.

Is Airvape OM safe?

The device is perfectly insulated to keep you safe from all sorts of burns. The auto-shutoff feature ensures that the device turns off during inactivity to save battery and waxes from getting wasted.

Apart from this, no major safety feature is integrated inside the Airvape OM Vaporizer. The keyring can also be a safety feature where you can securely slide your OM Vaporizer inside your pocket.

Does Airvape OM smell?

Despite having the metallic coils inside the heating chamber, it is rare to experience a metallic smell while smoking the vapors produced by the Airvape OM Vaporizer. There is no isolated air path because the small size does not complement this specific feature.

The temperature intensity is a crucial factor in maintaining the taste. The 2.4 volts temperature level produces the most aromatic vapors, while 3.2 perfectly balances the smell and hotness.

What temperature should I set Airvape OM?

The middle-temperature intensity is surely the best to heat a concentrate. It provides a perfect balance between the heat and taste. The vapor production is not bad as this 3.2 volts temperature intensity can satisfy both clouds and flavor chasers.

The 2.4 volts intensity produces an insufficient quantity of vapors with optimal taste, while the 4.0 volts intensity is strong but compromises the taste. You do not get many options to choose from, so 3.2 volts intensity is the best that you have got.

Can you use Airvape OM while charging?

While it is a very simple device, Airvape OM Vaporizer has dreadful battery features. It is a budget-friendly device, so it would be irrational for the company to incorporate passthrough charging instead of other value-adding features. However, the charging time is comparatively short, so you can wait a bit.

Does Airvape OM get you high?

The Airvape OM Vaporizer is not as heavy-duty as other portable vaporizers. Reduced size means less room for heating components and no airflow adjustment. The vapor quality is not bad because the moderate intensity allows you to balance the heat and taste.

However, vapor production is where the device lags behind. It does not produce vapors as dense as other high-end products. The heating element is small, so the waxes will end before you get high. The battery life has the same inherent problem; it will end before you are satisfied.

How long does the Airvape OM battery last?

The battery life of the Airvape OM Vaporizer depends entirely on the usage pattern and temperature intensity at which the device is being operated. The battery capacity is 350 mAh, so you must plan your usage smartly. It lasts less than a day for an average user, while the stats are even worse for frequent smokers.

Final Words

The Airvape OM Vaporizer is nothing but a small portable vaporizer that is ideally made for micro-dosing. It is not the device you would expect to work the whole day.

You cannot take it to parties for extended sessions. However, the small heating element and durable build make it a perfect companion to keep inside your pocket.

Being small is another thing, but Airvape OM Vaporizer has three simple temperature presets that are easy to adjust. The device is made as simple as possible to complement outdoor and on-demand smoking sessions.

The temperature intensities can be tricky initially, but you will get along with them. Handling can also be an issue since there is no prominent LED screen or mobile app support. However, single-button controllability and colored LED lights let you access and remember your current settings.

The style, durability, and quality are not compromised as the body is shiny metallic. A warranty contract is offered to keep you on the safer side, and the key chain component makes it convenient to hold.

The Airvape OM Vaporizer is a portable vaping device that you can carry to your office or shopping mall. Just make sure that your demands are not high-end.

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