How Long Does Wax Pen Stay In Your Urine?

There is a possibility that you may have ongoing THC in your system for more than 60 days, depending on how the THC binds in your body.

Hair follicles and urine tests can fail frequent consumers for up to 63 days, while blood and saliva tests can fail for up to 10 days.

If it’s your first time using cannabis, you should have slightly increased chances of passing the test since your body is exposed to an entirely new substance and has to figure out how to handle it.

Taking THC in small doses can result in a much slower metabolism, which explains why some cannabis consumers cannot feel anything after their first time-consuming. This may be untrue for some individuals, while the opposite is true for others.


Technically, THC can remain in someone’s body for thousands of years without proper preservation. Ancient Egyptians found trace amounts of THC from hashish in their hair, bones, and soft tissues, dating back to 1070 BCE.

Does The Detoxification Program Work For Wax Pen THC?

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System From A Wax Pen? This is not a well-defined question. You should ask how long the THC isomers remain inside your system when using a detoxing course to remove them as soon as possible.

You can eliminate even the most prominent THC problems with the Toxin Rid 10-Days or 5-Days (light) program. While there are many misconceptions regarding the side effects and failure cases, we have people who passed their tests using this program.

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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Body From One Hit?

If you rarely smoke weed in a week, this test might trace the presence of THC for 11-20 days before the test.

For those who smoke daily, the period increases to 49 – 63 days approximately. In the end, a heavy user should refrain from smoking weed for 40 days before the test.

how long does weed stay in your body from one hit

You will stay exposed to minimal amounts for a long time. Whenever we conduct a drug test, we’ll opt for a urine test with a standard limit of 50ng/mm. The compounds that make cannabis active are not detected in a cannabis drug test; instead, the residual compounds detected are cannabinoids.

Based on the component’s strength and tolerance, it will likely remain active for 1–3 hours. Several variables need to be considered when determining residual products. The variables would include the following:

  • Fat:

Reserve cannabinoids stored in the body are released, to a greater extent, with a higher body fat percentage.

  • Metabolism:

The higher metabolism you have, the faster the cannabinoids will be flushed.

  • Chronic Use:

Smoking cannabis a lot more often will build up an excess of cannabinoids in the system. The body will quickly eliminate the cannabinoids if they aren’t used frequently.

Considering all this, recent clinical studies have typically found that long-term drug use has a very low detection rate, meaning it would generally take longer than ten days to detect any drug usage.

The best way for a new user to detect traces would be to wait around 3–4 days. A urine test can also be affected by a few other factors:

  • Hydration:

Staying hydrated may throw off the balance of cannabinoids, potentially reducing the levels to a level below the threshold for detection.

  • Urination:

Cannabinoids are released into the person’s system when they wake up and undergo the sleep cycle. This will lead to a much smaller buildup of cannabinoids in the second urine.

  • Food/Exercise:

When people drink too little water, they eat more fat to obtain sufficient energy. Exercise will also speed up the flushing process by raising the metabolic rate and burning off fat.

However, the concentration of cannabinoids in the body increases during fasting and exercise since they are being wiped out through the urine faster.

What Is THC?

how long does wax pen stay in your urine system


THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is an isomer from a psychoactive drug source (usually cannabis). It enters your lungs after you smoke a cigarette, from where it gets diffused into the bloodstream.

The blood takes it to various body parts and eventually the brain. THC affects your body’s overall functionality, such as decision-making power, movement & balance, memory, etc.

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System From A Wax Pen?

This question has a pretty straightforward answer. When consumed through the lungs, the influence can be felt for 1 to 3 hours straight.

On the contrary, if you consume it with edibles, the effects would not be evident for 30-40 minutes. Once the body starts digesting the food, THC is transmitted to the whole body, and the impact might be felt for several hours.

The presence of THC in your body can be traced up to 11-20 days before the test if you smoke only a few cigarettes a week.

If you smoke daily, the period increases to 49 – 63 days approximately. A heavy smoker should avoid weed for 40 days before taking the test.

Where Does Wax Pen’s THC Come From?

The primary source of THC is marijuana, which is obtained from the cannabis plant. This psychoactive drug is known as weed, pot, or ganja.

The severity of THC’s consecutive damage and addiction can be judged because it is banned in the USA and almost all other countries.

How Long Does The Wax Pen’s THC Test Go Back?

how long does a dab pen stay in your system

There is no general time frame regarding the history that your drug test checks inside your body. The period depends entirely on the type of test that you have chosen to take. We will mention each test from the hardest to the easiest.


Hair Follicle Test

The most authentic and accurate type of drug test. Most companies, government institutions, and even the factory recruitment program suggest testing the hair follicle samples to detect drug remnants in your system. This test tracks the drug particles consumed in the last 90 days.

Saliva Test

Your saliva stores the traces of THC particles for 36-48 hours. The results might variate dramatically in this test. If you plan to take this test, we recommend stopping smoking for 5 days before.

Blood Test

We have an interesting fact for those who consider blood the most credible source of testing the body’s status. A blood test only provides a 36 hours long record of THC consumed. The reason for such low coverage time is the quick transmission of THC isomers from the bloodstream to the organs.

Urine Test

The urine test is the most common kind of test used nowadays. The accuracy is pretty solid (not as much as the hair follicle test). If you are a light user who rarely smokes a cigarette in a week, this test might trace the presence of THC for 11-20 days before the test.

For those who smoke daily, the period increases to 49 – 63 days approximately. In the end, a heavy user should refrain from smoking weed for 40 days before the test.

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Why Does Urine Test Result Vary From Person To Person Depending On The Wax Pen Consumption?

how long does thc stay in your system from a wax pen
The composition of urine is entirely dependent on the stuff you consume. Most of the time, people think that urine composition changes with the food you eat. This is true, but not entirely.

Your urine contains everything that your cells secrete. If you have consumed weed, the THC isomers stored inside the cells or your body are diffused to the kidneys.


The THC levels vary from person to person. The factors can be anything. You would hear people saying that it depends on the number of cigarettes you smoke, but some other factors influence your blood and urine composition.

Which Factors Make Wax Pen / Dab Pen Stay In Your System For A Longer Time?

how long does vape stay in your system

Several things might make THC stay in the body more than other people. We have compiled some of the most crucial ones.

Consumption Frequency

The first and the most straightforward thing restricting the elimination of THC from the body is smoking cannabis multiple times a day.

Your body needs a specific time to process the THC isomers and either consume or eliminate them through urination. If you keep smoking time after time, the excreted THC remnants are replaced by a new set of isomers.

Heavy Body Weight

Weight also plays a vital role in drug test preparation. You would rarely see a heavily weighed weed consumer testing negative on a drug test. This happens because the THC isomers get stored in the thick layers of fats when they are unused.

These particles are hard to remove as they are immersed under the tricky layers of an already stored portion of your food. When fats are utilized, the isomers are released and excreted through the urine. The process is prolonged.

Low Metabolism

Metabolism is the speed of chemical processes happening inside the body. If your metabolism is slow, we have some bad news for you.

In such individuals, the THC isomers (or any other chemical substance) are not processed as quickly as the average rate. There THC molecules can be traced even days after smoking. You need to quit weed intake weeks before the test date.

Poor Hydration

A well-hydrated body can dilute and excrete whatever it wants. The situation worsens for smokers who do not drink the necessary amount of water as there is a shortage of solvent to dissolve the remnants for excretion.

The following methods won’t help you remove THC from your urine:

For instance, activated charcoal, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), baking soda, bentonite clay, bleach (sodium hypochlorite), castor oil, cranberry juice, Epsom salts, fiber, goldenseal, “green cleanses,” infrared saunas, lemon water, oatmeal, pickle juice, or vitamins B3 or C.

How Does The Program Help Clear Wax Pen THC From Urine?

how long does a dab pen rip stay in your system

You will receive a pack of 150 tablets (we are considering the 10-Day course) that you must consume within 10 days. Start with taking 3 pills for 5 hours each, consecutively.

Maintain the routine for 10 days but ensure that you should not exceed the barrier of 15 tablets per day because the doctors highly suspect a reaction in such a case. The pills dilute the number of THC isomers in your bloodstream.

Once the dilution process is completed, the next step involves using a detoxing drink. This entirely targets the excretory and digestive systems. After completing pill consumption, you need to fast for 2 hours and take half of the detoxing drink.

Repeat the process by fasting for 2 hours and drinking the other half of the drink. Though this step lasts only 5 hours, you need to observe the mandatory fast, so the drink works fine.

The last step is optional and must be avoided by casual smokers because their system would be as clean as a whistle by completing the second step.

On the contrary, if you are a regular weed smoker, you should mix these fibers in water and consume them an hour before your test. Drink a lot of water during the hour and urinate to ensure that the last bit of impurities gets washed away.

Does It Work To Clear Wax Pen THC From Your Urine System?

Obviously, yes. A reliable detoxing program like Toxin Rid works wonders, especially when preparing for a urine drug test. You can trust the triple action of different kinds of treatment merged.

How Long Does One Hit of Wax Pen Stay In Your Urine System?

Even though wax is typically at least twice the THC of bud, just taking a double hit will not typically last two days or longer. It’s just like taking a prescription drug; it takes many doses to kick in. Don’t worry about it.

How Much Time Does A Wax Pen Take To Show Up On A Urine Test Compared To Just Smoking Regular Weed?

The answer is Yes. Anything with THC will show, and I would guess consuming wax is the same as smoking. However, nothing could be guaranteed. It is up to you how much THC you consume and how much fat you burn on an average day.

There are various cleanses available, and technically none are “effective,” however, many consumers use them effectively. I have heard that substituting synthetics for natural ones may also be possible.

You should try our 10-day detox program (mentioned in the article) if you have more than a few days. Also, make sure you work out and eat healthy foods and drink lots of juice. If you are going to be tested, you should also stop smoking.

After Not Smoking For Over A Month, I Used A Dab Pen Three Times Last Night. How Long Would It Take Me Before I’m Free?

I would say that it usually takes a week to clear. People who smoke heavily daily often are told that it takes a few weeks to clear.

After the first time use, you should be clean within a week. Since you haven’t used it recently, you will likely be clean within a week. You can buy a home testing kit at a drugstore if you require more information.

It’s essentially the same as the lab tests use, which they do more accurately if the initial screen is positive. If you get a positive result after seven days, try again after one or two more days.

For How Long Does Weed Oil Aka Dabs Last In Your System?

It’s different for everyone, but if I’m 100% clean and smoked, I could be completely clean in three to four days. However, that was on the flower.

I also dabbed every day for over two months and got clean in just under 17 days. You would take longer to get clean if you have a slow metabolism and don’t drink enough water.

How Long Will THC Take To Flush Out Of Your Urine System?

Some people have passed hair follicle tests after 30 days of quitting smoking, while others have failed for months after their first cigarette. Taking a drug test is one thing you cannot gauge, so it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

When cannabis is consumed, THC concentrations increase at several points throughout the body. Several traces of this substance can be detected in the blood, urine, feces, brain, high-perfusion tissues, and fat.

Several days after consuming cannabis, most THC has been moved from the blood and brain but is more concentrated in the deep fat tissues and peripheral tissues.

Within the first 4 – 5 days, 50 to 90% of THC and other phytocannabinoids are eliminated from your body. This excretion occurs mainly in feces, with only traces manifesting in the urine. Lab workers don’t like handling human feces, so they still use urine for testing.

After roughly 10 days, the levels of phytocannabinoids in the fat begin to decline slowly but can still be detectable up to 90 days later, particularly in the hair follicles.


Taking drug tests is common these days. The majority of people opt for the urine test when they are given the option. The main reason for choosing this test is the ease of cheating.

The testing systems are up to date and modern, but companies have worked their way out of this situation. The Toxin Rid offers a blood and urine purification program that improves the overall composition of the serum.

You can search the internet even more or visit for detailed reviews on detoxing products. Our article already clarifies almost all sorts of questions that might arise in your mind regarding the drug test.

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