Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod Review

Yocan Uni Vaporizer was a simple vaping device introduced by the Yocan manufacturer but customers demanded better features. The company has come up with an upgrade which proved to be a successful one.

The Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod has some handy features like the OLED display, which was missing in the previous models.

Compatibility is not an issue with this compact yet size-adjustable product. You will heat your concentrates quickly with accurate temperature control and simple buttons.

The battery life is not that bad either. It comes with a battery that can work for a day or more when fully charged and used lightly.

Moreover, the price is affordable, with a solid proportion of value in just 50 dollars. The material is medically graded and the inner is simple and efficient.

It works fine as a portable vaporizer with all the required features to produce vapors on demand. However, we believe that Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod needs a complete review that would explain each feature in great detail.

The article below is a detailed analysis of the Uni-Pro Box Mod produced by the Yocan corporation.

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod Review

Design and built

yocan uni pro box mod review

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The Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is a decent-looking vaporizer that is made of zinc alloy. The body is not as glossy as you would expect from a metallic vaporizer. Rather it gives a rubbery look that feels smooth and silky to say the very least.

It fits perfectly in the hand and has a stable base that allows the device to stand while charging or resting. You will find a prominent OLED display on one side of the device that indicates detailed stats. The power button and the voltage controls accompany the display.

A diameter adjustment dial and the height adjustment clip are on the other side. You will also find a tiny glass window between the dial and the clip.

The company provides a magnetic ring to attach the cartridge while you are fitting it inside the device. The height adjustment clips allow you to set the atomizer at your favorite height.

Once it is done, turn the dial to fit the atomizer perfectly. The window enables you to see what is going on inside the cartridge. The micro USB charging port sits at the base of the device.

The edges are not as rounded as some of you would have liked. The edges are made sharp to provide a better grip. However, it slips often, so you need to handle it carefully.


Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is compatible with concentrates only. While many people rant over the absence of dry herb compatibility, one must know that this device can be adjusted according to the cartridge size.

The diameter adjustment dial fits perfectly to ensure the cartridge does not shake. It can fit up to 14mm of ammunition. You will also find a height adjustment clip that can raise the cartridge to your favorite height.

Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod does not work with a cartridge below 42mm because the device would not be able to lift it above the opening.

Heating time

The heating time of Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is incredible. It is a perfect on-a-go vaporizer with a 10 seconds heating time.

You only need to fit the cartridge inside your device, press the power button 5 times, select your favorite setting, and press the power button a couple of times to lock in the temperature. The OLED display shows the countdown to make you wait for an accurate period.

Temperature range and setting

The temperature settings are different from a standard vaporizer. Overall, you will find several vaping devices that produce heat depending on the controls showing intensities in Celsius and Fahrenheit, the Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod has a voltage-based control that can be set at any level between 2 and 4.2 volts.

The settings are easy and provide complete control over the heating process as 0.1 increment does its trick. Experienced smokers love and admire this vaporizer as they can set the exact temperature they want.

Battery life

The battery life is standard when considering that it is a Yocan product. Like any other Yocan device, the Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod also has a battery that works the whole day to provide an uninterrupted stream of vapors.

The battery has a capacity of 650 mAh, sufficient enough to power a regular usage for a day. If you smoke throughout the day, it would require charging once daily.

The charging port is micro USB and supports passthrough charging so you can use it while it is charging. It takes only 1 hour to charge completely.

Convenience of usage

The Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is a convenient device to use. A prominent OLED screen is integrated to know the temperature settings and remaining battery life.

It is better than the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer because you would not require to watch a video on YouTube or read an instruction manual to learn the usage. It has simple controls too where you will find a power button and two control buttons near the OLED screen.

There will be no cartridge flickering due to adjustment dials and clips. Furthermore, the hanging hole lets you hang the device on your neck. The shut-off timer saves a lot of concentration and circuit-breaking technology avoids the risk of electronic malfunction.

Other than this, there are several features that could have been added like the airflow adjustments and remote controllability. The ease of holding this device and the great portability add more value to the convenience.

What we liked

  • The heating time is quick.
  • The design and shape are premia.
  • It comes with simple temperature controls.
  • OLED screen makes it convenient to handle.
  • Pass-through charging enables you to use it while charging.
  • It has a diameter and height adjustment dial.
  • The battery life is great.

What We didn’t like

  • The body is slippery despite sharp edges.
  • The voltage-based intensities are harder to get along with.
  • There is no airflow adjustment.
  • The accessories are limited.

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Is Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod the best vaporizer?

Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod may not be termed as the best vaporizer by any website but there are several features that you will find handy.

The first thing that you will find convenient is the cartridge compatibility where any size suits the standard atomizer size of the Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod.

The build is not any less than premium. The temperature settings are accurate and simple to help novice users. The solid battery life makes it a convenient device when traveling or at the office.

You can hide it inside your palm to avoid getting caught while enjoying your smoking session. However, the company could have increased the battery life to provide haptic feedback and Bluetooth app support. An integral airflow adjustment or cooling system is missing as well.

Is Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod worth the money?

Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is a budget device that costs 50 dollars only. Many people speculate that a lower price comes with a lower value. We also admit that you will not get premium quality at such a low price but it performs the simple functions better than any other concentrate vaporizer.

The incredible features include quick heating, aromatic smell, great battery life, cartridge compatibility, and convenient usage. It comes with great quality and safety ensuring updates that will cause fewer troubles.

Is Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod safe?

Safety is not a problem when using the new and improved Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod. The body is perfectly insulated to keep you safe from injuries. There is a circuit-breaking feature installed to make sure that no electric mishap happens.

A 15 seconds auto shut-off feature also plays a critical role in making it a safe device to use and to avoid wastage of cartridges. A cartridge does not feel loose and the tight parts keep it leakage-free.

Does Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod smell?

The concentrate vaporizers rarely have a smell issue. This rule applies to the Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod as well. The heating method is entirely conduction but still, you will enjoy the aromatic and tasty clouds produced by the device. No matter which voltage you set, the quality does not fall at any point.

What temperature should I set Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod?

The temperature settings can be tricky because there is no Centigrade or Fahrenheit scale to assess the temperature. However, the voltage scale is also easy to manage if you understand how it works.

The temperature range is between 2 and 4.2 volts. The best temperature setting in our opinion is anything around 3 volts. The vapors are dense along with an aromatic smell and great taste.

Users who demand a strong hit can choose between 3.5 and 4.2 volts. The taste does not impair at higher temperatures but the harshness can be a problem especially due to the lack of a cooling system.

Can you use Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod while charging?

The Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod can be used while it is charging. The battery capacity is just 650 mAh so it fills up pretty quickly.

On the other hand, it has a pass-through charging feature that allows you to vape while charging without damaging your batteries. It is a handy feature, especially when you need a quick session and the device runs out of battery.

Does Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod get you high?

It gets you high. Concentrating smoking is considered the best kind of smoking. There is no overheating problem like any other concentrate vaporizer. Apart from the vapor quality, the accurate temperature controls will take you to your favorite settings quickly.

The aromatic smell, unhindered taste, and consistent flow will get you high. Similarly, convenient usage and sufficient battery life let you enjoy sessions without worry.

How long does the Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod battery last?

As we have already explained, the Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod battery might feel small compared to other devices. In reality, the 650 mAh battery is sufficient enough to power smoking sessions for a day. Frequent usage will drain the battery quicker.

How big is Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod?

Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is a highly compact and portable vaporizer. It has dimensions of 3 inches x 1.5 inches x 1 inch. Dua to this small size can be slipped into pockets or easily concealed inside the palm.

Should you buy Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod?

The Yocan corporation is well known for the production of devices that are unique and value-adding. Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod is not an exception to this statement. It comes at an affordable price that almost all teens can buy.

The build is stylish and classy for those youngsters who prefer using premium devices at parties and gatherings. The diameter and heat adjustments are installed to ensure your favorite cartridge fits perfectly inside the heating area.

Moreover, you will find easy temperature controls and a simple-to-read OLED screen with detailed stats.

The company has targeted youngsters with budgetary problems and experienced smokers who demand control over the heating process. The long-lasting battery and pass-through charging fulfill the needs of frequent travelers and office workers.

Low price accompanied by solid features is why people choose this device. Besides this, the company does not implement the lock-in strategy (where a vaporizer company sells cheap vaping device and then follow it up will costly concentrate cartridges).

It comes with an adjustable diameter dial and height adjustment to make it compatible with the affordable cartridges you buy. Just think over the value on offer and get along with the purchase.

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