Yocan Magneto Review

Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is a simple and intense device that goes against the current vaporizer market norms to provide a unique proportion of value.

A metallic vaporizer that is accompanied by single button controllability to keep it as simple as possible. The design is not as complicated as other Yocan devices where you had to twist the components every time.

The Yocan Vaporizer is a medium-range device when considering the price, however, the value is still there. You will receive a silicon compartment where you can store your herbs and the battery is also sufficient enough to last more than a day.

There are no specific heat settings, levels, or modes. The single button controllability makes it simple to heat the waxes but it is prone to overheating.

The hotness of vapors might feel harsh on the lungs, however, you will receive a stream of aromatic vapors that carry no metallic smell. The chamber is good enough to handle the load.

There is no airflow adjustment available, unlike other predecessors. There are many other factors that you should consider before committing to a purchase. The price is compelling but the usage is extremely subjective to the preference of the user.

Scroll through the review to know more about this traditional yet innovative piece of technology and then decide whether it is worth investing your hard-earned cash in or not.

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Yocan Magneto Review

Design and material

Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is a sleek and durable vaporizer that comes in 6 different colors. It feels nice and smooth when you hold it. The compact size makes the real difference where it can almost be hidden in your palm.

You will find an atomizer tube resting on top of the device. It is perfectly insulated to mitigate the risk of injuries caused by red-hot vapors. Below the tube, you will come across a coil cap with a dab tool attached to it.

Once you remove the coil cap, the heating compartment is exposed (we will discuss the chamber design later in the article). Next comes the base that sits on top of the battery component. However, the best thing is the silicon compartment that is made to store waxes and concentrates whilst you are traveling far away.

Heating time

The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer generally takes 3 to 5 seconds to prepare the first batch of vapors. This feature is one of those key aspects that make it a perfect on a go vaporizer. It can be used in the office during breaks without any hustle. It also suits your needs if you want quick and short sessions.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber lies above the base plate. It is covered by the coil cap that is magnetically attached to it. Once the coil cap is lifted, the ceramic heating chamber can be seen. Ceramic multi-layers serve as the best material to mitigate the risk of overheating wax or diminishing vapor quality. Ceramic chambers are better than metallic chambers that are prone to metallic smell.

Heating method

The heating method is traditional. The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer has a conduction source that heats the concentrate directly. Direct heating is generally considered a mode that would always remain vulnerable to overheating issues.

However, this is not the case especially when you are using waxes. The company has also incorporated a ceramic chamber to overcome the risks of overheating.

Temperature range

There is no temperature range available for the customers to stick with. The temperature settings are entirely dependent on the duration for which you hold the power button. The heat intensity per second is somehow linked to the voltage supplied by the battery. This means that a fully charged battery will provide the highest heating. This intensity will diminish as the battery depletes. Low batteries will take the longest to heat up.

Vapor quality

Amongst simple dab pens, the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer works brilliantly. The ceramic multilayer keeps the flavor intact and avoids the metallic or plastic smell from ruining the experience.

However, we would have loved a precise temperature control system. A cooling system would have made the vapors more enjoyable. The vapors are overall very dense and aromatic but you need to watch out for the higher intensities.

Convenience of usage

Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is more convenient in loading than the most modern device in its series. Unlike Yocan Magneto Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer and many others, it has a dab tool attached below the coil cap. This enables you to pick small chunks of waxes and place them over the ceramic chamber that cooks them.

There is no need to twist the parts other than the wax storage compartment. Magnetic connections make it easy to access the chamber and operate the device. Single-button controllability is a feature that is traditional yet easy to use.

The absence of an LED panel is a major dent in the convenience because the user knows nothing about the temperature prevailing inside the chamber. Another flaw is the non-availability of a mobile app that allows you to control the temperature settings remotely. There is no airflow adjustment available such as the one you would find in Yocan Magneto Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer.

Battery life

The battery is pretty heavy duty. It will last for a complete day if your usage is average. Using Yocan Magneto Vaporizer for an extended period will deplete the battery quicker. Battery life also intervenes in the heating process where the waxes are heated using the voltage supplied by the battery.

The higher the battery, the higher the voltage. This means that the user is required to keep it at least half full to maintain efficiency. No LED panel, no cooling system, and the absence of remote controllability are some of the main reasons behind Yocan Magneto Vaporizer outperforming other models. The battery is 1100 mAh in number.


  • The usage is simple with single-button control.
  • The exterior is durable as there is no glass component.
  • The body is perfectly insulated to avoid the risk of injuries.
  • The battery life is long-lasting.
  • The chamber is made of ceramic to keep the vapors aromatic.
  • It is compact and contains a silicon compartment to store waxes.
  • The components are magnetic.
  • Contains an in-built dabbing tool.


  • There is no airflow adjustment.
  • The temperature controls are vague.
  • There are no prominent LED indicators to know the temperature.
  • The charging time is long.

Is Yocan Magneto the best vaporizer?

We cannot exactly term the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is the best vaping device available in the market. There are several things that might bother you on occasions such as the absence of prominent temperature controls. The inability to control airflow is another thing that will feel inconvenient.

On the contrary, it provides experienced users with great control over the smoking sessions. It is durable with an in-built dabbing tool that saves you from carrying a separate tweezer or spoon to load the chamber.

Is Yocan Magneto worth the money?

Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is a budget-friendly device developed to target those who are finding it hard to buy a quality vaporizer with their savings, people often expect low quality in return. This perception is completely wrong as Yocan Magneto Vaporizer has a superior design (compact and sleek) along with admirable vapor quality preserved by the ceramic chamber.

There are several features provided by the company that is arguably the best thing that you can get in this price range. The utmost control over the heating process is authoritative as well as difficult to understand initially. Long story short, it contains a great proportion of value that is never expected in a 60-dollar product.

Is Yocan Magneto safe?

Safety is not often an issue. The body is durable and insulated to keep you safe from the risk of injuries. The body parts are magnetic but leakage-free. This ensures safe usage along with the ever-lifted mouthpiece that does not burn your lips.

However, you will have to make sure that the temperature does not go above a certain level where you might find it hard to inhale the vapors. There is no cooling system to maintain the temperature of vapors produced.

Does Yocan Magneto smell?

The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer does not have a metallic smell problem, unlike the Yocan Magneto Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer. The ceramic layers inside the heating chamber ensure that conduction heating does not spoil the fun in the end. It is extremely rare to find a conduction vaping device that preserves the taste and smell as well.

What temperature should I set Yocan Magneto?

The temperature settings are vague. The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer does not have an LED panel to show the temperature prevailing inside the chamber. Moreover, there are no presets or fixed incremental settings available.

Due to these limitations, it is almost impossible to heat the waxes at constant temperature repeatedly. You can set a specified time for heating the waxes. Just make sure that the vapors do not get harsh.

Can you use Yocan Magneto while charging?

The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer has a micro USB charging port that is not as efficient as type-C ports. The device does not support pass-through charging which means you have to wait when the device is charging.

It takes 3 to 4 hours to completely charge. This long charging time and the intense heating technology make Yocan Magneto Vaporizer unsuitable for usage whilst it is charging.

Does it get you high?

It does get you high if you know how to operate it. You can cook wax and concentrate perfectly at low to medium temperatures. The only hindrance is none other than the excessive heating that can make the vapors more intense than required.

The flavor is not that bad, especially with the introduction of ceramic layers in the heating chamber. The convenience and entire control over the heating process will please you like no other device. Quick heating time will prevent you from getting sober between sessions.

How long does the Yocan Magneto battery last?

The battery is long-lasting especially when you consider the power on offer. The device is simple and easy to control while the battery complements the simplicity with extended performance time.

The company has foregone handy features like the LED panel and BlueTooth app to preserve the battery better. An average user can enjoy the battery life up to a complete day while an on and off smoker will get vapors for several days without worrying about the remaining battery.

How big is Yocan Magneto?

The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer has a dimension of 112m (length) x 19mm (radius). To make the numbers more understandable, we assure you that they will fit perfectly in your hand. The silicon compartment that holds waxes is 2ml in capacity.

Should You Buy Yocan Magneto?

If you have read the article then you already know what the conclusion would look like. The device is simple and durable like a vintage product. The glossy and sleek design along with the compact size makes it equally competitive in the modern market.

At the price range of around 50 dollars, the students would love to buy something that will work as long as they are jobless or working part-time. Yocan Magneto Vaporizer promises long life accompanied by the convenience that will save a lot of their time.

It provides complete control to the experienced. The manual controls are the prime reason why old-school smokers prefer choosing this vaporizer over other modern devices.

The long battery life accompanied by the silicon compartment is suitable for far-off traveling where you can smoke waxes for a day or two and carry them inside the base of your device.

There are several downs as well. It feels awkward and difficult initially because the usage method is entirely different from other vaping devices. The learning curve is steep as the absence of prominent LED indicators and precise temperature controls make it difficult to operate.

Take up the challenge if you want complete control and convenient usage. The traditional smoking pattern is now affordable, unlike other vintage gadgets.

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