Yocan Hit Review – Is Yocan Hit Worth it?

Yocan has been known for bringing out various vapes that have pros and cons and leave the users desiring for more. However, with the Yocan Hit, the manufacturers have remedied most of those issues and have been able to tackle a lot of the problems.

Hence the new Yocan hit dry herb vaporizer comes with many new features and a sleek design that is easy to carry around. According to the manufacturers, the Yocan hit comes with a convection heating system and precise temperature control that makes it even more appealing to the users.

The best part is that all these features are now available at an affordable price. However, the vapor quality is not up for the seasoned vapors while the beginners may enjoy it a lot.

So let us look into the features individually and figure out what is so hit about the Yocan hit vaporizer.

Yocan Hit Review

How does it work?

Like most portable dry herb vaporizers the Yocan Hit also starts up by clicking the power button 5 times and it allows the device to turn on. The per-session time can be changed from 3 to 5 minutes by pressing and holding the power button with the down button alongside.

This will allow the session timer to change automatically. As far as the herb is concerned it’s best to use medium-fine ground herb packed down well enough to give you potent and flavorsome vapors.

To stop and start the session you just need to press the power down button for a few seconds. It comes with a haptic notification, meaning it vibrates when the device is ready to be used and fully heated up.

The device is self-explanatory and doesn’t need too many instruction manuals or reads to understand the device’s working.

It also has an inbuilt stirring capability that allows the users to not worry about taking the stirring tool out and stirring it in the middle of a session. This is a feature that lacks in most dry herb vaporizers and we are very pleased with the inclusion of this feature.

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Temperaute flexiibilty:

The Yocan Hit vaporizer offers a temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a lot of range for such a small device and a  welcome feature.

However, beware of the 480 degrees Fahrenheit temperature as that can cause your herb to get combusted and burnt which will in the end give a burnt flavor.

Hence it’s best to use the device at a lower temperature. Especially with the help of the precise temperature control and a LED screen that displays the temperature accurately.

One of the benefits of such a high-temperature setting is that it can really help you use concentrates with this device. Placing a steel mesh disc and putting your concentrates on that with the highest temperature will certainly melt the concentrates and give you the best results.

Reaching maximum heat in just 30 seconds is remarkable however it has been noted that if you let it heat for 15 more seconds you will get better results.

Vapor quality:

Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims it to be convection heating, it is actually a ceramic conduction heating system. However, there are signs of it having some convection action going on as the vapor is certainly better and more flavorsome compared to other devices on the market.

Despite the vapor path being small, the vapor is quite strong and flavorsome. You certainly get the best vaping results from it considering the price tag. Since it is marketed at a lower price range than other similar devices in the market.

Built quality:

The device is built like most dry herb portable devices. The materials used on the device cannot be considered high quality and are mostly plastic. Regardless the device is sleek and simple.

Easy to use and understand. The LED plays a good role in making everything very visible to the user. And the best part about the device is the inbuilt stirring tool that takes the hassle of stirring the herb around again and again away from the user.

It actually heats the herb evenly and cooks it properly without you having to open up the device to stir it over and over again. The cleaning brush that comes in the package is also very handy as it removes all the junk from the device and cleans it up properly.

Battery life:

The battery inside the Yocan Hit dry herb vaporizer is 1400 mah which is rather small considering the size of the device and other competitors offering many higher-powered batteries. It does come with a USB C charging cable which is a blessing.

The charging time is 1.5 hours for it to reach maximum charging. On a fully charged-up device, you will get an average of 4 to 6 sessions and that’s sadly too less yet comfortable considering the price tag of the device.


It’s an extremely easy device when it comes to portability. Sleek and simple design aids in making sure that the device can be placed in a pocket or a bag without any hassle. It is also very discreet and can be used outdoors as well. thanks to the simplistic design of the device.

Final Words

With a price tag as low there are going to be some cons to the device. However, the excellent features added make up for any cons in the device. From the portability to simple ease of use with a LED screen that makes it perfect.

The device is best suited for beginners as seasoned vapers may not enjoy the flavor and the hits as much. The device itself is very sleek and perfect for outdoor vaping.

The precise temperature control along with the LED screen that helps keep track of the temperature and battery life is all you could ask for. Not only that you can play around with the precise temperature control to see which one suits you best.

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