Yocan FLAME Review: Is it worth it? (20% OFF)

Yocan Flame Vaporizer is the newest feature-packed product introduced in the market. Compared to the company’s other vaporizers, the Yocan Flame Vaporizer comes with a beautiful glass bubbler that helps clean and cool vapors.

It has many useful features that meet the needs of the customers who want a better product. You can find a user manual in the container with a silicon bottom so that it is easy to take with you on trips and is also easy to use.

The Yocan Flame is a dual-purpose device that functions as a dab pen and a nectar collector. It has two different coils to make it more interesting because they are interchangeable.

Even though the gadget looks like it has a lot of parts, they’re all held together by magnets and work together.

Yocan Flame: Is it worth the money to buy it, or will it be a waste of money? This is such a wonderful product that it needs a full review so that each of its great features can be explained in detail. Below is the complete review of this multifunctional vaporizer.

Yocan Flame Review: Nectar Collector Vaporizer

Design and built

yocan flame review

The design of Yocan Flame makes it easy to clean. But at the same time, it lowers its portability. The glass bubbler looks very attractive initially but is as delicate as a wine glass.

No carrying case is provided with the product, making it even more non-portable. Other than the glass bubbler. The lower half of the Yocan flame is made with metal and magnets.

The entire product has different parts joined with metallic attachments. One QDC metal coil and one XTAL ceramic coil come with the Yocan flame for faster and slower heating.

Overall, the Yocan flame can be used at home or office, but it is not travel-friendly. When traveling, you must pack it in a separate casing and handle it carefully.

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Yocan Flame Vaporizer and Nectar Collector is compatible with wax concentrates only. A dab torch is needed to use the Yocan flame as a nectar collector.

This vaporizer is not compatible with dry herbs because of the cartridge size. Some maintenance and cleaning are also needed to use the nectar collector.

Heating time

The Quartz Dual Coil of Yocan flame heats up faster and makes strong, and intense vapors. It only takes five to ten seconds to heat up well enough to produce harsh fumes.

The XTAL coil heats up much more slowly than the QDC, but it makes less intense vapors in exchange for a better and more pure flavor.

Temperature range and setting

The temperature setting of the Yocan flame is very simple. There is only one temperature setting which makes this product beginner-friendly.

People who have prior experience in vaping might find it boring to use only level one temperature setting. Also, there is no Sesh mode in this vaporizer.

Battery life

An internal battery is installed in this product. The capacity of this battery is 1400 mAh and this is charged through a USB-C port.

Compared with conventional vaporizers, Yocan flame has a lesser charging period because it does not use micro-USB. One to two hours of charging can be used for nine to twelve hours.

Yocan calls this battery a “Next-Gen Battery” and it is the most powerful battery ever introduced by the company. Yocan’s powerful Evolve Plus XL dab pen also has the same battery. You can witness a stable power delivery in this product.

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Convenience of usage

Other than its capacity to create more vapor, the Yocan Flame also makes certain that these traits are complemented with components that make use as easy as possible.

Regarding switching modes, the magnetic connections on the Yocan Flame are among the finest available. Threaded connections gather gummy deposits in the tiny gaps and crevices of their small gaps crevices to keep the Yocan Flame burning.

Because there is nowhere for the wax to hide, it is easy to remove any remaining wax from smooth magnetic contacts. The bottom of the battery features a built-in wax bottle, eliminating the need to carry a second wax jar with you.

Like the rest of the Yocan Flame’s connections, the integrated wax chamber is magnetically linked to the base, much like the rest of the device. Yocan Flame can be linked and detached at any time.

What we liked

  • The heating time is quick.
  • The design and shape are premia.
  • OLED screen makes it convenient to handle.
  • Pass-through charging enables you to use it while charging.
  • The battery life is great.
  • The flow is consistent and even.
  • Great for group smoking sessions.
  • Controllability and handling are simple.

What We didn’t like

  • The body is slippery despite sharp edges.
  • There is no airflow adjustment.
  • The accessories are limited.
  • It is not travel-friendly.
  • It has only one temperature setting.
  • The glass water bubbler is easily breakable.
  • It is not great for professional vapers.

Is Yocan Flame the best vaporizer?

We cannot proclaim that the Yocan flame is the greatest vaporizer available today. However, it may be classified as one of the few decent vaporizers available.

This vaporizer is equipped with a slew of functions that are both distinctive and convenient. However, it still lacks several critical traits that would allow it to compete with the top vaporizers on the market.

In the construction and design of the Yocan flame, various faults, such as the glass body, need to be addressed. In addition, there is just one temperature setting, which seems highly unusual in the twenty-first century.

This vaporizer seems to be of high quality. However, it is not portable. The battery’s power and capacity are among its many positive characteristics.

Is Yocan Flame worth the money?

When compared to its competitors, the price of this vaporizer is reasonable. As a result, at this price range, the company that provides convection heating is well worth the investment.

A Yocan Flame is a low-cost gadget that retails for approximately 80 dollars. In the minds of many, paying less money means receiving inferior services or products.

We also recognize that you will not obtain top-quality products at such a low price, but this concentration vaporizer performs the essential functions better than any other concentration vape.

Some outstanding characteristics include quick heating, a pleasant scent, long battery life, cartridge compatibility, and ease of use. It has excellent quality and security, which ensures that updates will cause fewer problems in the future.

Is Yocan Flame safe?

The glass water bubbler attached to the Yocan flame is very dangerous. Its steel body, silicon foundation, and other characteristics, make the Yocan flame very dependable.

Furthermore, since the flame cannot burn the user’s lips, this vaporizer is quite safe to use to a certain level. When protecting you against injuries, your body is second to none.

A circuit-breaking function is incorporated to ensure that no electrical disaster occurs during installation. A 15-second auto-shutdown function is also included, contributing significantly to making it a safe gadget.

Does Yocan Flame smell?

In most cases, the concentrate vaporizers do not have an issue with scent. This law also applies to the Yocan Flame, a flammable liquid.

Even though the heating procedure is entirely conduction, you will enjoy the wonderful and sweet vapors the device produces. The quality does not deteriorate at any point, regardless of your chosen voltage.

What temperature should I set Yocan Flame?

The user doesn’t need to set the Yocan flame at a specific temperature by himself. This is because there is only one temperature setting in the Yocan flame.

This one temperature setting is termed a “Level 1” temperature setting. This works well in most circumstances. But this setting is good for beginners only because most pro-vapers like to have control over the temperature of their vape.

Can you use Yocan Flame while charging?

Yes, the Yocan flame can be used while charging. The 1400 mAh battery gets charged quickly. Like the other vaporizers, the Yocan Flame has a pass-through feature that prevents the battery from getting damaged when smokers use it while charging.

This does not usually happen because the battery gets charged too quickly, and users do not have to wait for long hours to wait for their quick sessions.

Does Yocan Flame get you high?

It is undeniably a vape that gets you high. Concentrates are said to be the smartest method to smoke. Concentration vapes are the same as other vaporizers in that they don’t get too hot.

Because of how good the vapor is and how quickly you can adjust the temperature, you can quickly get to your preferred settings.

You’ll get high from the smell, the taste, and the constant flow. Similar to how easy it is to use and how long the battery lasts, this lets you relax and enjoy your workouts.

How long does the Yocan Flame battery last?

Yocan company has never failed to amaze its customers with the wonderful feature of every new product. The battery time is internal and its capacity is 1400 mAh.

This Next-Gen battery is more powerful than all the other products designed by the company. The charge time is 1 to 2 hours and lasts about 15 sessions. This long usage time is because of the USB-C port that comes it the vaporizer.

How big is Yocan Flame?

Yocan Flame vaporizer and nectar collector are compact. It is handy so it is portable to some extent. Without the water bubbler, the entire body of the vaporizer is just as small as a flame.

The size is small enough to put into the pocket or handbag but the glass body does not allow the customers to use it without care.

Should You Buy Yocan Flame?

Yocan is one of the best vape pen brands on the market today. But even under the Yocan Vapes brand, there are so many choices that it’s hard to keep up. With the help of various add-ons, you can make the Yocan Flame even more unique.

The moving parts may seem scary to someone not used to vaping, but they will help you figure out what you want from your vaping experience.

As useful as the titanium concentration straw is, it will be more difficult to use than other features. A torch is also needed, as well as periodic maintenance and cleaning. This is why the vaporizing feature is the most requested, as well as the one that fascinates me the most.

To have the best possible vaping experience, the Yocan Flame wants you to be able to use it at home or on the go. Because of these two small flaws, this vaporizer is a great addition to any smoker’s collection, except for them.

If you buy the gadget, which costs $80, it has a steady source of power that can be quickly recharged, water that is cleaned, and a nectar collector, among other things. It is not a bad value at all and would be great for any vaper who wants to have a lot of different things.

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