XVape Aria Review – Is XVape Aria Worth it?

XVape USA is a famous vaporizer-selling company in the United States. It has developed numerous products that the vaping community has admired for years. However, the company has decided to take it to the next level. This is where the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer was founded.

The XVape USA has introduced the Aria Vaporizer after collaboration with Tommy Chong. Tommy Chong is a famous Canadian-American artist. He is known for his cult personality and versatile roles in the entertainment industry.

While some companies indirectly invest funds to support artists, XVape USA has affiliated an entire product with an artist.

People usually think collaborated products are below par compared to routine vaping devices. However, the XVape Tommy Chong Aria is an exception in this case. It has an efficient heating system and an eye-catching design that will make you the center of everyone’s attention.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer are dependent on several features. We have compiled all these features to ensure you can ascertain the value you are entitled to receive when you commit to purchasing this piece of brilliance.

XVape Aria Review


The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is compatible with all smoking materials. The chamber and all other internal components are leakage and combustion preventive. This means that the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer can smoke dry herbs and concentrates.

It is a convenient vaping device that saves you from the difficulty of carrying two vaporizers inside your pocket. The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is tailor-made for those people who like to innovate.

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Build and design

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is an eye-catching device covered with stylish and colorful patterns. The outer is entirely metallic. This means that the build is durable and resistant to thermal deformation.

The dimensions of the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer are 4.65 inches tall, 1.34 inches wide, and 0.87 inches deep. It fits perfectly inside the pocket. You can conceal it inside your palm to make people wonder where the smoke is coming from.

The mouthpiece is magnetic. It keeps the device sealed. The mouthpiece is made of ceramic, so insulation is not a problem. The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer has a dab tool designed discreetly for all Tommy Chong fans.

A scrapping tool is hidden inside the device to make cleaning more convenient and easy. The build is sleek, classy, and durable for those who demand long-lasting devices.

Heating time

The heating time of XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is an efficient vaping device. It heats in just 15 seconds. This makes it a perfectly on-demand product. The heating system is conduction, meaning a short heating time is an expected feature. Now you can smoke in your office, college, or gatherings without waiting for the vapors to be cooked.

Heating chamber

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer has a ceramic chamber with no combustion risk. It keeps the vapors aromatic and taste since there is no metallic intervention throughout the heating process.


Moreover, the company has made the chamber oval-shaped to ensure that more dry herbs or extracts remain in contact with the heat source. The oval heating chamber cooks the material consistently. Flavor chasers will love to have XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer in their inventory.

Heating method

The heating system installed inside the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is pure conduction. The heat source is direct, while the heating chamber is complete ceramic.

The efficiency of the heating system is evident from the prompt heating time. The taste and aroma are not impaired during the process because conduction heating does not influence the ceramic chamber.

Usually, you would find vaporizers on the market with metallic chambers and conduction heating systems. This triggers a pungent and metallic smell in the vapors. The company has countered this risk by integrating combustion-free chambers inside the Xvape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer.

Temperature range

The temperature range that the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer comes integrated with is 140 degrees Celsius wide. It starts from 100 degrees Celsius and goes till 240 degrees Celsius.

For those interested in Fahrenheit readings, the intensities range between 212 and 464 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is excellent for dry herb smoking, but the stronger intensities are not high enough for extracts. It is preferable to smoke dry herbs using the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer.

Temperature settings

The temperature settings are simple in the Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer. It is pretty simple to set since there are just two buttons on the side of the device to toggle between settings. An OLED screen accompanies the buttons to make life easier for you.

Moreover, the settings are precise for those users who want complete control over the heating process. Experienced smokers enjoy this control. There are no preset options available for the user to select from. The absence of preset options limits the convenience, but the ultimate winner is the precise temperature settings.


The quality of vapors is not a problem while using the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer. An entirely isolated vapor path maintains the vapor quality at the required level. However, there is one big issue. The chamber is placed right under the mouthpiece. This means that the vapors have a very small path to cover.

Hence, the vapors do not have enough time to cool down when they reach your lips. The overall vapor quality is better than other vapes, as the ceramic chamber prevents the impairment of taste when the material is being heated. The flow and temperature intensity are consistent, so the quality is optimal.


The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is a simple vaping product. It has an OLED screen on the side, accompanied by three buttons. A power button to turn the device on and off, while up and down buttons to set intensities. Moreover, the device allows you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit (subject to user preference).

Other than this, the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer has two different heating cycles. The five-minute mode and the 10-minute mode. There is no remote controllability feature as it does not support a mobile app. It vibrates to let you smoke and control the whole process without any hustle.

Battery life

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer has a capable battery lasting 20 sessions in one complete cycle. The batteries are 18650 removable and have a total power of 2600 mAh. The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is sufficient for battery life. It lasts 20 sessions, where you can enjoy smoking your favorite material for half an hour.

Charging time

The XVape USA has integrated a micro-USB port inside the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer. The company could have opted for a Type-C port, but it is what it is.

Moreover, it includes a passthrough mechanism that allows you to smoke while the device is charging. It is a handy feature since a busy person rarely has time to wait for the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporize to charge.


The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer comes with a 12-month warranty contract. The warranty period is less than other substitutes available on the market, but it is ample for detecting deterioration in quality and performance. This vaporizer has a durable build with a sustainable composition of components.

What is inside the box?

The Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer comes with all the necessary accessories to operate the device. The box includes:

  1. A Tommy Chong Aria device
  2. A cleaning brush
  3. Two jars (the bigger one for dry herbs while the smaller one for waxes)
  4. Two mouthpiece covers
  5. Four mesh screens for the chamber
  6. Three alcohol pads for cleaning
  7. Three cotton swab
  8. One micro USB cable
  9. A user manual
  10. A unique trademark Tommy Chong dab tool.


  1. The design is better and more catchy than other products on the market.
  2. The frame is more durable than plastic outers.
  3. The chamber is made of ceramic which is value preserving.
  4. The battery life is more than sufficient.
  5. The vapor quality is exceptional.
  6. The usage pattern is simple.
  7. The user has complete control over the heating process with precise settings.
  8. The battery life is sufficient, and charging is passthrough for those who do not want to wait.


  1. The warranty period could have been a bit longer.
  2. The vapors are usually hot because the chamber is placed under the mouthpiece.
  3. There is no Type-C charging compatibility in it.

Is it worth the money?

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is available for around 100 to 130 dollars. Any other collaborative product might be available at a cheaper price. However, this is not the case here. It is an efficient product with solid features. These features are a durable metallic build, unique colorful decor, efficient heating system, optimal vapor quality, and considerably good power stats.

All this is available on the market for well over a 100-dollar bill. Moreover, the collaboration with Tommy Chong means that the company has to pay a royalty to him as well. So technically, receiving such a value-adding device with a solid celebrity collaboration at such a low price is worth the money.

Is it safe?

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer has many underrated safety precautions. It has a ceramic mouthpiece. Ceramic is a poor conductor of heat. This means that your lips will be safe when you smoke continuously. Other than this, the vapor temperature is consistent.

This is mostly due to precise controls and integration of unrestricted airflow mechanisms. The body is sturdy and metallic. However, sufficient precautions are taken to ensure insulation.

Can you use it while charging?

The charging system installed inside the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is passthrough. This means that the battery is capable of storing charge and operating at the same time.

Moreover, the charging port is located at a position. The device is compact, so you can hold it easier to use while it is charging. A passthrough electronic vaporizer is always convenient because it allows you to enjoy it even when the battery is dead.

At which temperature should I operate it?

The temperature range lies between 100 and 240 degrees Celsius. This ultimately means that dry herb smoking is suitable for it. The 100 degrees mark is not ideal but compatible with aromatherapy. Moreover, this goes right up to 240 degrees Celsius.

This is way too strong for dry herbs. We suggest maintaining between 170 and 180 degrees Celsius to balance vapor density and flavor. Other than this, the extract smoking should be done at the strongest of temperatures, i.e., between 220 and 240 degrees Celsius.

Does it get you high?

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer does not promise to get you high because it depends on your smoking material. However, this vaporizer provides you with an unprecedented heating system and consistency.

Now enjoying a session while traveling is not as inconvenient as it used to be. Just load a small chunk of your favorite material and get high in a blink.

How long does the battery last?

The duration of battery life depends entirely on your usage pattern. The company promises that the XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer will allow you to smoke for 20 sessions in one complete charging cycle. It all depends on how frequent your usage is. On average, this device will last more than a day for a regular smoker.



The XVape USA is known for producing the most value-adding and efficient devices. The Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is an addition to that list. Tommy Chong, a Canadian comedian but a celebrity around the globe, has collaborated with a vaporizer that almost anyone in the entertainment industry will fancy.

The XVape Tommy Chong Aria Vaporizer is an efficient product with a great design and admirable vapor density and quality. The interior components are made compatible with all sorts of herbs and waxes.

It is tailor-made for those smokers who like smoking different materials on recommendations. The vapor quality is loved by everyone who has used the device and reviewed how well the product has lived up to the expectations.

The temperature settings are precise, with no preset levels. This impairs the ease of usage but gives you room to innovate and experiment. The usage pattern is straightforward, so we recommend it to experienced and novice users.

It is a classy product that almost any user will prefer purchasing. Many people from different demographic groups love the XVape Tommy Chong Aria. Spend your money on this modern device because its value will never disappoint you.

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