Vapor Genie Review – Is Vapor Genie worth it?

Getting a lighter vaporizer at an affordable price could be difficult and tiresome. You can easily muddle selecting the best products since you would go through many available products.

Every vape company in the market claims to deliver the best product that generates dense and pure vapors, but what if you don’t get exactly how it showed?

Today, I will do a detailed Vapor Genie Review and explain each aspect of this product. The vapor genie is one of the highly recommended and affordable vaporizers manufactured to be tough and offers high-quality vapors. However, get through its features in detail and get impressed by what it proposes.

Tip: When using Vapor Genie, you must be aware not to use a standard pipe; instead, you can use a lighter one to heat up your substance.

So, in my given review, I have breakdown its features to explain them separately in the form of a quick synopsis. Although you are looking for an excellent price, outstanding performance, excellent quality, or quick response, you would get everything here.

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Vapor Genie Review: Sherlock & Glass

Manufacturing Quality

The Vapor Genie has shaped a traditional pipe, an extremely portable and budget-friendly product. However, this product is constructed robustly using multi-materials, including North American Maple or Oak, and has given the finishing of Beeswax.

Not only this, after building it, t has been hand carved to provide a specific and unique shape that makes it tremendously captivating.

Moving towards its internal structure, the pipe comprises two parts. The upper bowl is made of a silicon carbide flame filter, which creates high vapors purity.

This part can be detached from the pipe which exposes the chamber. Yet, the entirely good thing about this product is, no adhesives or toxic chemicals have even touched this pipe.

Temperature Control

The Vapor Genie offers an excellent high temperature of 166°C, an ideal temperature to heat the dry herbs and vaporize them deeply to provide you an intense flavor.

However, this pipe only proposes the temperature to a fixed rate; you cannot control or modify the temperature as needed.

Not the temperature, but you can adjust the flame application to experience adequate temperature control over this vaporizer.


Unlike other large desktop electronic vaporizers, this pipe is splendidly easy to move with you. This pipe’s dimensions are 6.5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches, which has an ideal size to fit into your bag or pocket.


However, this vape weighs only 0.2 pounds, which is exceptionally lightweight and can be carried effortlessly.


While using the Vapor Genie, you would get a conspicuous experience because this product delivers an extraordinary execution you have never tried before.

You don’t need to do anything manually since everything is done automatically by itself, and you would get a precise temperature once you light it up using a lighter.

However, this vaporizer is all upon you how you use it. Some vapers experience a fantastic performance delivered by this vape, which is very simple and specific. Yet, for others, they see this product as less controllable and less fascinating.

How does Vapor Genie work?

This is possibly the most straightforward pipe available in the market, which is very easy to use and control. You can open the top bowl attached to the pipe and fill it with dry herbs.

Like many other portable vaporizers, the finest you grind the substance, you would get the premium quality vapors. After filling, flame the removable chamber on the pipe top.

Once you have lighted up your pipe and started inhaling the pipe, it would work automatically onwards. You would get pure and filtered hits without any additional lousy taste. However, this vaporizer looks ordinary, but many vapers have been impressed after experiencing it.

Tip: Make sure to grind your herbs enough to spread out evenly to fill the chamber’s volume. You don’t need much, but it will help the heating process if ground well.

What we liked

  • This vaporizer is manufactured using excellent quality of unbreakable wood and metal alloy, which gives it a sleek yet tough appearance.
  • Regarding its compactness, this device permits you to carry it anywhere with you wherever you travel. It is too lightweight and can fit your bag or pocket without any effort.
  • You don’t need to tackle the batteries and plugs to charge the device. All you need is a lighter to flame the pipe, and it’s perfect to go.
  • If you like a traditional-designed pipe, yet with some advanced features, you will find all these features in this one product.
  • This pipe is straightforward to manage and clean.
  • You would get this product at an affordable price.
  • An unlimited lifetime warranty comes up with the product.

What We didn’t like

  • This device contains a fixed temperature option. There is no temperature control, yet it all depends on how much flame you give to the pipe.
  • This vaporizer includes a tiny bowl with which a limited amount of substance.

Should You Buy Vapor Genie?

Hence it has been analyzed that a Vapor Gene is a stunning yet straightforward dry herb vaporizer. After reading this thorough review, I hope you have made up your mind if this pipe is suitable for you.

Whatsoever, the Vapor Genie is a compact-sized, portable, lightweight, traditional, and perfectly executed device that can be cheaply purchased and offers a lifetime warranty.

This product is very captivating for those who like conventional pipes rather than modern ones, yet it provides some more advanced features. Besides, if you are looking for a customized vaporizer, the Vapor Genie is made explicitly for you.

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