PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

The pax series has established its name in the vaporizer fraternity due to its design, durability, and convenience.

There have been some vaporizers produced by the company (Pax 3 being the latest one) but the conventional Pax 2 still holds its share in the market.

Many customers still prefer using Pax 2 for daily smoking sessions. It provides a lot more value than the other competitors (even the Pax series itself).

This article is written to put forth all those factors which make the option viable even after such a long time.

So without any further delay, let us take a deep look into the specs provided by the product.

Pax 2 Vaporizer Review [Top Rated]

Manufacturing & Design

Pax 2 Review Manufacturing
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Quality, quality, quality… Pax 2 is nothing but quality if you are considering the manufacturing details and eye-catching design. The company has invested a lot in product design to make it shinier and tougher than other vaporizers.

Before Pax 2, users criticized that the top lid usually got sticky and it required frequent cleaning to keep the feel going. The drawback diminished with the introduction of Pax 2.

The new mouthpiece includes high-grade silicone material plus a design that requires lesser mechanical effort to use. The company also provides a secondary mouthpiece with a traditionally higher design for classic smokers.

The overall interior is made of medical-grade material (with the oven made of stainless steel). The exterior consists of a tough and shiny aluminum core.

This makes Pax 2 an eye-catching and consumer favorite product. It comes with an in-built accelerometer and lips sensor for further comfort. And at last, the company offers a 10-year warranty claim.


Pax 2 Portable

The total weight of Pax 2 is a mere 92g. The sleek design along with the small size makes it one of the best vaporizers to carry inside your pocket.

Frequent travelers prefer using this vaporizer to run short smoking sessions at remote locations. Furthermore, its charging base supports USB cables, so you can charge it anywhere you like.

Battery Consumption

Pax 2 Vaporizer Review Intro

On occasions, you would see people complaining that the batteries do not work as efficiently as the other vaporizers in the market. But hang on a second! We have something which might make you change your mind.

There is no specific estimate of how long your battery would last. It all depends upon the burden put on the vaporizer. If you want to calculate the total battery consumption per session then you need to count your draw duration, gaps between consecutive draws, and the heat settings used by Pax 2.

The 3000 mAh internal lithium-ion battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge. The battery, if charged completely, provides 50-90 minutes of uninterrupted vaporization (roughly 5-10 sessions).

You might think that the battery is ordinary (considering the timings) but the performance has improved as compared to the previous models.

Temperature Range

Pax 2 Temperature

There are 4 standard presets available for the customers to choose between the temperature at different levels. The Pax Labs never disclosed the exact range offered by the product but there were some estimations made ranging between 182C and 215C.

According to some detailed analysis, the two initial presets lie between 179-199C.  The third option heats the herbs at 215C while the last preset is the highest of all, reaching the peak temperature of 230C. Though it falls to 218C after a couple of seconds.

Customers who like to cook herbs at an accurate temperature find this feature annoying. The vagueness in the preset options makes the controllability a difficult job to perform.

Vapor Quality

Pax 2 Vapor Quality

Pax 2 produces flavorful and dense vapors at the start of each session. It can satisfy both the light sippers and the long drawers simultaneously but there is a problem that overshadows all these things.

The flavor diminishes as the sessions get farther. Users usually experience bulky resistance when they draw vapors during longer sessions. It might feel as if you are sipping a thick milkshake through a narrow straw.

The main reason behind this flaw is the blockage caused at the bottom holes. The experience is overall satisfactory but the vapors are more inconsistent than the ones produced by the other competitors.

Easy Usage

Pax 2 Easy To Use

Pax Labs has introduced this vaporizer as the most convenient product ever produced. The usage is pretty simple though. You just need to push a button and Pax 2 will handle the rest.

The LED petals might seem a bit confusing at the start but they will help you understand and control the device properly. The purple petals mean that the system is in heating mode.

The green light shows that the vaporizer is heating at the desired preset. At last, the blue color conveys that your Pax 2 is in cool-down mode to save the battery from unnecessary power drainage.

The major problem that you would face is the residue accumulating at the bottom holes. The blockage resists the vapor production at a fluent rate, diminishing the overall experience.

Maintenance is another issue where the oven gets dirty frequently. People often prefer purchasing a lesser maintenance vaporizer at this price range.


Pax 2 is often considered by consumers demanding a stylish and sleek vaporizer that can fit inside their pockets. The presets at four different settings provide a wider temperature range but the accuracy causes the main problem.

The battery life has improved immensely as compared to the previous models (even though at a lower duration than other competitors).  Furthermore, the vapor quality often raises questions about whether the product is worth investing your money in.

The answer to all such questions is that Pax Labs has improved the overall features of the product (comparing it with the older versions).

The product has a very loyal customer base that admires durability and structure. The ease of use of Pax 2 during smoking sessions is another value-adding factor that you should consider.

So, that was our Pax 2 Review. We suggest you give it a try if you like performing smaller smoking sessions. The decision is all yours.

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