PAX 1 Original Vaporizer Review

Feel the need to vape whenever and wherever you go? Do not stress; we have one of the best quality Vaporizers for you – PAX 1. It is elegant, portable, and chargeable.

PAX 1 is one of the first products launched by a premium brand PAX, with an elegant but minimalistic design and features that are convenient to the customers.

It works with dry herbs or botanical leaves, heating them to the desired temperature without combusting it. Apart from that, PAX focused on the quality of the product.

It did not only provide the customers with a fun way to vape their dry herbs but also engineered the product to work effectively and efficiently.

The advanced technology used in PAX 1 is also such a catch! Its battery is not just a normal battery but is far more advanced than the regular one. As amazing as it gets, it is hard to believe a vaporizer could hold so many features and be so convenient.

We believe the brand hit it off with this wonderful product. If you want to know what other features it offers, stick with us a little longer; we are sure you will fall in love!

PAX 1 Original Vaporizer Review

Pax 1 Original Vaporizer Review

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  • 3 Preset Settings of Temperature
  • Strong Metal Body
  • Battery Life of 45 minutes

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The Ultimate Battery

Pax 1 Battery

This PAX product does not require a traditional, regular battery charger. The advanced technology offers a brand-new charging dock that lets you recharge your PAX 1 while standing upright.

Not only that, but the product’s battery life is another charm you do not want to miss. The brand understands the importance of keeping your battery safe from damage, so not using it while charging keeps the battery life sound.

The fast-charge feature lets the customers charge their vaporizers faster than others. In a test experiment, the PAX 1 vaporizer fully charged its battery in 2 hours compared to the other vaporizers, which took longer.

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The Build

Pax 1 Build Quality

There is nothing more attractive than a strong build for the product. The PAX 1 vaporizer has an all-metal body carefully constructed with aluminum (anodized). It is lightweight and convenient. One can easily carry it around in their purse or even pocket.


The use of aluminum in this product is not only to make it durable but also to provide a surface that retains its paint. However, the body may embed dents if too much pressure is applied.

Due to the anodized aluminum, the heating element spreads heat throughout the body evenly and excessively.

The vapor part is built with stainless steel and separated from other components to ensure it does not chemically react with anything and is affected negatively by the heating process. This is what you may call ‘The Secret Ingredient’ to the success of PAX 1.

Lastly, let us talk about how the vaporizer completes the heating process. A heating element made of non-ceramic material is finely tuned into a thin film-like structure and wound carefully inside the vaporizer.

A laser welder is used to help keep the tube intact, making sure it does not slip. However, these parts are kept separate from the other components to avoid unnecessary chemical reactions.

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Safe and Highly Reliable

Pax 1 Reliable

Wondering if PAX 1 is safe and reliable? We have all the right answers for you. The technology and strategy used to make this vaporizer are highly advanced and professional.

Many customers even use this vaporizer for medical reasons, as it is a safe, reliable, and recommendable product. It is true PAX 1 also uses plastic and plastic-made materials as the key components.

However, it is done by ensuring that plastic is not just “any” plastic. The plastic used in the making of PAX 1 is guaranteed food-safe plastic and that too of high quality.

The plastic is also heat resistant, which makes it 100% safe. Not only that, but a group of specialists and professional engineers are also hired.

They work day and night to maintain and control the overall processes to keep up with this amazing quality. They strictly monitor everything in production to ensure nothing goes wrong. How amazing!

Superior Quality

Pax 1 Quality

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PAX is a brand associated deeply with excellent quality. This brand is concerned with making quality products and stresses maintaining them so they do not lose their customers and retain them to grow more and more.

That is one of the reasons why it is considered the “Apple” of the vape world. There are regulatory rules set for all the products where production takes place.

The PAX warehouse contains all the brand’s finished products, ensuring quality and being FCC-compliant.

Being FCC compliant proves that the products produced are tried and tested and are clean from any elements harmful to the human body.

This is strictly followed to ensure consumer safety, which is the brand’s top priority. PAX 1 also offers 3 preset temperature settings for its customers.

The heating process can be tricky, and most of the time needs to be controlled according to customer preference.  This unique feature has won the hearts of many with its presence and convenience. Isn’t it great?

Moreover, this perfect model prevents dry herbs from combustion and retains their natural goodness, so you get the best experience there. On the other hand, PAX is a legally sound brand that follows all state laws.

They take full responsibility for labeling all their vaporizers with the right labels, which educates their customers on what raw materials were used and in how small amounts.

This helps the consumers understand whether the product suits them and builds their faith in the brand.

Additional Products

Pax 1 Accessories

When you purchase your PAX 1 Vaporizer, you also get additional products in the box. These are to support the original product. Wondering what is in the box? Follow this list:

  • PAX 1 Vaporizer: In the box, the most evident and probably the first product you will see will be your PAX 1 Vaporizer. And beware, it will be the most beautiful sight ever!
  • Charging Dock: The charging dock of the vaporizer helps in the fast charging of the product and does so in a manner that protects your battery and keeps your battery life safe.
  • Cleaning Kit: Trust us when we tell you this, you will need the cleaning kit quite often. To keep your vaporizer healthy and running, clean it after every use. It will also extend its life.
  • User Manual: The product’s user manual gives brief yet detailed information under each section that may be used to remove any confusion.
  • Wall Charger: The box also has a wall charger for the user to charge the vaporizer. This charger ensures the user is not vaping during the charging process so that the battery remains sound and extends.


PAX 1 is the most reliable vaporizer in the market. The design, strategy, and management behind this have helped the product gain this title over the years.

Their biggest asset is superior quality; maintaining it is their biggest goal. Without their supervision team and specialists, PAX 1 could not maintain the experience it has been giving its customers.

It takes a lot of supervision and some revision to perfect the process, and this brand is a pioneer! The brand constructs this product by choosing one of the best and most high-quality raw materials. This may seem small, but it is the most important of all steps.

The result is already predicted when the building blocks are of high quality. This does not stop here. Using the right strategy along with the proper design of the product also goes hand in hand. Without proper planning for it, the product would fail.

It is also quite appreciable that the brand values its customers enough to make a safe product for them, which is also medically guaranteed.

The choice of material in the production process and positioning to ensure the customers’ health is a remarkable thought for starters. It is also one of the top reasons customers worldwide trust PAX.

The fact that they are FCC compliant makes them much more reliable as all the manufactured products are tested before selling. This eliminates even a slight chance of any defect to the product and guarantees only quality products to the consumers.

So if you are searching for a vaporizer that is an all-in-one product with one of the best features, PAX 1 is the one for you.


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