Octave Terp Timer Review

Dab rigs are among the most iconic vaping products that old-school smokers use. I found dab rigs hard to use because they do not contain the exact temperature intensities.

The Octave Terp Timer is the most relevant device that ensures that no novice smoker faces the problems we once faced. 

Now heat your dab rig with great convenience with the help of premium laser sensors. Yes, you read it correctly. The dab rigs are heated by manual torches that might have different strengths. Different strengths mean you cannot associate similar heat times to every torch. 

This is where the Octave Terp Timer fills the gap and adds value. This premium device is ideal for long sessions as it has a long-lasting battery.


The build is quite durable to sustain physical pressure. However, the winner for me is the simple controlling mechanism and accurate temperature sensing technology. 

I knew the Octave Terp Timer had much more to offer than a simple thermometer, so I immediately placed my order. In this article, I will explain all the impressive features that this device brings to the table. 

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Octave Terp Timer Review

The physical features

This Terp Timer is called Octave because it has an octagonal shape. When I unboxed it, I immediately got impressed by the overall look and quality. It is a sleek, shiny timer that looks premium in a bedroom setting.

My Octave Terp Timer rests on top of the table inside my bedroom. It is available in black, the most suitable color to blend with all color schemes. 

The Octave Terp Timer is 3.5 inches tall and weighs 300 grams. It is easy for me to carry from one room to another but feels heavier than other simple timers. The front of Octave has a power button along with the product name. I liked the simple operating mechanism I will discuss later in the review. 

The Octave Terp Timer has a prominent LCD screen on the top. You will find three buttons below the screen to set the temperature intensities. On the other side of the screen, there is a temperature sensor.

I admire the magnetic base that keeps it stable on metallic surfaces. However, this feature was useless because I have a wooden table in my bedroom. The overall design is stable, and the material is durable. 

Battery life and charging time

Despite the high-end features, the Octave Terp Timer has top-notch battery specs. If you use this timer daily, the bulky body has 1000 mAh battery lasting over a month. My first charging cycle lasts a couple of months because I do not smoke that frequently.

The most convenient feature for me was the 20-minute automatic shut-off, as I tend to leave my dabbing rig as is after my vaping session. The automatic shut-off feature saves a lot of battery.


The color-changing power button is a welcome addition, as far as I am concerned. It glows red when the device is charging and turns blue upon complete charge.

The Octave Terp Timer is one of the most unique thermal timers because it contains convenient wireless technology and heavy-duty desktop usage. The charging port is micro-USB. The micro-USB port is not as efficient as USB-C.

Easy buttons and pattern of usage 

I did not find the Octave Terp Timer any different than other vaping devices on the market. It has a simple four-button mechanism. You will find a power button at the front. The top has arrow keys to toggle the intensities and a set button to lock an intensity.

The only thing I had to do was to position my Octave Terp Timer correctly. You must press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn the device on or off. Once the device is turned on, press the set button to enter the adjustment menu.

Use the arrow keys to change the intensities. I liked that the manufacturer did not limit the settings to the temperature. The system allows you to turn the laser off. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing the arrow keys simultaneously.

The Octave Terp Timer beeps times when the dab rig reaches the desired temperature. It sounds irritating, especially at night. However, the system allows you to turn off the sound. 


  1. It has a strong body with a stable design. 
  2. The multi-colored LCD screen allows you to know all the essential aspects. 
  3. The laser sensors are accurate for perfectly heated vapors. 
  4. The long battery life is ideal for continuous usage. 
  5. Your investment is secure due to the 10-year warranty. 


  1. The body is bulkier due to the magnetic base and heavy laser sensing machinery. 
  2. It produces an excessive beeping sound that can be annoying. 
  3. It is integrated with a micro-USB port that is less efficient than USB-C.


The Octave Terp Timer is an excellent addition to the vaping market. Unlike simple thermometers, it has advanced laser-based temperature detectors that are incredibly accurate. Since I purchased it, the dab rig smoking has never been so convenient. 

I am a big fan of heavy-duty desktop devices that add value to even the most straightforward vaping routines. The experience was critical while heating a dab rig because the torch heat is manual.


However, the Octave Terp Timer has thrown expertise out of the situation. The Octave Terp Timer is available for 150 dollars, so you must save before purchasing it. The laser technology is understandably expensive.

I prefer buying high-end devices that add more value. The increasing use of temperature sensors has improved the overall user experience.

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