Nimbus Disposable Vape Review

The word Nimbus is not something new for a Harry Potter fan. After all these years, the high-flying magic broom remains in our hearts, but it is fiction.

However, the Nimbus Disposable Vape is not fiction; it is reality. Nimbus is a terpene-based disposable vape that contains high levels of THC. It helps keep you motivated or relaxed (depending on the strain).

I ordered my Nimbus Disposable Vape and fell in love with it instantly after using it. It is a classy product that needs a detailed review, so this is what I have in store for you.

Nimbus Disposable Vape Review


  1. The body is decent and compact.
  2. The high THC content gets you going throughout the day. 
  3. The terpene balances the psychoactive effect.
  4. It is available in different strains and flavors.
  5. Its rechargeable battery eliminates the risk of sudden battery drainage.


  1. The THC content might be too strong for novice smokers. 
  2. The puff count and oil quantity are insufficient for regular usage.

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Design and build

When I unboxed the Nimbus Disposable Vape, the body looked pretty ordinary. It looked decent because the design was standard. I liked its smooth edges that felt comfortable while holding. It fitted perfectly in the hand. Read Disposable Vape.

The mouthpiece is ergonomic and shaped like a slit. A transparent tank window below the mouthpiece shows the quantity of juice remaining.

The charging port is integrated at the base, so you will never feel awkward when vaping while refilling its battery. The Nimbus Disposable Vape proves that a simple design and decent color scheme look more attractive. 

Terpene infusion

The Nimbus Disposable Vape contains 2.5 or less percentage of terpenes. These terpenes enhance the flavor without deteriorating the quality of vapors. It prevents terp sneezing, headaches, and itchy throats.

However, I smelled the earthy terpene while smoking the Nimbus Disposable Vape. This device does not suit your taste if you do not like consuming terpenes. I hate the earthy smell of CBD oils. Read CBD Oil On Amazon.

High Testing

The Nimbus Disposable Vape is a prefilled device containing around 0.5 milliliters of CBD oil. The oil strength is around 0.5 grams, which is considered powerful.

Unlike the carbon dioxide procedure, the oil is extracted using the cryogenic ethanol extraction method that ensures purity.

I am a big fan of high THC content. The Nimbus Disposable Vape provides more than 80 percent of THC. Further details regarding THC content are mentioned later in the article.


I prefer rechargeable disposables over precharged ones. They allow you to squeeze every drop of juice or oil without worrying about battery depletion. The Nimbus Disposable Vape is rechargeable.

It has a micro-USB 2.0 port at the bottom. You can use it while charging because the port is positioned that way. Rechargeability is a luxury to have in disposable vapes.

Flavors and strains

The Nimbus Disposable Vape is available in four distinct flavors. I bought it in the Beast Coast Berry flavor containing the sativa strain. I like staying psychoactive, so sativa strain is my automatic choice.

However, you can purchase it in Nimbus Massholr Mango (indica), Nimbus Titletown Kush (Indica), and Wicked OG (Hybrid) flavors. 

As a buyer, you should know your favorite flavor. However, the flavor is not the only factor you should check before selecting a type. Strain is also important because it defines the purpose of the Nimbus Disposable Vape. Sativa keeps you motivated & active, Indica helps relax your brain at night, and Hybrid combines both.

THC content

The Nimbus Disposable Vape contains high amounts of THC. The Masshole Mango variant contains around 81.7 percent THC. If you think this is high, the Beast Coast Berry has 90.9 percent THC. The THC quantity depends on the type of strain. Sativa is more psychoactive to keep you motivated, while Indica contains low THC to relax your brain.

Puff count

Puff count affects your usage pattern more than any other feature. The Nimbus Disposable Vape is a slim device, so you should know that it cannot provide too many puffs.

A device delivers around 90 to 120 puffs. Each puff contains 4 milligrams of THC (which is more powerful than most products). The puff count is an estimate that can change depending on the length of draws.


The Nimbus Disposable Vape is no less than the Nimbus 2000. It lets you ride high on the tides of psychoactive THC. I recommend this device to all those users who demand strong THC oils to up the ante.

No matter which strains you purchase, the overall THC concentration is over 80 percent. This high percentage keeps you motivated and lifts your mood.

Another solid feature of the Nimbus Disposable Vape is the rechargeable battery. A precharged battery would have also worked, but it is better to stay safe than sorry.

Moreover, the high THC concentration can be problematic for those users who do not consume CBD oils regularly.

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