Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape Review

The Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes are one of the most popular devices. They have an intense flavor with a harsh hit on your throat.

I am not a fan of harsh vapors, but this device indeed has a strong user base. After reading the reviews and ratings online, I ordered the Mellow Fellow Dali.

This review will specifically focus on Mellow Fellow Dali. However, you can check other variants on the official website. Each category of disposable vapes produced by Mellow Fellow provides different values. 

Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape Review


  1. The formula is potent with 2 grams of THC, HHC, and other CBD extracts.
  2. All the Dali flavors are general-purpose (hybrid).
  3. You can recharge it with a fast-charging USB-C cable.
  4. The ceramic coil heating element preserves vapor quality.
  5. LED indicators make usage easier.
  6. The preheat feature offers stronger vapors than most disposables.
  7. The manufacturing quality is excellent.
  8. It has airflow adjustments, which are rare in disposable vapes.
  9. Every ingredient is approved and certified.


  1. It does not include Indica and Sativa strains for more specific usage.
  2. The vapors are strong but harsh for most smokers.

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Potency and formula

The Mellow Fellow Dali contains 2 milliliters of cannabinoid extracts. It contains THCp and delta-8 variants of the psychoactive molecule to relieve your pain. The HHC is anti-inflammatory, while CBN lets you relax at night.

All these ingredients are added in 2 grams (2000 milligrams) quantity. It has a terpene finish that adds a bit of earthiness to the taste, but the mental relaxation is enhanced as a result.

Flavors and strain

The Mellow Fellow Dali is available in three flavors. Double Dream, Sunset Sherbet, and MK Ultra are the most popular vape flavors produced under the Dali brand.

These flavors are hybrid, so they can serve all sorts of purposes. You can use it as a mood enhancer or brain relaxant. 

Battery and charging

This device has an internal battery integrated into its body. The battery is rechargeable, so you can carry it without doubting its portability. However, you must know that it is a prefilled device.

Heating element

I like that the company has installed a USB-C port for faster charging. A move from a micro-USB port to USB-C is critical. Moreover, rechargeability is rare in disposable vapes, so you should consider it a superior product. Check Disposable Vape.

The Mellow Fellow Dali has a 0.5-ohm sub-ohm ceramic coil heating chamber. It is efficient enough to heat oils and extracts without combusting them.

Ceramic coils are better than pure metallic coils when it comes to the preservation of flavor and overall vapor quality. 

Dual usage

The Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes differ from other generic vaporizers because they have dual usage methods. The Mellow Fellow Dali is not an exception to this rule.

You can draw the vapors directly from this disposable vape or enter the preheat mode by pressing the main button.

Vapors produced using the draw activation mechanism use 25 watts of power, while the same vapors consume 35 watts when the button is pressed.

You will find an LED indicator at the bottom. This indicator lights up when you are making a draw. It even depicts the charging status to make usage easier.

Quality of build

Apart from the integrated heating system and extracts filled in the Mellow Fellow Dali, the design impresses a lot. I like its compact and slim body that fits perfectly in your hand.

The mouthpiece is narrow and very comfortable between your lips while drawing. The chassis is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate.

The finish is premium, as it looks pleasing to the eyes. The smooth edges felt easy to hold when using the Mellow Fellow Dali.

Adjustable airflow

The Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes has an airflow adjustment control on the side. It is simple to adjust when you are drawing vapors. I would have liked an air dial like the one in DaVinci IQ2.

However, having airflow control in disposable vapes is rare. You can experiment and change the density of your vapors according to your preference. 


How safe are the Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes? They contain a precise amount of psychoactive chemicals. The THC concentration is less than 0.3 percent when considering the overall quantity of CBD extracts.

The third-party certificate adds more credibility to the formula. An independent laboratory confirms the composition of this brand. 


The Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes are ideal for strong smoking sessions. It has 2 grams of potent THC variants and other CBD extracts to keep your mind healthy.

The best feature of using the Mellow Fellow Dali was the dual usage. I enjoyed the preheat feature as it felt stronger than most substitutes. 

However, I do not recommend Mellow Fellow Dali to those smokers who prefer light and pleasant CBD oils. This vaporizer is for diehard smokers who demand harsh but strong vapors.

It keeps them from repetitive screwing and unscrewing of CBD cartridges. The Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes are my recommendation for chain smokers.  

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