Marley Natural Steamroller Review

Marley Natural Steamrollers have a classy and elegant design and are manufactured for much-experienced smokers. The major difference if we compare a steamroller with a pipe is that the pipes give you gradual hits whereas the steamroller gives you huge hits as they gather the smoke into the chambers.

If you are a beginner, then the Steamroller will not be a smoking device for you. Additionally, steamrollers give you a larger hit with a straight shot from the ball to the mouthpiece and are the same as Chillum or bongs. Even steamrollers and bongs are to some extent designed the same, both are made of glass and have an opening at both ends.

Steamrollers have a ball at one end which gives them the look of a locomotive train, therefore are named steamrollers. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Marley Natural Steamroller to see whether it is worth the hype or not.

Marley Natural Steamroller Review

At a glance 


Marley Natural Steamrollers are made of high-end borosilicate hand-blown glass and black walnut wood and come in a box that resembles an egg carton box. Most Marley Natural products come in this kind of packaging and which means that the manufacturers believe in sustainability and thus don’t use any plastic.

It is important to mention that handblown borosilicate glass is resistant to high temperatures and keeps the flavors pure and clean. While the black walnut wood gives it a vintage look, ensuring the product’s durability.

A Quick checklist

  • Marley Natural Steamroller is made with Borosilicate glass and Black Walnut Wood.
  • Allows you to smoke all your favorite herbs.
  • It is lighter.
  • It has removable parts.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is portable.
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What’s inside the box?

The Marley Natural Steamroller comes in an egg carton box and as you open it you will see a one-piece steamroller; however, the mouthpiece can be removed from the smoke chamber.

There is nothing else in the box or nothing like small bowls and stuff which means that you will not have to worry about losing anything. As the two pieces are removable (glass chamber and wooden mouthpiece), it makes it easier to clean and take it anywhere when you are traveling a lot.

Now we will dig deeper in order to know what Marley Natural Steamroller has to offer and what it lacks.

How to Heat your Herbs?

Marley Natural Steamroller can be used to smoke several kinds of herbs like gorilla glue, mugwort, skullcap, or Mullein. All the herbs are heated manually by using a torch lighter or a hemp wick.

It is recommended not to light herbs using lighters as they release butane, which will be an extremely dangerous substance for you. Instead, you can heat your herbs using a hemp wick that is way safer than a lighter or a torch.

Furthermore, Marley Natural Steamroller will give you a hard time if you are more used to an automatic or induction heating system that can be seen on most of the smoking devices like e-cigs, e-rigs, pods, and mods in the market.

The induction heating system is more sophisticated and safer than manual heating, which has a risk that you might hurt yourself or burn something around you. In addition, according to some experts, direct fire messes up the taste of the herb as it has no control.


In contrast, an electronic smoking device allows the user to set a temperature according to his or her needs and preferences. Furthermore, as mentioned above, while using a manual device the temperature will not be in your control and there is a chance that you will not be able to get the perfect hit that you get with an electronic smoking device.

Is the Marley Natural Steamroller Portable?

If you are curious to know whether you can take the Marley Natural Steamroller with you while you are traveling, then you will be glad to know that this device is quite portable. The Marley Natural Steamroller is made of 2 components: the chamber is made of hand-molded borosilicate glass, and the mouthpiece is made with black walnut wood.

Due to its compact design, lightweight, and smaller size, the Marley Natural Steamroller can travel with you easily and discreetly. However, the steamroller does not have a travel box which might make it a bit difficult for you to ensure its safety while traveling.

On the other hand, many manufacturers send their smoking devices in travel cases to ensure their safety, but you can find a travel case for the device either on their website or in several online stores.

Is Marley Natural Steamroller Breakable?

There is no doubt in it that the Marley Natural Steamroller reflects the quality and the manufacturer’s benchmark of durability. All the Marley Natural smoking devices are made with premium quality natural materials that comprise borosilicate glass and black walnut wood.

Yet there is a possibility that they can break if used roughly and not handled with care. To keep the Marley Natural Steamroller in perfect shape and to get the best taste from your favorite herbs, you must clean it after every session.

Does it hit hard?

It is vital to note that the Marley Natural Steamroller gets the job done quite perfectly and gives you stronger hits in comparison to most of the pipes or bongs you have been using.

But the strength of the hits also depends upon the temperature and of course the pull. Instead of smaller puffs, you will need to pull it for a longer time to get large and hard hits. 

Is Marley Natural a battery-operated rig?

As mentioned above, Marley Natural devices are similar to traditional bongs and pipes and are heated manually. There is no need for batteries to operate the Marley Natural Steamroller.

This is also a plus point because when you are using a smoking device that is changeable and battery operated then you will have less time to smoke as the battery dies after a few sessions, which is not the case with Marley Natural Steamroller. You can smoke your favorite herbs for as long as you want.


Which herbs can you smoke in Marley Natural Steamroller?

Marley Natural Steamroller allows you to smoke all kinds of dry herbs. Several brands offer dry herbs like coltsfoot, Uva-Ursi, Mint, Sage, or Gorilla Glue.

How to Use Marley Natural Steamroller?

Using a Marley Natural Steamroller is just like using a bong. All you have to do is to fill the herb bowl with your favorite herbs and then light it up using a lighter, torch, or hemp wick, and you will be able to get your much-needed hits.

To control the air pressure put your finger on the carb hole at the end of the steamroller and light the herb when you fill the steamroller with smoke and then lift your finger from the hole and start inhaling.

Do I need to Assemble Marley Natural Steamroller?

If you are using Marley Natural Steamroller for the first time you don’t have to struggle to assemble it as it does not have many components and has a glass chamber and a wooden mouthpiece that can be easily attached and detached. 

How to Clean the Marley Natural Steamroller?

Thanks to the Marley Natural Steamroller’s design, the cleaning gets really easy. The mouthpiece gets detached, and you can clean the steamroller in a few minutes using the methods that are recommended by an expert and experienced smoker.

you can either use isopropyl alcohol or can use an orange chronic pipe cleaner. All you have to do is to pour a delicate amount of the cleaning substances into your steamroller and after shaking it for a few minutes you can wash it with warm water. You will see that the steamroller gets cleaned in a few minutes without much of a hassle.

Marley Natural Return and Exchange Policy

In accordance with the return and exchange policy of Marley Natural,

  • If you want a refund, you must return the product within 30 days of purchase.
  • To get a complete refund, the items must be in their original, unused condition.
  • If you received a damaged product, be sure that you return it to the manufacturer within 30 days, or you will be ignored.
  • The manufacturer also recommends that if your product has a broken or missing piece, you report it to them within 72 hours to exchange or to get it repaired asap.

Is Marley Natural Steamroller worth the Price?

If we talk about the Marley Natural Steamroller’ which is $60 keeping its performance in mind then it totally justifies its price.

The steamroller is crafted with premium quality materials and is way more durable in comparison to most of the bongs or steamrollers in the market.

Additionally, the steamroller is built with an enhanced aesthetic design and is more of an art piece.



Marley Natural Steamroller is a great smoking pipe manufactured by the renowned Marley Natural and gives you the hits of a lifetime. The sleek and compact design of the steamroller makes it easier to smoke and take it with you while you travel.

Due to its smaller size and less weight, you do not have to spare plenty of room for it as it will easily fit into the pocket of your pants or your bag pack. The steamroller has removable parts that make it easier to clean as compared to many of the smoking pipes and steamrollers in the market.

Furthermore, the Marley Natural Steamroller has a strong build; the borosilicate glass gives it shine, whereas the black walnut wood gives it a classic premium look. 

Frankly, if you are a person looking to buy a steamroller that allows you to smoke with style and if you have an eye for aesthetic beauty then you should consider Marley Natural Steamroller for sure.

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