Marley Natural Riggler Review: Is it worth it?

Marley Natural Riggler is a bong and much more than a traditional bong. The Riggler has two pieces, one is black walnut wood, and the second is handblown borosilicate glass which means it is hand-molded glass.

The Marley Natural Riggler has a very compact design and gives the user a clean and smooth hit. Additionally, if you have taste swings as you need to smoke both concentrates and flowers or herbs, then you and the Marley Natural Riggler are made for each other. This article will discuss Marley Natural Riggler’s features and much more.

Marley Natural Riggler Review

At a glance 

Marley Natural Riggler is a rig and a bong that comes in two pieces. The base is black walnut wood, whereas the rest of the body is made of handblown borosilicate glass.

The plus point of borosilicate glass is that it is heat resistant and keeps the flavor clean and pure, whether you are smoking herbs or concentrates. Some of the main features of the Marley Natural Riggler are as follows:

  • It is both a rig and a bong
  • It has a dual-use design which means that you can smoke both herbs and concentrates.
  • It has removable parts that help you in cleaning it more efficiently
  • It is lighter in weight so that it can be your travel buddy
  • Gives you more smooth and milky hits as compared to the traditional bongs
  • The Riggler also has gold-plated accents
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What’s inside the box?

When you open the Marley Natural Riggler box, you will see 1 rig, 1 base made of black walnut wood, 1 carb cap, 1 quartz banger, 1 flower bowl, and 2 mouthpieces (1 round in shape and 1 flat shaped).

Some Pros and Cons

As we talk about the pros and cons of this classic-looking rig+bong, it has a design you will place at your desk as an art piece just because of its premium-looking Walnut Wooden base and the shiny borosilicate glass.

Secondly, it does a pretty good job in filtration. However, some experts say the Marley Natural Riggler filtration process messes up the flavor.

Thirdly, the positive thing is that you will use it with concentrates and herbs, depending on your mood. But you will see that it will get dirty very quickly, and if not cleaned from time to time, it tastes more like mud than a flower or herb. Fortunately, the cleaning is easy thanks to the manufacturers who have made its pieces removable.

Lastly, it is made of premium black walnut wood and borosilicate glass, making it much more durable than conventional bongs, but it does not mean it is indestructible. Even though it is made of borosilicate glass, it is fragile, and the walnut wood also gets scratchy if it is misused.

This also makes it challenging to take it with you while traveling. Either you have to pack it very carefully so it does not get damaged, or you can purchase a wooden box from the Marley Natural website, which will more likely ensure the safety of your rig.

Digging Deeper

We will dig deeper to get a clear picture of what the Marley Natural Riggler has and what it lacks.

Manual Heating

Now, if you used to use a traditional bong and switched to an electric bong, and then someone recommended the Marley Natural Bong, you will be disappointed as you will be using open fire.

If you have used E-Rigs for some time, it has a more sophisticated heating system without using an open fire that comes in contact with the concentrates and messes up the flavor.

The E-Rigs have an induction heating system, whereas you will have to use a torch or a lighter to heat the herbs or whatever you are smoking; it burns the flavor, and you will be at risk of burning yourself too.

The temperature is also not in your control, as is in the E-rigs like Ispire Daab or Puffco Peak Pro or other rigs in the market that have buttons to control the temperature or are operated by a mobile application. In addition to this, as the temperature is not in your control, the hits will not be as perfect as you get on an electronic rig.

Is It Portable?

If we talk about the portability of this rig, we can say that it is quite portable due to its design, removable parts, and lighter weight. However, there are a few concerns regarding its portability.

As we have mentioned above, the rig consists of two pieces: wood and glass; it does not mean that if made with premium quality material, it cannot be damaged. It is fragile and will get in bad shape if not handled carefully.

The rig does not have a travel case like the one that comes with most of the E-rigs in the market, which ensures the rig’s safety and its components and enables transparency. The Marley Natural Riggler comes in an ordinary box, and if you want to spend some more money, you can purchase a wooden box to take with you wherever you go.

How Strong is its hit?

The strength of the hit depends upon the temperature. As mentioned above, the Marley Natural Riggler has no temperature control mechanism, and the temperature will be raised beyond control.

It means that as you pull for a more extended period, the concentrates or herbs burn more, giving you a more substantial hit than the e-rigs. However, it is essential to note that the more the herbs are burnt, the more the flavor is lost.

Is Marley Natural a battery-operated rig?

No Marley Natural is not operated by battery as it has no electrical heating mechanism, and the herbs are in contact with open fire. You must purchase a lighter or a torch and heat your herbs just like a traditional bong.

What can you smoke in Marley Natural Riggler?

Marley Natural Riggler is designed as a dual-use rig allowing you to smoke herbs, flowers, and concentrates. You will never be disappointed whenever you are in the mood to smoke each of these.

Does it give a bigger smoke?

As discussed earlier, the hits and the smoke depend on the temperature and, of course, the pull. If you heat it more and pull the smoke for as long as it reaches your lungs, it will give you much smoke. The rule of thumb to get a bigger smoke is that the longer the pull, the bigger the smoke.

How to Assemble the Marley Natural Riggler

Marley Natural Riggler is easily cleaned and assembled; thanks to its simplest design, you will not struggle to assemble it. The rig’s base can be attached as you twist it, and the mouthpieces are placed where needed. Not many components would make you think about where to put them.

How to Clean the Marley Natural Riggler?

Cleaning the Marley Natural Riggler is relatively easy and should be done after each use. If you don’t clean it after using it for some time, the glass components like herbs bowl and mouthpieces will get stained and ruin the taste.

The most effective and efficient way to clean the rigs is to use alcohol swabs, or for deep cleansing, you can use an orange chronic pipe cleaner. You must pour the cleaner into the banger, shake it for a few minutes, and wash it with warm water for the best results.

Marley Natural Return and Exchange Policy

  • As per the return and exchange policy of the manufacturer,
  • Any product purchased from Marley Natural must be sent back within 30 days after the purchase in case of returns.
  • The products must be in original and unused condition for a full refund.
  • If you have received a damaged product, ship it back to the manufacturer within 30 days; otherwise, you will not be entertained.
  • The manufacturer also advises that if your product contains an item that is damaged or missing, report it to them within 72 hours or contact them. They will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Is Marley Natural Riggler worth the Price?

The Marley Natural Riggler sits at $160, which seems a bit overpriced if we compare it to electric rigs that give users more control and are packed with features. However, if you are more of a guy looking for an art piece that allows you to smoke in style, then Marley Natural Riggler justifies its price.


Marley Natural Riggler does a great job when you are confused about choosing between a rig and a bong. It is between a rig and a bong, having a compact and classy design, and the wooden components make it look way more premium than the old-school bongs. The rig allows you to smoke herbs or concentrates and is relatively easy to use.

Additionally, if you are a guy who pays attention to the details, has an eye for art, and is looking for something that gives you smoke and can also be used as a decoration piece without a second thought, go for the Marley Natural Riggler.

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