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Marley Natural Bubbler is sleek one-piece water and dry pipe made with handblown borosilicate glass and black walnut wood. The bubbler has a spacious base which enables it to filter a large volume of water.

The Marley Natural Bubbler has a classic symmetry design divided into proportions intelligently, elevating the smoking experience.  The bubbler has an extended straight-neck mouthpiece that allows the drawers to cool entirely before inhalation and keeps water away from your mouth.

Another best thing about the pipe is that it is lighter and portable as it fits perfectly into the hand. In this article, we will talk about the Marley Natural bubbler and its pros and cons.

Marley Natural Bubbler Review

At a glance 


Crafted with premium handblown borosilicate glass, the Marley Natural Bubbler has an eight-lip percolator stamp and a built-in ash catcher. The Marley Natural Bubbler also has a carb that helps clear the smoke and fill the draining water.

Furthermore, Marley Natural has done a great job of revolutionizing the smoking experience by launching several aesthetically beautiful and durable products.

Some key features of the Marley Natural Bubbler are:

  • It is made of Handblown Borosilicate Glass and black walnut Wood
  • It has an 8-slit percolator
  • It has a deep bowl that can hold large amounts of herbs
  • It is a single piece, so you don’t have to worry about losing stuff
  • It has a lighter weight so you can take it anywhere you go.
  • Gives you more smooth and milky hits as compared to the traditional bongs
  • It has an extended straight-neck mouthpiece that aids in cooling the smoke to perfection.
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What’s inside the box?

When you open the box Marley Natural Bubbler will be the only thing you will see. The pipe is one piece and does not have any extra components. Thanks to the single-piece pipe, you will not have to assemble the Marley Natural bubbler to use it.

Some Main Features of Marley Natural Bubbler

Heat Resistance

The Marley Natural Bubbler is a uniquely designed pipe that can be used as a table piece. If we talk about borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is made by adding silica to the glass when it is being made. It gives a crystal-clear material that is extremely resistant to heat.

It makes more Bubbles.

Another prominent feature of the Marley Natural Bubbler is that it has an 8-slit percolator that makes a huge number of bubbles and aids in cooling the smoke giving you a smooth and perfect hit every time you smoke. The 8-slit percolator is also called the ‘showerhead percolator.’


The Marley Natural Bubbler is way more stable due to its design, symmetric shape, and wooden base. As you pour water into the base, it gets bottom-heavy and more durable.

What Quantity of Herbs can it hold?

Thanks to its deep bowl, the bubbler can hold a surprising number of herbs or whatever you are smoking. This is a huge positive point of the bubbler you can pack the bowl, which would be perfect if more than one person is smoking at a time.

Is it Destructible?

Though the Marley Natural Bubbler is made up of high-quality handblown borosilicate glass and black walnut wood and is much more durable than the traditional bongs or pipes in the market. Yet, it does not mean that the bubbler is indestructible.

The bubbler is pretty fragile and can shatter into pieces if it falls on the ground or if something heavy is placed on top of it when you pack it in your bag while traveling.


Does it have an Induction heating system?

The Marley Natural Bubbler is a manual pipe and does not have an induction heating system which you see in most of the rigs and bongs in the market. This can be a negative point for users who smoke electronic devices like pods, mods, bongs, or e-rigs.

The Marley Natural Bubbler supports open fire, which means you will use a torch or a lighter to heat the herbs. For some users, it is considered dangerous as it can burn anything easily if not operated carefully.

Another thing about direct heat is that most experts say it ruins the herb’s flavor as it is in direct contact with the fire. Moreover, another negative point of direct fire is that the temperature is not in your control. It will be heated much or heated less, but it will not be perfect for every user.

Is It Portable?

If we talk about the portability of the Marley Natural Bubbler is indeed portable as it comes in one piece, and you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting something at home. However, due to its glass body, there will be a risk of it getting damaged.

The Marley Natural Bubbler does not come with a travel case like the one with most electronic smoking bongs. The travel case ensures the safety and lets you discreetly take the device whenever you travel. The wooden case can be purchased for your bubbler from Marley Natural, but you will have to spend a few more dollars.

How to use Marley Natural Bubbler?

Marley Natural Bubbler is relatively easier, and you will not struggle to get the much-needed hits. All you will have to do is to fill the base with water as you do in a bong. Then as you have filled the chamber with enough water, put your herbs in the bowl, light it up, and you will be getting your hits.

The Marley Natural Bubbler also has a small carb hole that controls the airflow; just put your finger on it while you pull or inhale. As you reach your inhale limit, take your finger off so it can clear the remaining smoke.

Does it give perfect hits?

If you are curious to get the hits you need, it will depend upon the heat and the pull. If you pull for a longer time, then it will give you smoother, milkier, and hard hits.

As you know, the Marley Natural Bubbler does not have any temperature control system, so you will have to control it with the help of the carb hole to get the hits you are looking for. As is the case with smoke, if you are full for a longer period, then you will be able to get more smoke.

How to get cool hits from Marley Natural Bubbler?

If you need cooler hits with the Marley Natural Bubbler, then the pro tip is to use fresh and cool water while smoking the pipe for each session. The rule of thumb is that the cooler the water, the cooler and smoother the hits.


Is Marley Natural Bubbler battery-operated?

No Marley Natural Bubbler is a manual pipe and does not need any battery to be operated.

How to Assemble the Marley Natural Bubbler

The Marley Natural Bubbler does not need to be assembled as it is a single-piece pipe; you must fill the chamber with water and pack the bowl to start smoking.

How to Clean the Marley Natural Bubbler?

Cleaning Marley Natural Bubbler is quite easy as it is a single-piece pipe. To clean the pipe:

  1. Empty the water chamber and add some isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt into the bubbler.
  2. Shake the pipe, and you will see that it will clean the stains and remove the remains of the resin.
  3. Scrub the pipe gently if needed, and then rinse it with warm water. 

Another process to clean the pipe is to use an orange chronic pipe cleaner. You will need to pour some of the cleaner into the pipe, shake it for a few minutes, and then wash it with warm water.

Marley Natural Return and Exchange Policy

  • According to the manufacturer’s return and exchange policy, every good purchased from Marley Natural must be returned within 30 days after the purchase date.
  • A complete refund may only be given if the items are still in their original packaging and aren’t used.
  • Send any broken goods back to the manufacturer within 30 days after receipt; else, exchange or refund won’t be considered.
  • Marley Natural also suggests that if any part of your product is broken or missing, you should report it to them within 72 hours so that they may address the problem as soon as possible.

Marley Natural Bubbler’s Price

The Marley Natural Bubbler can be purchased through Marley Natural physical and online stores for $120. The price of a bubbler Is reasonable if we compare it in terms of quality, durability, and performance with other pipes available in the market.


Marley Natural Bubbler is one of the most stable and uniquely designed pipes compared to the pipes manufactured by other companies. The bubbler’s design and performance are beyond expectations and are used by many people in different regions of the world.

The Marley Bubbler is a perfect choice for those looking for a stylish, classic, and durable water pipe that gives them hits with perfection. The bubbler is lightweight and smaller, making it quite portable. In short, the bubbler is worthy of being on your must-have list.

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