Magical Butter Machine Review

Now extracting oil, tinctures, and butter from herbs is simpler than ever.

The Magical Butter Machine simplifies everything, where you need to add all the ingredients in the processing compartment and select the relevant settings.

Yes, the rest is handled by the Magical Butter Machine on its own. People generally prefer extracting CBD oils at home.

The Magical Butter Machine is tailor-made to serve all these users. I used this value-adding product in my kitchen. I can guarantee that it will change how you look at oil extraction. This article will break all the stereotypes.

Magical Butter Machine Reviews


I consider the Magical Butter Machine an overpriced product. The company could have easily offered it for a lower price. However, the convenience and effortless extraction procedure make this device worth purchasing. It is available online for 242.74 dollars. 

What’s inside the box?

  1. The Magical Butter Machine
  2. A power cord
  3. A pair of LoveGlove – the gripping silicone gloves provided to hold the device conveniently. 
  4. A purification filter – the reusable strainer to filter out unnecessary plant remnants. 
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Overall build

The Magical Butter Machine looks like a fancy thermos, but it is not. It is compact compared to other food processors on the market. Despite the compact size, it looks heavy-duty and durable. The body is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting.

The Magical Butter Machine has a feature-studded cap, LED lights, and handy setting buttons. It comes with gloves to ensure safety and a stainer to filter unwanted particles. This device is simple yet sturdy.

No smell

Those readers who extracted oils using the traditional procedures will confirm that it produced a pungent smell. The Magical Butter Machine has a scent-lock cap that prevents the small particles or vapors from leaving the processing compartment. It is not perfectly smell-proof, but better than others.

Temperature settings

The Magical Butter Machine combines a routine food processor with thermostats to extract the goodness of your favorite herbs. The cap contains four temperature settings consisting of 54, 71, 88, and 104 degrees Celsius. You can use the company-provided cookbook to identify the right temperature setting for your performing process.  

Time settings

Besides temperature settings, the next critical aspect of extraction is time duration. The Magical Butter Machine provides four-time settings where you can select from 1 hour (oil), 2 hours (butter), 4 hours (tincture), and 8 hours. Those users who have extracted oil or tinctures from herbs using orthodox techniques will confirm that this device saves time. 

Easy cleaning

Like any food processor, the Magical Butter Machine also has a self-cleaning feature. I am too lazy to clean the leftovers in my kitchen. This machine allows me to add water and soap to the jar and press self-clean. However, the electric components at the exterior are prone to malfunction caused by water. You must take care of that. 

Simple usage

The Magical Butter Machine is my favorite oil extraction device due to its straightforward operations. It has simple temperature and time buttons on the cap to select the right combination. Once you select them, wait for the process to complete. The device beeps a couple of times when the extraction is done. 

Open the cap and pour the oil or tincture into a strainer. The strainer filters even the smallest particles from the liquid portion. I am impressed by the quietness of the whole process, where the Magical Butter Machine does its job silently. 


The Magical Butter Machine does not have a battery. A novice vaper might perceive it as a chargeable device, but it is a genuine tabletop product. It has a power cord that you must plug in to proceed.

Common recipes

Making butter

You can make butter by this procedure:

  1. Add two to five cups of clarified butter in the processing compartment. Make sure it is melted or semi-melted. 
  2. Place the head on top of the compartment.
  3. Press the 71 degrees Celsius button from the temperature settings.
  4. Press the two-hour button.
  5. Once done, pour the processed solution into PurifyFilter. 
  6. Pour it into a mold after the straining is done.


I do not recommend grinding cannabis or other herbs using the Magical Butter Machine. However, you can do it in the aerospace compartment. Make sure that you do not grind it into fine powder. 


  1. The stainless steel body is durable.
  2. Its cap is integrated with all the necessary features. 
  3. The temperature and time settings are simple to adjust.
  4. It does not emit a smell while processing the herbs.
  5. The processing time is shorter than manual procedures. 
  6. The self-cleaning feature is handy. 


  1. You must protect the external components from water.
  2. It has no precise temperature settings. 
  3. The price is high.


Extracting oils and tinctures from herbs is an art. It is addictive, like cooking, provided you know how to do it. However, the Magical Butter Machine has simplified the extraction process.

Now you can prepare CBD oils at home. The end product extracted from this device is tastier than most premade products. I like the Magical Butter Machine for its quick processing time, which takes half the time. It is faster than most manual procedures.

Moreover, it requires no processing. It handles everything on its own. I do not like the high-end pricing and restrictive temperature options. Despite these small flaws, I recommend the Magical Butter Machine to every CBD oil consumer. 

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