Magic Flight Launch Box Review – Is MFLB worth it?

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is a very unique kind of vaping device that has a simple mode of operation given that a simple press can initiate the heating process.

The heating method might take a little expertise to get used to but the heating time is impressively quick where you are expected to receive the first batch within seconds.

The material is biodegradable and discreet in many ways especially the design and shape.

It is simple looking but a powerhouse that produces consistent and flavorful vapors (given the user exercises care and diligence while operating the device.


The best thing that you would like about the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is the ultimate control that you will have over the heating procedure.

It might sound a bit orthodox, but this control is unprecedented. To know more about controllability and other relevant features, scroll down. This article will surely help you find the vaping device you need.

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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Build and design

magic flight launch box review

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer has an out-of-the-box build where the manufacturer has decided to keep it environment-friendly. There is minimal metallic and no plastic usage in the overall build.

The device is made of wooden material which is biodegradable so you are not causing damage to the mother earth. A transparent lid is there on top of the heating chamber to let you know the condition of the herb. It is the best way to know the temperature prevailing inside the chamber.

There is a cavity on side of the device to insert the battery. Inserting a battery initiates the heating process (discussed later in the article). The size is also very compact to keep it as portable as possible.

It fits inside the palm so you can carry it to your workplace or college. The design resembles a rectangular matchbox and the feel is smooth. The manufacturer neatly does textures and shapes.


Magic Flight Launch Box is made to function as a simple vaping device. This little consumer expectation means that the manufacturer has only kept it limited to herbal vaping. There is no concentrate or wax compatibility at all. It is all simple, convenient, and easy to use.

Heating method

The heating method is as simple as the device itself. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is powered by traditional direct heating i.e., conduction through metallic parts.

It is kept that way to save as much battery as it could so that the device remains more portable than other vaping devices. This form of heating complements the device as the chamber is made of metal.


Heating time

The heating time is evident from the heating method as all smokers know that conduction heating has a quick heating time. Direct heating is the quickest form of heating something scientifically and this rule remains the same here.

It takes around 5 seconds to heat the herbs as the process starts as you press the battery. However, this time might extend when the herbs are cooked longer to produce well-cooked vapors.

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Heating chamber

The heating chamber is made up of meshed steel which is a reliable metallic component. It ensures the highest level of temperature and conducts the heat forthwith.

The metallic nature makes it more vulnerable to overcooking and metallic smell but still, it can prove to be effective if you handle it carefully.

For this very reason, a glass lid is placed on top of the chamber to let you see the herbs get cooked. You can assess the temperature and condition of the herbs from the color that it has.

Temperature range

The manufacturer identifies no specific temperature range. Consider it like a heating rod that keeps on heating until the device is switched off.

There are no exact temperature controls and levels specified along with a clear indicator to show the temperature prevailing inside the chamber. The controllability is discussed in the next heading but keep one thing in mind.

The temperature range is capable of being so high that the herbs can get burnt. Some suppliers claim that the device has a maximum limit of 193 degrees celsius but we do not agree with it (considering the ability to melt down all sorts of herbs).


The controls are entirely manual. The Magic Flight Launch Box comes with a unique feature where you need to insert the battery before initiating the heating process. The longer you hold the battery, the longer would be the heating session.


This makes the user’s diligence and experiences a key factor to make sure that the herbs do not get burnt. There are no specific temperature levels assigned or an LED indicator available for effective control.

The device does not have mobile app support to make things more convenient, however, it is impossible to get it all in one device.

Battery life

The battery life is also as unique as other features on offer. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer batteries allow you to complete 250 charging cycles before depleting.

The 250 charging cycles serve as a reliable estimate when the usage is considered at the normal settings and usual temperature i.e., not too hot to get the device burdened.


The supplier completely trusts the material’s quality and the components’ efficiency. This is the only reason why the users are offered a lifetime warranty on the product to cover all manufacturing defects and quality issues. Other than this, the batteries are replaceable at a lower price so you are less likely to face the power issue.

What we liked

  • Complete manual controllability to produce the most suitable kind of vapors.
  • The heating time is quick and ideal.
  • The output is consistent and even.
  • The battery life is sufficient for the average temperature level smoking.
  • It is made up of environmentally friendly wood.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

What We didn’t like

  • It requires time to get used to it as it has a different mode of controllability.
  • The wood might get burnt if it is heated at higher temperature levels.
  • Excessive conduction heating, no ideal indicator, and steel chamber can ruin taste at high-temperature levels.

Is Magic Flight Launch Box the best vaporizer?

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer may not be the best vaporizer available in the market but it surely provides a unique proportion of value to the users.

The usage is pretty simple but the amount of heating is completely dependent on the experience of the smoker. Other than this, the compact size keeps it easy to carry with you.

The build is quality, but the smell and burning issue somewhat limit the utility. All the convenience is daunted by the diligence and care that you need to exercise during the heating process.


What comes inside the Magic Flight Launch Box box?

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer comes with the following accessories:

  • Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
  • A battery set containing 2 batteries with caps
  • Wall charger
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

How much is Magic Flight Launch Box?

There is a wide range of price levels available on the internet. The Magic Flight Launch Box has been in the market for quite some time, and the suppliers offer discounts and sale packages occasionally. It might cost you something between 110 dollars and 150 dollars. Verified suppliers and dealers usually offer better prices.

Is Magic Flight Launch Box worth the money?

The price range is lower than the 150 dollars level so this makes it budget-friendly and affordable but the prospective buyers usually tend to question the features and quality promised.

Do not let the lower price mislead you because this vaporizer provides great value, a rather unique one, to be more precise. It is very simple to use and the design and build are different.

The heating time is low because the direct heating method works wonders with the metallic chamber. However, several other features can be problematic at times but overall the Magic Flight Launch Box offers great value to the users.

Is Magic Flight Launch Box safe?

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is safer than you think. The wooden material provides proper insulation to ensure the users do not injure themselves. There is a glass mouthpiece that is attachable to keep it secure while inhaling the vapors.

The vapors are also surprisingly even which is unprecedented in conduction vaporizers. Other than this, safety and security are also ensured financially because the device comes with a lifetime warranty contract.

Does Magic Flight Launch Box smell?

The Magic Flight Launch Box is amongst those devices that produce quality vapors despite being a conduction vaporizer. Consistency and the temperature controls are very precise but the smell remains a downside.

The main reason behind the metallic smell is the meshed steel chamber and the conduction heating. This can make the herbs vulnerable to overcooking.

Other than this, the temperature controls are completely manual so you should cook it with more care than you do while using other vaporizers. The smell factor can be controlled by exercising care and diligence.


What temperature should I set Magic Flight Launch Box?

Selecting the temperature is a subjective thing but the problem is that the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer comes with a vague but completely manual heating system. The user has complete control over the heating process and it all depends on him/her whether the herbs would get burnt or not.

Usually, it is better to cook the herbs at low to medium settings as high levels might ruin the taste because the method is conduction. However, you can use the transparent lid to see the herbs throughout the process.

How long does the Magic Flight Launch Box battery last?

The battery lasts around 250 charging cycles to be more precise. If the user does not heat the herbs at the highest setting possible, the battery life is expected to follow the same trend.

Otherwise, the battery life might variate from usage to usage. On the other hand, the batteries are replaceable so you can carry an extra set for better portability and cushioning.

How big is the Magic Flight Launch Box?

As we have mentioned numerous times that the device is compact but the exact volumetric figures are not disclosed in our article yet. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is 2.5 in x 0.8 in x 1.8 in. It is more compact than other vaping devices so you will love the portability.

Should You Buy Magic Flight Launch Box?

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a unique and unprecedented vaping device that comes with convenience and control that other devices do not even promise delivering.

It is tailor-made for experienced users as the heating system requires prior knowledge regarding the heat duration required for each herb. Moreover, there are several other features that you should consider while buying this vaporizer.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is a biodegradable, safe device. The cost is kept at a relatively affordable level to make sure that youngsters and the middle class can buy it with ease.

Other than this, the design is discreet as it replicates the shape and size of a matchbox. You should expect to use it as an on-a-go device that can produce vapors on demand. You should not expect an extended session while using this device.

It would not waste your time because conduction heating solves the heating time issues. The chamber is made of steel while the transparent indicator tells the condition of herbs being heated inside the chamber.

It is safe to say that you are surely in for something different if you have planned to purchase the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer.

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