Kandypens Oura Review – Is Kandypens Oura Worth it?

Chain smokers and vaping addicts usually demand vaporizers that heat the concentrates as high as possible. These intense and well-cooked vapors are the best source of comfort for those who tend to get bored with average vapors.

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer is one of those vaping devices that are made for high-intensity smoking. The device might look like a modern and fragile device that would not provide anything unique but the heating component is quite discreet.

Unlike ordinary vaporizers, this piece of impactful brilliance has the highest temperature levels when compared with ordinary and streamline products in the market. The temperature settings are convenient and the touch sensor is unique.

There are several other features that are worth knowing before procuring this device so read through to learn what Kandypens Oura Vaporizer has on offer.

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Kandypens Oura Review (Top Rated)

Manufacture and design

kandypens oura vaporizer review

Starting with the design, the Kandypens Oura Vaporizer is unique in shape and functionality. There is an atomizer attached on top of the body where the vapors are stored before they are inhaled.

The main body has a touch sensor incorporated into it from where the user can operate the device. You will find no other button so the controllability is simple. Moreover, there is a type C charging port for fast charging. It is most definitely the best setup that you can ask for.

The heating chamber is also easily accessible that keeps the loading-unloading simple and makes the cleaning process convenient. Talking about the heat, you will find the body perfectly insulated, anyhow, the glass atomizer might get hot at times so you need to watch for it.


This device is made for concentrate smoking so you are advised to read through the article only if you want a concentrate-vaping device.

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer does not function with herbs because the temperature settings are intense so even if the herbs are loaded, they will instantly get burnt and perished.

Heating method and chamber material

The heating method is conduction which means that the chamber is heated directly using the nichrome coil. Direct heating is the only reason why the vapors are prepared in 5 seconds. On the other hand, direct heating impairs the taste at higher levels.

Keeping the latter factor in mind, the company has installed a chamber made of quartz and ceramic to eliminate the risk of metallic or plastic smell. However, the device is used specifically for concentrates so it is less prone to overheating as compared to medicinal herbs.

Blazing hot temperature settings

Have you ever bit red chili? If yes, then the vapors produced by Kandypens Oura are synonymous with it. The temperature range is tailor-made for those users who prefer vaping well cooked and extremely strong vapors. The device contains 4 preset temperature levels that are:

Yellow – 327 degrees Celsius

Green – 460 degrees Celsius

Red – 527 degrees Celsius

Blue – 588 degrees Celsius

However, there are many people who criticize the device despite having the highest temperature levels. One of the major arguments has been the limitation on control. Experienced smokers do not like having mere 4 levels to choose from.

On the brighter side, inexperienced users can easily switch between alternative intensities to enjoy with ease. The high-temperature levels perfectly complement concentrate smoking.

Throat melting vapors

People tend to inquire a lot about the quality of vapors produced by a vaporizer. If you ask about the vapors produced by Kandypens Oura Vaporizer, we would say that it is pretty average, to say the least.

There is no doubt that the company has manufactured a device that can produce hard hits but it lacks a cooling mechanism to make vapors more enjoyable. Even at the lowest temperature setting, the vapors produced are ordinary.

At higher levels, the feeling gets more and more disturbing and the flavor smells like smoking an overcooked piece of cigarette. The solution is to use the device in ‘yellow mode’.

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Convenience of usage

There is a touch sensor incorporated on the face of Kandypens Oura Vaporizer and that too without any LED screen. The absence of LED might bother you at the start but once you get used to the smart touch feature and the colors, the whole process becomes simple. The touch control provides the following functions:

5 consecutive touches – to turn the device on.

3 consecutive touches – to change temperature.

2 consecutive touches – to start a 1-minute session.

The device also comes with a 4 minutes auto shut-off feature so the device focuses on preserving the battery life. The atomizer is also very easy to switch as you need to open the clips before switching them.

Changing the atomizer is not possible during sessions as the glass is red hot between sessions. On the other hand, the heating chamber is easily accessible so you can clean it whenever you want. There is no mobile support if you are wondering, so the handling is entirely manual.

Battery stats

The battery is attached internally and has a capacity of 3000 mAh. The capacity might seem numerically efficient but in reality, the battery duration is highly affected by the high levels of heating intensities.

However, even after the impairment of total span, the device is good enough to produce 30 sessions consisting of 1 minute each. The charging time is impressive though. The type C charging is fast enough to refill the battery in just 1 hour.

All in all, the battery stats are not that bad but the portability is surely damaged due to reduction in overall duration and the accessories do not contain a proper case to protect the glass atomizer while traveling.


The company completely trusts the build and quality provided so it provides lifetime warranty support for all its users. The warranty contract is available on all the parts and covers manufacturing defects only. This means that in the case of mishandling or breakage, the company will provide no refund or a free replacement.

What we liked

  • The overall build is stylish so it can be used at parties.
  • 1-minute sessions are good enough to prepare a batch quickly.
  • Heating time is quick.
  • Temperature settings are high for chain smokers and addicts.
  • The touch sensor is easy to understand and operate.
  • 4 preset modes are simple to use.
  • Loading, unloading, and cleaning are simple.

What We didn’t like

  • The vapors produced at high-temperature settings are too hot as there is no cooling system.
  • The glass atomizer is not properly insulated
  • Glass accessories are prone to breakage.
  • Availability of high-temperature levels only means shorter battery life.

Is Kandypens Oura the best vaporizer?

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer is one of the most stylish and uniquely designed vaping devices. It is easy to use and the vapors are red hot. The vaporizer does have faults like short battery life and an unpleasant feel. The vapors are heavy on the lungs because the device lacks a proper cooling system. However, the convenience is admirable because the touch sensor handling, loading-unloading, and cleaning are very easy.

What comes in the Kandypens Oura box?

The box contains:

  • 1 KandyPens Oura Base
  • 1 Glass Attachment
  • 1 Quartz Atomizer
  • 1 Ceramic Bowl Atomizer
  • 1 Carb Cap & Tether
  • 1 Applicator Tool
  • 1 USB-C Charging Cable
  • 4 Cotton Swab

How much is Kandypens Oura?

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer will deal a strong blow at your pocket because the company is charging 350 dollars for this portable vaporizer. There are certain coupons available for online purchasers from time to time. However, the price still remains in the premium range.

Is Kandypens Oura worth the money?

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer costs 350 dollars in the online stores. This price range is at a premium range and people tend to associate such price tags with luxury vaporizers. The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer is no doubt an efficient vaporizer that heats at the highest temperatures.

The vaporizer does lack the cooling component to make it work perfectly. The taste and feel are slightly impaired and the battery life is ordinary. This premium price tag is an overcharge.

Is Kandypens Oura safe?

The atomizer tends to get uncomfortably hot during usage. For this very reason, you should handle it with due care. Furthermore, the glass components are prone to breakage so device safety is at the stake too.

Above all, the device has no cooling mechanism so the vapors might feel harsh while inhaling, especially at higher intensities. However, short sessions of 1 minute is an incredibly effective way to save battery.

Does Kandypens Oura smell?

The smell is ordinary. There is no specific aroma and flavor preserving technology incorporated to make the vapors high quality. Instead of making the entire system insulated (including the glass vapor path), the manufacturer has only installed the ceramic chamber.

Though this is enough at initial temperature intensities. However, the experience impairs and gets a little uncomfortable at higher levels. It still does not smell metallic.

What temperature should I set Kandypens Oura?

All the temperature settings in Kandypens Oura Vaporizer are high. This is a device designed for those who love hard hits of smoke. However, there is no cooling mechanism to keep the vapors pleasant before they reach your mouth.

If you are an average smoker who has started using this intense or plans to do so then the best temperature is the Yellow mode where the temperature is strong but milder than other levels. To prepare vapors quickly, you can heat the material to Blue or Red levels but keep it as short as possible.

Can you use Kandypens Oura while charging?

The charging is pass through so you can most definitely use the device while charging but there is one thing that you should keep in mind.

The charging time lasts longer than the battery life so the intake of power is slower as compared to the consumption rate. This means that you should charge it at least for half an hour before starting a vaping session whilst charging.

Does Kandypens Oura get you high?

The pleasure is optimum for those who prefer smoking well-cooked and strong vapors. It is simply the best vaporizer for heavy heating sessions.

The thing that might bother you is the lack of a vapor cooling mechanism so you should expect to inhale a hot chunk of vapors that might feel uncomfortable when passing through the throat.

It is better to keep the device at the lowest temperature to keep the vapors mild or wait before they cool down a little to make them more and more consumable.

How long does the Kandypens Oura battery last?

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer has high-temperature settings as compared to other vaporizers in the market. This intense heating contributes to the fall in overall battery life.

Even though the battery capacity is 3000 mAh (which is generally considered good), the session duration is 30 minutes in aggregate. The charging is impressive on the other hand. The battery is fully charged in an hour because the charging port is Type-C.

How big is Kandypens Oura?

The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer is 7 inches tall (including the atomizer). This size is compact enough to keep the device portable.

However, the Kandypens Oura Vaporizer does not fit perfectly in hand, like other palm handy vaporizers in the market. The device is like a soft drink bottle in size so now you can assess more accurately.

Should You Buy Kandypens Oura?

A vaporizer made for young and inexperienced smokers who do not know much about temperature control adjustments but still demand intense vapors. The Kandypens Oura Vaporizer is surely one of the best vaporizers when it comes to producing good hits.

The touch sensor is also one of those things that are both convenient and stylish. The temperature set using the sensor is not entirely manual as you get to choose from 4 different preset temperature intensities.

The factor that will bother you the most is the expensive price. It costs around 350 dollars (a premium price) that is not satisfactorily justified by the features provided. However, there are discount coupons available in the market to help you with your budget handling.

In our opinion, you should buy this product if you are amongst those who prefer red hot vapors. Prepare yourself mentally for the usage as the heating system will shock you with the semi to extremely hot vapors.

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