Ispire Wand Review – The Wand by Ispire (10% OFF)

If you are looking for an innovative and unique way to approach the concentrate scene, the Wand by Ispire may be the perfect option. This portable Enail features an induction heating module to warm the banger, guaranteeing rapid heat-up and accurate temperatures.

Plus, it offers torchless operation to concentrate on your vaping without burning your hands. In short, it is the safest device on the market. Ispire Wand is one of its kind and is a uniquely designed induction heating device that heats the banger cups as per your preferences.

The Wand is a battery-operated device and has been a choice for many users who are pretty into dabbing. The Wand comes in a properly secured case with borosilicate glass components that heat evenly and accurately without ruining the taste and flavor.

The Wand comes with an induction heating system that ensures delivery and maintains the temperature to give the user an exceptional experience. Thirdly, the most notable thing is the borosilicate glass cups that come with the Wand, and make sure to avoid contaminants and other solvents away, keeping the dabbing experience pure. 

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Ispire Wand Review | The Wand by Ispire

Ispire Wand First Look 

Ispire Wand comes in a box, and when you open it, you will see a premium quality hard pelican case that reflects the quality and originality of the brand. Even though the case is bigger, the positive side is that it ensures the safety of the device and its components.

Plus, the case makes it easier and more convenient to take the device with you whenever you travel. As you open the case, you will see a paper with the name of the manufacturer, Ispire. The components you will see when you purchase the Wand Pro Kit are listed below. However, you will get many different options on Ispire’s official website.

  • The Wand Device itself
  • Two Angle Bangers
  • Above That, you will see two neck attachments
  • Four Banger Cups
  • Silicon Hash Jar
  • A Ceramic Cap
  • Two chargeable Batteries
  • Charging Adapter
  • A Type – C Cable
  • Two Alcohol Wipes
  • A Ceramic Dabber Tool
  • The Wand Stand

Once these components are attached to your Dabbing device, you can get your hits. The plus point of the Wand is that it will ensure safety compared to the other lighters or torches and does not have the noise of that traditional burner.

More Features of Ispire Wand

We will explore what Ispire’s Wand offers and whether it provides what the manufacturer claims and promises. We will discuss the feature that this device has.

Induction Heating

The first feature is the induction heating system that the traditional burner doesn’t have. Now you should know how the Ispire Wand is different from the other burners and torches in the market, and for that, you will need to know how the induction heating works.

In the induction heating process, the temperature is raised with the help of an induction heat, which consists of an electromagnet and an electronic oscillator that pass a higher frequency of Alternate current (AC) through the electromagnet.

However, the traditional burners in which the heat passes through the surface. Now the Wand has two main advantages. Firstly it won’t burn anything nearby or your hand, for instance. Temperature control is the second and primary thing you will not find in traditional burners.

While using the Wand, you can increase or decrease the temperature per your needs or preferences. Furthermore, it heats up quickly, and the controlled heat will ensure that you don’t mess up the flavor and hit.

Is Ispire Wand Portable?

If you are thinking about the portability of the Ispire Wand, you will not be disappointed. As mentioned above, the device comes in a hard pelican case, making it way more portable and safer to take with you.


The plus point is that you won’t be worrying about the Wand as you worry about the traditional burners if you place them in your bags and the gas starts to leak, or they can damage your stuff. However, you will have to make space for the case as it is slightly bigger and weighs almost a pound.

How Strong is the Wand’s Vapor?

If we talk about the vapor quality, you will get while using the Ispire Wand. You should know that the vapor quality and strength depend upon the temperature. And in that context, the Ispire Wand does a pretty good job, and it will allow you to select the temperature that you prefer ranging from 450-800°F that in Celsius will be 232-427°C.

Thus, you will get an adequate light flavory or robust solid hit. It is important to note that most experts recommend that the cup be prefilled and not to be filled in a hot cup as it ruins the flavor of the concentrates.

How long does the wand by Ispire last?

The good news is that Ispire Wand has two replaceable 2900mAh 18650 lithium-ion batteries. The batteries charge with a type-c cable at a rate of 5V and 2A, and it takes up to 3 hours to get fully charged. Check Ispire Daab review.

The device can be used for 12 sessions, and the best thing about Ispire Wand is that it can also be used while charging. The batteries come in a plastic box, which keeps them safe, preventing damage and keeping them dry. 

Does Ispire Wand Support Dry Herbs?

You can smoke all kinds of herbs, Flowers, or any concentrate. However, different concentrates are heated at different temperatures. This is the best thing about the wand; you are heating the concentrates, and they only come into contact with the glass, not with direct fire.

You will be able to control the temperature of the device and switch to the auto heat mode, which will ensure that the temperature is raised to a level where it is controlled. This will take almost 50 seconds to heat the banger cup and help you get an optimized hit.

Does it have a Bigger Cloud?

Again, the size of the cloud also depends on how higher the temperature is. If you like a bigger cloud, you will have to raise the temperature higher than the normal limit. Remember that the higher the temperature, the more milky the cloud will be. But it does not suit everyone.

How to Use Ispire Wand?

To use Ispire Wand, you will have to assemble the dabbing pot you will use. You will have to put the components into their exact places, and once the pot is assembled, the Wand has to be used.  The Wand will be turned on as you tap the fire button 5 times.

On the OLED display, you will see the manufacturer’s name as it turns on, along with the version of firmware used in the device, V00.15. Market versions enable users to switch between oil and flower modes.

Unfortunately, the Wand does not have that feature, but its oil mode works perfectly with all kinds of concentrates. On the Wand device, you will also see a + and – sign that helps you switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius units for a better understanding and increase or decrease the temperatures.

The Wand also has a standby mode if it is not used for some time, and the device comes back to life right after tapping the fire button once. If the device is on standby for longer, it will automatically turn off. Lastly, if you want to turn off the device, you must tap the fire button five times, and it turns off.

Does Ispire Wand have a Warranty?

Yes, Ispire products come with a 1-year warranty, which can only be claimed if the device has a built-in fault. The warranty will not cover the damage or if the device is misused.

What is the price of the Wand?

The Ispire Wand sits at $129.99, which seems to be a justified price if we look at this device’s features.

A Quick List: Wand at a Glance

Turning the Device On

The Ispire Wand will be turned on if you press the power or fire button 5 times.

Switch between Temperature Units

Ispire Wand allows you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Temperature Range

The Ispire Wand has a temperature range of 232-427°C, which is 450-800°F when switched to Fahrenheit. The temperature can be seen on the screen of the device.

What is Auto Heat Mode?

Ispire Wand has an auto heat mode that will heat the inner cup, and when it reaches a peak, it will automatically turn off.

Cleaning Instructions

The banger cups are designed to absorb the heat, and sometimes they get decolorized as the concentrates come in contact with the glass. It is highly suggested that the cups should be cleaned every time after dabbing.

Many experts suggest that chronic orange pipe should be used to clean the cups. You have to pour a small amount of the liquid, shake the banger for a few minutes, and then rinse it, and you will see that it will get rid of the stains.


The Wand is a significant investment for a well-rounded concentrate kit. Its three functions make it an excellent choice for a stand-alone heater, dry herb extractor, and concentrate system, and the battery system has everything you could want in an induction heater.

The accuracy of the battery meter on the screen readout could use some improvement. Still, the Wand is an excellent choice for a versatile and reliable concentrate kit. If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to dab, The Wand is the perfect Enail!

Our borosilicate glass bangers eliminate the need for wires and coils, making the experience much safer and more accessible. Our induction heating method ensures that your banger always reaches the perfect dabbing temperature so you can take the perfect hit every time.

You will also be amazed to see how handy the Ispire Wand is, and as it gives you authority and control over the temperature, you can heat your concentrates according to your needs. Plus, the heat will never directly contact the concentrates or the user, so you will not have to worry about burning yourself or anything around you.

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